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Under negative list regime, the service tax was introduced on restaurants, eating joints and mess which have licence to serve the liquor and facility of central heating or Air conditioning at any time during the previous year. However, this budget has removed the condition regarding the licence to serve the liquor. Thus, now the service tax is leviable on all the types of AC restaurants, eating joints or mess. However, some lacuna was there in the language of this levy since its inception which was supposed to be cleared in this budget; but this lacuna still exists even after widening of the scope of this levy. Herein we have looked into this entry as contained in the mega exemption notification prior to and after the amendment.

Previous Provision:-

Vide notification no. 25/2012 ST dated 25.06.2012, Central Government exempted the service provided in relation to serving of food or beverages by a restaurant, eating joint or a mess, other than those having (i) the facility of air conditioning or central air heating in any part of the establishment, at any time during the year, and (ii) A license to serve alcoholic beverages.

In this notification the central government exempted only those restaurants, mess who do not have any air conditioner with a license to serve the alcoholic beverages. It means that the restaurants or a mess who have air conditioner with a license to serve alcoholic beverages are liable to pay service tax.


The Hon’ble Finance Minister has announced the Union Budget 2013-14 on 28/02/2013. In this budget, notification no. 03/2013 ST Dt. 01.03.2012 has been issued to amend the above serial no. of the mega exemption notification and now the exemption is applicable in relation to the service provided in relation to serving of food or beverages by a restaurant, eating joint or a mess, other than those having the facility of air conditioning or central air-heating in any part of the establishment, at any time during the year. This notification has abolished the condition of license to serve the alcoholic beverages along with air conditioner.

It means that restaurants or a mess, not having the license to serve the alcoholic beverages, but having air conditioner in any part of establishment, at any time during the year are liable to pay service tax. Simply speaking, all the AC restaurants or restaurants with central air heating facilities are liable to service tax w.e.f. 1.4.2013.

Lacuna as exists before as well as after the amendment:-

The language of the mega exemption notification uses the words “the service provided in relation to serving of food or beverages by a restaurant, eating joint or a mess, other than those having the facility of air conditioning or central air-heating in any part of the establishment, at any time during the year. The above language has been disputable since its inception as the department is interpreting the term “establishment” as entire building, not the restaurant itself. The authors of this article have come across a recent case of their client where demand was raised even on the non AC restaurant of the hotel by alleging that since AC is being installed in another restaurant (which is also the part of the establishment, i.e. hotel). It was alleged that due to this, the above condition that “the AC can be installed in any part of the establishment” is fulfilled. This is how the simple language can be mis-interpreted. On the other hand, phrase “by whatever name called, having facility of air conditioning in any part of the establishment” is preceded by the word “restaurant”. As such, the word establishment is also used in context of the restaurant, irrespective of the fact that the restaurant is situated in a large building with a no. of other restaurants therein. The intention of the government is to tax the AC restaurants only and due to this, the above language has been used. However, the word “establishment” has been mis-interpreted by the revenue officers. This lacuna is there right from the beginning; however, even after broadening the scope to this levy, this lacuna has not been removed.

While Concluding:-

Government is very quick in broadening the scope of any levy as well as the service tax law as whole. However, the quickness is not reflected in bridging the lacunas that still remain ever after some amendment in the same provision. The instant case is the perfect example of this truth. We have to see how long this lacuna continues.

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    Whether Restaurant is eligible for CANVET credit on Service Tax paid on rent of premises from the payment due for Service Tax on sale from Restaurant

  2. sanjay sinha says:

    how much service tax on a.c. restaurant suppose that total sale of amount of rs. 100/- vat is 13.5% of 100/- so please clear which amount will be liable on service tax. and how much

  3. shankarlalharsh says:

    Service tax leviable from all restaurants of any size and any capacity ? A small restaurant having 10X20 feet area with 20 persons sitting capacity servingtea-cofee and cold drinks with anual turnovr of 35 lacks will be liable for service tax and Vat ? Please clarify size of resturant is criteria in this amendment or no ?

  4. Amit Jhaveri says:

    where a restaurant seperatly charges service charge on the basic bill amount do we have to pay service tax only on the service charge or on the full total bill amount, further is it mandatory for the restaurant to write the TIN number on the bill/invoice
    the billing does not charge VAT on the service charge
    please clarify as the amount on such invoces are small n nobody is saying anything which will cummilatively work out to 100s of crores

  5. abhi says:


    Govt. is already giving abatement in service tax @60% of invoice value (i.e they are charging service tax on 40% of value exc. vat) in case of restaurant service.and ya its true that on some part of invoice value we have to pay double tax i.e both vat & service tax but as we know that vat is a matter of state govt. which varies from state to state.

  6. Varun Khandelwal says:

    P.N.V.GIRI – There is no case law clarifying the lacuna as on date. From the interpretation of the statement, we have to assume that even if in a part of establishment where restaurant is there, an AC is fitted then Service tax shall be charged. Even we are waiting for a case law clarifying the same.

  7. Varun Khandelwal says:

    Surbhi- I think you are mistaken. Service tax and VAT are requirement of different laws. Service tax is demanded by the central government while the VAT is being demanded by the State government. Charging both the taxes on the same amount does not even amount to double taxation.

  8. P.N.V.GIRI says:

    In most of the city hotels, we find that one room alone is air conditioned and the rest .i.e the main eat out place is non- a.c. In this case also there will be complication in interpretation of the new amendment which says ” any part of the restaurant ” . In some other cases the owner of the restaurant has his office room alone “air conditioned” whereas the whole restaurant is non a.c. for the restaurant. What is the treatment then, for these restaurants ?

  9. surbhi says:

    Respected sir, by the budget 13-14 govt impose of service tax on a/c restaurant , impose double and excess burden on consumer because unreasonable charge service tax and vat on restaurant bill. if govt. impose service tax @ 70% on food service then its better to impose remains 30% balance for vat. other vise consumer unjustified paid double tax on food bill once by service tax and after that again pay vat.
    please provide opinion by all and solution for that.

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