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Sub: Invitation for empanelment as Checker for Verification of Answer Books of the Chartered Accountants Examinations held in November 2020.

As you are aware that the Institute conducts the Chartered Accountant Examinations twice a year. After declaring the results, the students apply for verification as per the below option through online mode.

  • Verification of Answer Books
  • Provision of Certified Copies of Answer Books
  • Right to Information Act (RTI)

To complete the above process in a time bound manner, ICAI has introduced On-Line verification systems on pan India basis for checking the answer books in digital mode as per regulation 39(4) of Chartered Accountants Regulation, 1988.

Applications are invited from eligible members of the Institute willing to undertake confidential assignments as a dedicated checkers. The applicants are expected to be comfortable working on computers and checking the answer books on-line. However, requisite training will be provided, before on-line checking assignments are undertaken.

The eligibility criteria for empanelment as checker are as follows:

  • He / She should be a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for at least two years.
  • His/her name should be borne in the Register of Members.
  • Persons above 65 years of age are not eligible.
  • Persons associated with the coaching activities are not eligible.
  • Neither he/she nor his/her relatives or dependant has appeared in November 2020Chartered Accountants Examinations. (the term “relative” or “dependant” for the purpose shall include, in relation to an individual, the wife, husband, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, brother, brother’s wife, brother’s son, brother’s daughter, sister, sister’s husband, sister’s son, sister’s daughter, wife’s brother, wife’s sister and husband’s brother and husband’s sister)
  • He/she has not been convicted by any court of Law and no disciplinary proceedings are pending against him/her, either by the ICAI / Disciplinary Directorate or by any other organization, both in India and abroad.
  •  He/she is not associated with the Institute as an elected/co-opted member of the Council / Regional Council / Managing Committee of any Branch/CPE Chapters/CPE Study Circles of the ICAI.
  • He /She should not be serving employee (Permanent/Contractual) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • He/she shall abide by the Guidelines for checker and / or any other instructions.

System requirements: –

  • Member should be having PC/Laptop at home to undertake this assignment.
  • The process is online mode, hence  high speed Internet/Broadband connection should be available.
  •  The work should be undertaken at home only and not in  public place/office to maintain the confidentiality of this assignment.

The Role of the Checkers under Verification process is as below.

  • The Checkers should verify the Answer Books by him/herself only. He/ She shall not delegate the work to anyone.
  • To check whether any question of part thereof has remained unvalued.
  • To check whether there is no totalling error in and question or total marks on the summary sheet.
  • To check whether there is any discrepancy between stepwise marks, total marks for each question and marks for each question indicated on the summary sheet.
  • To check whether the handwriting of the candidate in all the answer books are the same.
  • To check whether the guidelines regarding evaluation of excess answers written by the candidate have been followed by the examiner.
  • Any other type of error(S).

Scales of honorarium for checking of answer books

Examination Rate per answer book (Digital)
For All Papers except ((Paper 4 & Paper 7 of Intermediate (Old & New)) Rs 15/- per answer book
For Paper 4 of Intermediate (Old & New) Rs. 10/- per answer book
For Paper 7 of Intermediate (Old & New) Rs. 10/- per answer book

To facilitate the Members of ICAI, theapplication for empanelment as checker can be made online link at

Applications by any other mode will not be entertained.

The above-mentioned link will be made available from 14th January 2021 to 20th January 2021.

Thanking you,

Examination Department

Source- ICAI Email

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  1. manoj madan says:

    i had applied for checker for nov 20 examinations , but no communication received till date . please get me latest status.
    Manoj Madan
    M No 089231

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