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Post clearing professional programme examination and completing management training the first thing a Company Secretary must do to be best, unique or ultimate, whether someone is opting for corporate or for practice.

A professional must possess some ultimate skill to the path of success in corporate world; following are the key qualities of an ultimate CS.

Passion for Profession

The passion can grow your profession in such a way that no one can dare to compete you. It is completely true to say that one you start chasing your passion –success will follow you in every step of your life.

Art of Learning

To be a successful company secretary one must know the beautiful art of learning, it will lead you to perfection in your work. The more you Learn –the more you will Earn, In our profession be updated is must otherwise you will loose your existence in market.

Attitude of Gratitude

A positive attitude can change your life and lifestyle in a drastic way so don’t think it just inculcate it in your life and have an attitude of gratitude.


Never afraid of taking risk or challenges in your life to gain something, take a challenge to prove yourself to the world that YOU CAN DO, don’t be afraid by failures in life you will succeed sooner and later.

Accept and correct

Always accept your defaults and correct them form future, Never think before accepting your mistake, just accept it and correct it, be the best take your test, more you accept your mistakes more you build up  a trust with your stakeholder.

Maintain your Network

Be a convincing personality and create your strong network because never forget my professional friends “JO DIKHTA HAI WAHI BIKTA HAI” So be socially active, leave your footprints everywhere and maintain healthy relation with all.

To maintain good relation with all stakeholders a company secretary should have knowledge of human relations.

Core Qualities:

A. Honesty & Integrity.

B. Loyalty and courtesy;

C. Punctuality;

D. Tactfulness  and cautiousness;

E. Sense of discipline and responsibility

Effective knowledge of Business

Understanding of business also helps in taking proper career decisions. One can make a right career move if he can find out that the present line of business may not be most suitable for his present career plan.

Respect our fraternity

Just remember always that our unity is our strength, always respect your profession your co-members, together we are everything and single we are something so we must  start promoting our profession  in a diligent manner for long lasting result.

An expert in Governance

We need to ensure a current knowledge of both current developments affecting governance and also best practice in corporate governance– continuing professional development is key. Company Secretaries should be the corporate governance professional in their organization – they should be the ‘go to’ person for governance issues

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