The PCC students are advised to follow the study materials for IPCC (along with practice  manuals)  for  the  following  subjects,  since  in  these  subjects,  the  PCC syllabus is the same as that of IPCC  –

Paper 2:  Auditing and Assurance

Paper 3:  Law, Ethics and Communication

Paper 4:  Cost Accounting and Financial Management

Paper 6:  Information Technology and Strategic Management

Therefore, the PCC students should follow the latest study materials on IPCC (along with practice manuals) for the above subjects.

As  regards  Paper  1:  Advanced  Accounting,  the  PCC  study  material  (2008 edition)  is  still  relevant  since  there  have  been  no  changes  in  the  Accounting Standards  notified  at  PCC  level.      The students may also refer to Practice Manual of IPCC for problems.

For Paper 5: Taxation, the students should follow the latest study material for

IPCC Paper 4: Taxation  with the exception of the following chapters –

Chapter 5: Input Tax Credit and Composition Scheme for small dealers

Chapter 6: VAT Procedures


Study Materials for Final (Old) Course Students

The students of Final (Old) Course are advised to follow the study materials as mentioned herein below in respect of the different subjects –


Paper    1:              Advanced


The study material for Final (Old) Course (2008 edition)    should    be    read    along with the Supplementary Study Material prepared and hosted on the website in April, 2010.
Paper 2:

Management Accounting

and Financial


The study material for Final (New) Course Paper 2: Strategic Financial Management (2010   edition) should be followed.
Paper  3:            Advanced


The study material for Final (New) Course  Paper :Advanced  Auditing  and  Professional  Ethics  (  2010 edition)  should  be  read  with  the  exception  of  the following chapters –

1.  Consolidated Financial Statements

2.  Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)

Paper 4:

Corporate Laws




The study material for Final (Old) Course    (2007 edition) should be followed.   The chapters  on SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2009,  Competition Act, 2002 as amended by the Amendment Act, 2009 have to be studied from the study material of   the Final (New) Course  Paper  4: Corporate  and  Allied  Laws  (March 2010, edition).

These   chapters   have   also   been   hosted   on   the website of the Institute.

Paper     5:

Cost Management

The study material for Final (New) Course Paper 5:Advanced  Management  Accounting  (2010   edition) should   be   followed   with   the   exception   of   the following two chapters –

1.  Time Series Analysis; and

2.  Test of Hypothesis

Paper 6:

Management Information


Control Systems

The study material of Final (Old) Course (November, 2008   edition) has to be followed.   Chapter 16 on Information Technology Act has been revised and the same has been hosted on the website.
Paper 7:  Direct


The study material for Final (New) Course Paper 7:Direct  Tax  Laws  (A.Y.2010-11)      is  relevant  for  the Final  (Old)  Course  also,  with  the  exception  of  the following chapters –

1.  Chapter   12   on   Inter-relationship   between accounting and taxation

2.  The   portion   relating   to   Ethics   in   Taxation (14.4) in Chapter 14.

Paper 8: Indirect


The study material for Final (New) Course Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws [as amended by the Finance (No.2) Act, 2009] is relevant for the Final (Old) Course also, with the exception  of the following chapters –

1. Chapter 16 of Section C on Inter-relationship between accounting and taxation

2. Chapters 6 to 12 of Section B relating to VAT

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