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NFRA-1 Form landing page

Step 1: Enter the URL (eformnfra.nic.in). You will land on below screen (Screenshot-1), consisting of following options and information for the user

  • Home- This option will facilitate the user to return to Screenshot-1
  • New user registration/signup – In order to proceed with the form submission, user needs to register on the portal, using this option. Details of which are explained in subsequent sections
  • Sign In- This option will enable the user to log into the application for submission of form using credentials, created during signup process
  • Pre-requisites for submission of NFRA-1 formPre-requisites for submission of NFRA-1 form

New User Registration

Step 2: Click on New User Registration/Signup for registration on the portal. You will land on below screen.(Screenshot-2). User needs to enter the official email address (body corporate email ID) and mobile number for receiving OTPs and verifying the same. required You can hover on “?” to get the necessary help while entering information.

Account Detail

Step 3: Enter the official Email Address and click on “Generate Email OTP” for receiving OTP on given email address. User will view following message. Refer Screenshot-3.

Registration Step 3

Step 4: Enter official Mobile Number and click on “Generate Mobile OTP” for receiving OTP on given mobile number. User will view following message. Refer Screenshot-4.

Registration Step 4

Step 5: Post entering OTPs for both Email and Mobile, click on Verify Email and Mobile for registering Email Address and Mobile Number. User will view following message. Refer screenshot-5.

Registration Step 5

Step 6: Once user clicks on “Ok” depicted in screenshot-5, user will view fields for entering personal and body corporate information. Refer screenshot-6

Registration Step 6

Step 7: In case the country selected is India, then user needs to select State & District from the list of values and enter PIN and PAN. Refer screenshot-7

Registration Step 7

Step 8: In case the country selected is not India, then user needs select whether he/she has PAN or not. In case of Yes, user needs to PAN number. Refer screenshot-8

Registration Step 8

Step 9: In case the user selects No for PAN number, then user needs to enter Passport No.. Refer screenshot-9

Registration Step 9

Step 10: Under Designation field, user needs to select whether he/she is Director/Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer/ Manager/Company Secretary. Refer screenshot-10

Registration Step 10

Step 11: In case Director is selected, you need to enter DIN number. Refer screenshot-11

Registration Step 11

Step 12: In case Company Secretary is selected, you need to enter Membership number. Refer screenshot-12

Registration Step 13

Step 13: Under Body Corporate information, user needs to select the rule under which body corporate falls, select whether body corporate is registered in India or not. If yes then user needs to enter PAN of body corporate. Refer screenshot-13

Registration Step 13

Step 14: If body corporate is not registered in India, then user will be asked to enter name of the Indian associate firm and corresponding CIN and whether he/she has PAN of body corporate for conducting operations in India. Refer screenshot-14

Registration Step 14

Step 15: In case user selects yes for PAN option, then user needs to enter PAN. Refer screenshot-15

Registration Step 15

Step 16: If user selects no, then user needs to enter registration number and authority name that issued the registration number to the body corporate. Refer screenshot-16

Registration Step 16

Step 17: User then needs to upload the authorization letter, which authorizes the user for submitting NFRA-1. The letter needs to be physically signed by key managerial person on the body corporate letter head and uploaded in PDF format. User needs to download the sample authorization letter for the required format. Refer screenshot-17

Registration Step 17

Step 18: Once signed and converted to PDF, user needs to upload the letter by clicking on “Choose File” and selecting the pdf version of the letter.

Step 19: Post uploading the acknowledgement letter, user needs to enter the desired password and re-enter the same password for confirmation. Then, he/she needs to enter the security code before clicking on “Register my account”. Refer screenshot-18

Registration Step 18

Step 20: Once user clicks on “Register my account” after filling all the necessary information, the application will be sent to administrator for approval/rejection. A message will be shown. Email and SMS intimation will also be made to user. Refer Screenshot-19.

Registration Step 19

Step 21: If approved, user needs to proceed with DSC registration, required for successful form submission. In case of rejection, user will receive the reason of rejection and needs to rectify the same for successful registration.

Step 22: If the application gets rejected, then user will see the following message. User will be informed via SMS and Email as well. Refer screenshot-20. User needs to click on Update to incorporate the suggestions

Registration Step 20

Step 23: On clicking update, user will see the application submitted, in editable form. User needs to do the corrections and re-submit the application by clicking on “Update my account”.

Step 24: Once user clicks on “Update my account”, user will view the message that application has been sent to the administrator for approval. Refer screenshot-21.

Registration Step 21


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