November 15, 2002


All Stock Exchanges, Depositories & Custodians.

Dear Sir,

Please refer to circular no. D&CC/FITTC/CIR-05/2001 dated December 26, 2001 regarding the list of scrips, which shall trade under the normal rolling settlement mode of the stock exchanges.

As per the information provided by the Depositories 117 more companies have established connectivity with both the depositories. Out of these 83 companies as given in Annexure ‘A’ (Serial No. 01 to 83) have established connectivity with both the depositories on or before July 31, 2002. It is therefore advised that these scrips shall trade in the normal rolling settlement mode of the stock exchanges with immediate effect.

Accordingly the scrips those have established connectivity with both the Depositories as on August 31, 2002 (Serial No. 84 to 95), September 30, 2002 (Serial No. 96 to 101) and October 31, 2002 (Serial No. 102 to 117) shall be moved out of the ‘trade for trade’ settlement window of the exchanges and into the normal rolling settlement mode with effect from December 01, 2002, January 01, 2003 and February 01, 2003, respectively.

Yours faithfully,

Annexure ‘A’

S.No Company Name
Trading under Normal Rolling Settlement mode with immediate effect
1 Aeonian Investments Company Limited
2 AGS Infotech Limited
3 Ankur Marketing Limited
4 Ankush Finstock Ltd
5 Ashoka Commercials Limited
6 Bagrrys Finance Limited
7 Bagrrys India Limited
8 Balmer Lawrie Investments Limited
9 Bharat Explosives Limited
10 Bharat Immunological & Biologicals Corporation Limited
11 Bharti Telenet Limited
12 Bihar Hotels Limited
13 Ceejay Finance Limited
14 Cheviot International Limited
15 Cranes Software International Limited (formerly Eider Commercials Limited)
16 Datum Securities Limited
17 Dhruv Estates Limited
18 Ekdant Capital Markets Limited
19 Ennore Foundries Limited
20 Essar Power Limited
21 Falcon Tyres Limited
22 Flair Investment and Finance Limited
23 Future Communications Limited
24 Futuristic Solutions Limited
25 Gandhimathi Appliances Limited
26 Greaves Morganite Crucible Limited
27 Gujarat Poly-AVX Electronics Limited
28 Hardcastle & Waud Manufacturing Co. Limited
29 Hazoor Hotel Properties Limited
30 Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd
31 Howrah Gases Limited
32 Integra Telecommunications & Software Limited
33 J K Paper Ltd (For Central Pulp Mills Ltd)
34 Jai Matadi Finance Company Limited
35 Jessop & Co. Limited
36 Jindal Capital Limited
37 JRC Industries Limited
38 Kant & Company Limited
39 Kemp & Company Limited
40 Lambodhara Textiles Limited
41 Mayur Leather Products Ltd
42 Midland Plastics Limited
43 Mohit Industries Ltd
44 Moonstar Investments Limited
45 NCL Research and Financial Services Limited
46 Orient Beverages Limited
47 Orissa Sponge Iron Ltd
48 Parichay Education Limited
49 PBM Polytex Limited
50 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd
51 PNB Finance & Industries Limited
52 PNR Capital Services Limited
53 Polson Limited
54 Poona Dal & Oil Industries Limited
55 Prime Capital Market Ltd
56 Privy Financial Services Limited
57 Puja Corporation Ltd
58 Rainbow Foundations Limited
59 Reliance Chemotex Industries Ltd
60 Resins & Plastics Limited
61 RFL International Ltd
62 Rockwool (India) Limited
63 Salzer Electronics Limited
64 Sanket International Limited
65 Sarang Chemicals Limited
66 Schrader Duncan Limited
67 Scintilla Comercial and Credit Ltd
68 Sellaids Publications (I) Limited
69 Sheetal Exports Limited
70 Shree Durga Agencies Limited
71 SKOL Breweries Limited
72 Speciality Papers Limited
73 Sudarshan Securities Ltd (For Sudarshan Comercials Ltd)
74 Sumati Projects Limited
75 Supreme Holdings Ltd
76 Surya Udyog Limited
77 T Stanes & Company Limited
78 Tasty Bite Eatables Limited
79 The Delhi Flour Mills Company Limited
80 The Sri Ganapathy Mills Company Limited
81 Unipro Technologies Limited
82 Vasundhara Rasayans Limited
83 Vogue Textiles Limited
To be shifted out of the “Trade for Trade” segment and into Normal Rolling Settlement mode from December 01, 2002
84 Alang Ship Breakers Limited
85 Discount and Finance House of India Limited
86 Fancy Fittings Limited
87 Ficom Industries Limited
88 Gangotri Iron and Steel Company Limited
89 K Sera Sera Productions Ltd (For Garnet Paper Mills Limited)
90 Hulta Pharmaceutical Export Limited
91 Indo Asian Housing Corporation Limited
92 Interlink Financial Services Limited
93 International Diamond Services Limited
94 N R International Limited
95 Sequel e-Routers Limited (formerly known as Perfect Weavers Ltd)
To be shifted out of the “Trade for Trade” segment and into Normal Rolling Settlement mode from January 01, 2003
96 Artson Engineering Ltd
97 Gayatrishakti Paper & boards Limited
98 GVK Industires Limited
99 Mirch Technologies Limited (Formerly known as Mirch Mirex Ltd.)
100 Oscar Global Limited
101 Union Bank of India
To be shifted out of the “Trade for Trade” segment and into Normal Rolling Settlement mode from February 01, 2003
102 ACE India Limited
103 Bipin Industrial Development Limited
104 Cupid Rubbers Limited
105 Gunny Chem-Tex India Limited
106 Horizon Battery Technologies Limited
107 Ispat Sheets Limited
108 Jagat Trading Enterprises Limited
109 Kumar Food Industries Limited
110 Rajoo Engineers Limited
111 Remi Metals Gujarat Limited
112 Sarup Tanneries Limited
113 Swastik Roofing Limited (for Swastik Asbestos Products Ltd)
114 The Baroda Rayon Corporation Limited
115 The Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Limited
116 Union Bearings (India) Limited
117 Winsome International Limited

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