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New Delhi, 28th September, 2015

Sub: Circulation of Fake order for extension of due date for filing of Audit report and return of Income for Assessment Year 2015-16- regarding

It has been brought to the notice of the Government that a fake order dated 26th September 2015 supposedly under section 119 of the Income-tax Act 1961 under the signature of one Upmanyu Reddy, Under Secretary to the Government of India is in circulation. The fake order extends the due date for filing of audit report under section 119 of the Income-tax Act to 15 October 2015.

It is clarified the order is fraudulent. The Government has not extended the due date for filing of returns and audit report due by 30th September 2015. Tax payer and practitioners are advised not to give any credence to the fraudulent order purportedly signed by one Upmanyu Reddy.

(Shefali Shah)
Pr. Commissioner of Income Tax (OSD)
Official Spokesperson, CBDT


Keep Checking the below page for  Status of various Petitions in High Courts for Extension of Tax Audit Due Date –

Tax Audit Date Extension- Status of High Courts Appeals

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0 responses to “Tax Audit / Income tax due date extension order is FAKE : CBDT”

  1. liju m says:

    Hai this is cm liju. audit assistant. please do not extend the tax audit. since we need to work one more month with heavy pressure. we will be admitted to hospital if you extend. the due date.

  2. Pawan Khanna says:

    This is very strange to see the date is extended exactly before one or two days from the due date. This happens in India.

  3. RVK Iyer says:

    Due to heavy share trading last financial year a lot of individuals are also frantically searching for good ACA for filing of Audited Tax return. ACAs are not take up the case. Government should consider all these and extend the date to end of November this year. It should also consider 2% instead of 8% Presumptive tax for individual share traders.

  4. Anamika Kesharwani says:

    Punjab & Haryana High court extended upto 31 oct.

  5. Gopal Jaju says:

    CBDT please declare finally , that you are not going to extend and face all cases in october.
    keeping mum now , extending date on 30.9.15 will only increase everybody’s blood pressure – See more at:

  6. Pradeep goel says:

    3 days closure of banks bakreed, 4th saturday & sunday who will be responsible?

  7. Pradeep goel says:

    sarkar ki galti ka khamiyaja assessee kyon bhugte?

  8. sunilkumar says:

    Really Thanks for not extension of due date

  9. mahesh ravalia says:

    from last three day bank was close while some bNk not deposit tax they Re some other bank then how an deposit tax and collect from tax receipt. secondly forth saturday and bakati eed was disturb All work of tax

  10. shvetha says:

    Gr8 decision so prompt to notify about non extension n fraud notification. .lets hope the same place will be replaced by real notification to extend the date!…but that may take 30 th eve also…this time they will not show there prompt attitude

  11. SANTOSH says:

    Really Thanks for not extension of due date

  12. Abrar Shaikh says:

    Last minute rush to file audit report will definitely increase the load on server to a great extent which may result in slow response of server or worst a server crash. Therefore it is always in the interest of public to grant few more days so as to prevent public from inconvenience and late filing penalty.

  13. amir ali says:

    what is 8% rule for audit….



  15. V V GURU MURTHY says:

    Why this sort of things happens at INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT ITSELF WHICH IS ABOVE BOARD. What action is going to be taken against Mr. Upmanyu Reddy by the Government/Income Tax Department. The lesson which all the people should learn is not to extend the due date in future. Regards, Guru Murthy V V

  16. A V BHADKAMKAR says:

    Your above circular is silent in the matter below.

    Is Govt. trying to find out who has done this mischief?

    What will be the punishment to the culprit under the Law ?

  17. Heramb says:

    Now even date is extended, there should file Reverse PIL. Such PIL should deny extention and should question CBDT “why penalty should not be levied for delays in declation of extention”

  18. Narendra Reddy says:

    Bega Judgement Kodiiiii
    Nidde Madakke time illa

  19. ANIL PANCHAL says:


    • vaidya kesavaiyer says:

      When Vasan eye care evaded payment of TDS recovered no action but if you and I do such crime they would shudder us to the maxim. Now that the common are mean traffic for them

  20. KMD says:

    Giving less days of TAR compliance as compare to earlier year is purely un-justified.

  21. sunil says:

    CBDT please declare finally , that you are not going to extend and face all cases in october.
    keeping mum now , extending date on 30.9.15 will only increase everybody’s blood pressure

  22. Mahesh Jadhav says:

    IF, any assessee is not pay his S. Tax(More than 50 Lakh) for the FY 14-15, and Audit will uploaded then what will be the effect??

  23. amol bhagwat says:

    extension for all date but not only for taxaudit

  24. sharvari says:

    why not for tax audit

  25. sharvari says:

    extension for all date but not only for taxaudit why

  26. Rama koti reddy says:

    Requesting you not to extend the due date… Thank you.

  27. swamy says:

    thank you for not extending the due date

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