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Hello everyone, today I’m going to share with you some smart study strategies for passing any professional exam, whether it be the CS, CA, or CMA.

1. Your intention in mind

Your mind-set should be set from the first day you joined for this course that you must pass this exam on your first try and that you must give it your all to ensure that you have no regrets.

Check to see if you are clear about what you need to do right away because eventually your brain will only function in that direction.

2. Maintain your optimism

There will be numerous instances during the phase of your preparation where you will give up or feel dejected. Positivity is very important in our lives because it helps us prepare for the fact that things aren’t always going to go our way.

3. Be consistent with your studies-

It’s crucial to take consistency into account; it’s actually the secret to success. You must push yourself daily to learn and become a better person overall.

4. Create a study schedule

A study schedule is a crucial tool for efficient studying. Additionally, it saves you from wasting your valuable time because you will already be aware of the subjects and days you need to study for them if you have created a schedule.

Additionally, it keeps the consistency. Additionally, create a timetable that is practical. Create a short-term schedule first, and then you can create a long-term schedule. Keep a journal and a to-do list, and when you cross things off the list, you’ll feel so accomplished.

5. Meditation

We often forget about ourselves in the rush to pass and score well, so try to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes. You will experience peace and optimism as a result. Not all mediation involves keeping your eyes closed.

The true meaning of meditation is anything that helps you feel calm, happy, and especially yourself when you ignore everything else. It can involve strolling around a park and watching kids play. It can also involve pampering a small kid.

 It can be spending your time with your family members and loved ones, can be dancing, singing and many more. But don’t forget to steal this ME time from your daily routine.

 6. Make less use of mobile phone

For us, mobile phones seem to be a necessary tool. However, at least set it aside while you are studying or practising meditation (Now I think u are clear about what mediation means)

7. Revision

Continuous revision is essential to acing any competitive or professional exam. Your concepts will become clearer the more time you have to study.

 8. Complete past year’s question papers

The biggest error is to take exams without even looking at the previous exams’ papers. You ought to at least complete 1-2 papers.

Your confidence will grow as a result. You will learn about the paper. Format and whether you are capable of finishing a whole paper on time. This can also be accomplished by joining mock test series.

9. Have confidence in yourself –

You can accomplish anything. You are incredibly unique. When your name will eventually get a prefix, picture that day.2

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