Technical Guide on BEPS Action Plans and Multilateral Instrument (MLI) – 2020 – First edition  

Considering the issue that profits should be taxed where the economic activities take place and no profit should suffer double taxation, in September 2013, the Finance Ministers of the G20 nations came out with a comprehensive action plan on BEPS which has three core principles namely coherence, substance and transparency. The major thrust of the action plan was to address double non taxation challenges which further improves the gap and mismatches between situs of economic activities, domestic tax laws and tax treaties. Out of the recommended minimum standards, Action Plan-15 suggested development of multilateral instruments in order to modify bilateral tax treaties in the shortest possible time. The main purpose was to swiftly modify the existing tax treaties without bilateral negotiation with each and every country.

The BEPS and MLI are now integral part of the international Taxation. Considering the importance of subject and to develop a clear understanding of the subject amongst our members, the Committee on International Taxation has brought out this technical guide first time in September, 2020. This publication initially discusses each Action plan in detail and thereafter discusses the final Action plan 15 which deals with Multilateral Instrument.

The said publication can be downloaded from the link:

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