Do you know excuses which we give for not getting things or any act done are obstacles for our own growth. It is a silence killer of our growth in a sense we unknowingly avoid to do certain things or act which we should required to do to reach next level in the life.

99.99% people give one common excuse which is “I don’t have enough time”. By giving such kind of excuse we not only make others fool but we are making ourselves fool.

Every one of us has 24 hours. Even then only some of us reach a top level, perform tremendously well, where as others remained where they are. The reason is they unable to manage their time well and even they known this fact they found rubbish excuses.

Just analyse yourself for a month and see how much excuses you are giving in every field of your life. You will come to know how negatively it is affecting to you. You also come to know how much capable you are. You will find yourself what you really are.

Now from onwards before giving any excuse think for a while and ask yourself is it a real excuse which I am giving or is it just my mind game. 100% it will be your mind game and nothing else. Excuses are created by our own mind and you can make them dead by your own efforts only.So let’s start together to stop giving foolish excuses and take yourself to the next level !!

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  1. Dr. Malathi K says:

    The term “excuse” was used predominantly as an etiquette and manners. It later turned out to be escapism to find lame excuses and now has become part and parcel of one’s life to just invent ideas to give excuses. People giving excuses less realize that it worsens the behavior of thyself and others!!

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