prpri Mandatory & Event based Compliances of a Private Limited Company Mandatory & Event based Compliances of a Private Limited Company

Compliances are something which are mandated by the law and Every Company registered under Companies Act 2013 or erstwhile Companies act 1956 have to Comply  with the provisions of Law.

Non Compliances hampers the functioning of Company and defaulters often have to face penal Consequences which can be monetary or may have Imprisonment of a given term.

For a good repute of the company and to avoid Penal Consequences Companies must follow the Timelines and Comply with the provisions of the Act.

Two types of Compliances are there which are done by a Private Company.

1. Mandatory Compliances: Every Private Company have to adhere to the same irrespective of the status of Company.

2. Event based Compliances: Event  based Compliances are triggered when a Company in the due Course of its business happens to undergo that specific Event. Only those Company which triggers such events make the compliances.

Article presents summary of Both Mandatory Compliances and Event based Compliances for Private Limited Company.

Mandatory Compliances for Private Company










Company Name Board Every Company shall paint or affix the name and address of registered office and keep the same painted/affixed, outside every office or place in which its business is carried on, in legible letters.
2. Letter Head of Company Every Company shall get its name, address of registered office, CIN, telephone and email printed on all business letters, billheads, letter papers.
3. First Board Meeting First Meeting of Board of Directors is required to be held within 30 days of Incorporation of Company. Notice of BM must be sent to every director at least 7 days before the meeting.
4. Subsequent Board Meetings Minimum 4 Board Meetings to be held every year with not more than 120 days gap between two meetings. In case of small company, it is sufficient to conduct only two Board Meetings.
5. Disclosure of Interest by director MBP-1 Every Director shall at the first Board Meeting in which he participates as a Director should disclose his concern or interest in other entities which shall include his shareholding.


6. Issuing of Share Certificate The Company is required to issue Share Certificates to the subscribers of memorandum within 60 days of Incorporation of Company.
7. Resident Director Every Company is required to appoint at least one Director who has stayed in India for a total period of not less than 182 days in the previous calendar year.
8. Appointment of Director DIR-2


Every person to be appointed as Director shall provide his consent in Form DIR2 and such consent shall be filed by the Company with ROC in Form DIR12, within 30 Days of appointment.
9. Qualification of Director DIR 8 Declaration from Director at the time of appointment or reappointment in Form DIR8
10. Resignation by Director DIR 12 Director shall intimate his resignation to the Company, which the Company shall file with ROC in Form DIR12 in 30 days
11. Annual General Meeting Every Company is required to hold an Annual General Meeting on or before 30th September every year. A 21 clear days’ notice is required to be given for the same.
12. Alteration in MOA and AOA very alteration of Articles and Memorandum shall be filed with Registrar together with copy of altered Articles, notice of meeting and SR within 30 days of passing Special Resolution. Every alteration made in MOA and AOA shall be noted in every copy thereof
13. Annual Return MGT-7 Every company shall file its Annual Return within 60 days of holding the AGM or where no AGM is held within 60 days from the date on which the AGM should have been held.


14. Financial Statements E-form AOC-4 & E-form AOC-4 CFS Company is required to file its financial statements duly adopted at the AGM of the company with the Registrar within 30 days of the date of AGM or in case financial statements are adopted in the adjourned AGM, within 30 days of the date of adjourned AGM.


15. Certification of Annual Return MGT-8 The annual return filed by a listed company or a company having paid up share capital of Rs. 10 Crores or more or turnover of Rs. 50 crores or more shall be certified by a Company Secretary in Practice.


16. Appointment of Company Secretary ____ Private Company having paid up share capital of Rs. 5 crores or more is required to appoint a whole time Company Secretary.


17. Board Report’s ____ Directors’ Report shall be prepared in a manner which shall include all the information required under Section 134. It should be signed by the “Chairperson” authorized by the Board, and where he is not so authorized, by at least 2 Directors one of whom shall be a managing director or by the director where there is one director.


18. Directors’ Report Directors’ Report is to be filed covering all the information required for Small Company under Section 134 within 30 days of AGM along with Form AOC-4. It should be signed by the “Chairperson” authorized by the Board, where he is not so authorized by at least 2 Directors.
19. Register MGT-1 MGT-2


SH 2

SH 3

SH 6

SH 10






Company shall keep & maintain the following mandatory Registers:

Register of Members,

Register of debenture-holders,

Register and Index of Beneficial Owners

Register Of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificates

Register Of Sweat Equity Shares

Register Of Employees Stock Option

Register Of Securities Bought Back

Register Of Deposits

Register of any other security holders.

Register Of Charges

Register Of Directors & KMPS and Their Shareholding

Register Of Loans and Guarantee

Register Of Investments Not Held In Its Own Name By The Company

Register Of Contracts or Arrangements in Which Directors Are Interested

20. Resolution MGT-14 Copy of every resolution (with explanatory statement, if any) or Agreement for the specified matters to be filed with ROC in Form MGT14 within 30 days.
21. Minutes of Meeting Minutes of every general meeting, Creditors, Board and Committee shall be prepared and kept within 30 days of conclusion of every meeting concerned.

Event Based Compliances for Private Company











Declaration of Commencement of Business INC-20A Within a period of 180 days of the date of incorporation of the company.
2. ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification) INC-22A All companies registered before 31st December 2017 are required to file e-Form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification) – INC-22A on or before 25th April 2019.
3. Change in registered office INC-22 Within fifteen days from the date of such change
4. Change in Directors or KMP DIR-12 Within 30 Days of such change
5. Change of name of company INC-24 Within 60 days from the date of applying reservation of name in INC-1
6. Conversion of company INC 27
7. Increase in Authorized Share capital SH-7 Within 30 days of passing Ordinary Resolution
8. Filing of resolution and agreements MGT-14 Within 30 days from date of passing resolution
9. Increase in Paid up share capital (Issue of security) PAS-3 Within fifteen days from the date of the allotment
10. Application for KYC of Directors DIR-3 KYC



On or before 30th April of immediate next Financial Year (Annual Compliance)
11. Change in secured borrowing (Creation, modification and satisfaction of charge) CHG-1 All types of Charges within 30 days of its creation
12. Removal of Director before Expiry ADT-2 Within 30 days from date of passing SR
13. Deposits taken DPT 3 To be filed annually by 30th June and furnish information as on 31st March of that year duly audited by auditor of the company.
14. Significant Beneficial Owner reported BEN 2 Company to file within 30 days of receipt of BEN 1 to ROC.
15. Condonation of Delay CG 1 File application for condonation of delay with CG in Form CG-1 along with the

required attachments

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