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Urja Mahesh KariaThere’s this one thing which no one can deny facing. FEAR. It is very human to feel the ‘Fear’. It is also very common that every now and then we fear something or the other. But, if you ever look up for the meaning of Fear, viz. “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm”, you will understand, that fear is just an ILLUSION. The thing hasn’t happened yet, and you cannot even be sure it’ll happen just as you fear it would.

According to an online survey, “95% of things that we worry about, never happen”. Ok, lets talk this through. Why do you fear something? What will happen which is so bad? May be if you ask yourself, what do you want? There’ll only be one answer. You want it, and you want it so badly that you start worrying about the what if’s?

Now, there is good fear and bad fear. Good fear is when you fear a situation but you can also feel a positive energy inside you to deal with that situation, because you know how it will end. It is that kind of fear which is going to make all your dreams come true. Fear even has a sense of truthfulness to it. It’s always good to fear about the good things, fearing that you might not make good money from a venture of yours may help you work harder, or even make you think of something better to work on.

Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR.

And then there’s bad fear. Bad fears are nothing but phobias. It is this strange feeling. Sitting in your living room and worrying about a imaginary road accident or an earthquake where your entire apartment falls down killing you and your dog or better even the end of the world, now these are the kind of fears which are ridiculous and can be dangerous for you. Funny as well, but true.

The only thing that happens when we fear something or someone is that it blocks our vision, it blinds us. We cannot see and think things through. When something negative happens, its not because of our fear, it is because of the consequences that our fear awards us with. Fearing something so much only leads to more and more self doubt and so much fear can kill all our hope and faith.

If we see this in an positive context, when we fear a situation, it is a good thing, as it makes us realize that the particular thing is important to us that is why are afraid that nothing should go wrong. It can make us work better towards it. Sometimes, when we get into an argument with a loved one, we fear about what we may say next, why? Because we care for them, we love them, and we wouldn’t want to see them hurt, which in fact tells us that the particular person holds importance in your life.

It can either make you or break you. Use it well, as motivation, to get ahead in life, to do things which cry for your prior attention. Your thoughts create your present as well as future.

As Napoleon Hill said, “No man ever achieved worth-while success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure.” 

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  1. Mohan Thulasingam says:

    Good piece. You can also call the Good and Bad fears as ‘positive ‘ and negative’ fears respectively. Fear is essentail for progress and safety of life. Or else, there will be utter chaos in the world. What if the laws don’t punish.

  2. Sampath Kumar says:

    Hi Urja

    I am ‘afraid’ I like your article. ‘Fear’ is a natural emotion of humans. It has to be controlled and managed for success. If you question the ‘fear’ about the probability of happening or non happening of the reason for fear and find sincere answer from ‘within’ ‘fear’ will evaporate !

  3. K.P.SUBRAMANIAN says:


  4. Sanjay Kumar Mittal says:

    a beautiful perspective …will surely release positive energy in persons who fear to experiment for the fear of failure…

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