pri Process of Filing ITR-1 under New Income Tax e-Filing Portal 2.0 Process of Filing ITR-1 under New Income Tax e-Filing Portal 2.0

For Filing the ITR you need to download a JSON-based offline utility. ITR-1 can be filed online also. The following steps are help to file ITR-1 at New e-Filing portal 2.0

STEP 1: After Login we should click on the Dashboard to find out the page where we can file our return

Step 1

STEP 2: Select the Assessment Year

Step 2

STEP 3: After selection of the Assessment Year we should select mode of filing

Step 3

STEP 4: After step 3 you will see the return option (Fresh Income Tax Return or Saved Draft of Income Tax Return) , you can choose Start New Filing

Step 4

STEP 5: Under this step you can select the status of the Assessee

Step 5

STEP 6: This step provide the option to choose the ITR Form i.e ITR 1 or ITR 4 ( If the Assessee get any difficulty to choose his ITR Form he can click on the proceed button which help the Assessee to decide his ITR Form.)

Step 6

STEP 7: Select ITR 1 and Click on Proceed with ITR 1

Step 7

STEP 8: After finished all the above 7 steps you will see this screen shoot in your screen , then click on Let’s Get Started

Step 8

STEP 9: Are you filing the income tax return for any of the following reasons? (you can select any one or more reasons , if it is not available there then you can select the Other Option)

Step 9

STEP 10: After step 8 on pop up Message will come in your screen (We have pre-filled your return based on information available with the Income Tax Department. Please confirm that the details in each section are correct to proceed.)

Step 10

STEP 11: (PERSONAL INFORMATION) Your personal Information will be Auto Populated. You can edit it if you want.

Step 11

Step 11.1

Step 11[2]

Step 11[3]


1. Minimum of one account should be selected for refund credit.

2. In the case of Refund, multiple accounts are selected for refund credit, then the refund will be credited to one of the accounts decided by CPC after processing the return.

3. Please ensure that at least one preferred bank account is pre-validated.

4. Please select Nature of the Employment any one of the following

√ Central Government

√ State Government

√ Public Sector Undertaking

√ Pensioners

√ Others

√ Not Applicable (eg. Family Pension etc.)

After fill up personal Information a Confirmed mark will come beside Personal Information

Step 11[4]

STEP 12: (GROSS TOTAL INCOME) Your personal Information will be Auto Populated. You can edit it if you want.

Step 12

Step 12[1]


You will also be required to enter the remaining / additional details including your exempt income if any.

STEP 13: (TOTAL DEDUCTIONS) This Tab includes tax-saving deductions or payments under section 80C or 80D etc. like life insurance, medical premium, pension funds, provident fund, etc.

Step 13

Step 13[1]

Step 13[3]

STEP 14: (TAX PAID) In the Tax Paid section, you need to verify taxes paid by you in the previous year. Tax details include TDS from Salary / Other than Salary as furnished by Payer, TCS, Advance Tax, and Self-Assessment Tax.

Step 14


In case you have Tax Liability, you can choose Pay Now or Pay Later Option.

√ It is recommended to use the Pay Now option. Carefully note the BSR Code and Challan Serial Number and enter them in the details of payment.

√ If you opt to Pay Later, you can make the payment after filing your Income Tax Return, but there is a risk of being considered as an assessee in default, and liability to pay interest on tax payable may arise.

Step 15

Step 15[1]

STEP 16: After verifying all the data you may proceed for Verification. It is mandatory to verify your return, and e-Verification (recommended option – e-Verify Now) is the easiest way to verify your ITR – it is quick, paperless, and safer than sending a signed physical ITR-V to CPC by post.

Step 16

Step 16[1]


Step 16[2]


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  1. Pankaj says:

    new portal is very much time consuming ..I give 2 star out of 5 ..old portal 4 star..can any body tell how to save dtaft in new portal at any stage

  2. Himanshu says:

    I am not able to submit the ITR-1 and complete the verification process even after successfully validating it and filling the Adhaar based OTP.

  3. S pandey says:

    New portal is time consuming. old portal was the best. Suffering people to file in new portal. If once profile registered how asking same thing in other page. Only problem with income tax. If OTP made genuiness for a purchase or vaccination then why income tax so tough for comon people. We using old portal since long. New portal is boring. We know how to file but portal should be revised make easier. Otherwise minimum upload possible than before. Who is the maker of this portal. Filer facing difficulty. It not a good decision to off old site open new site.

  4. Biju N says:

    How can we download the previous filed ITR 1 from the new website. Is it possible. Or can we use the old site for downloading that

  5. V.N.Joshi says:

    Whether “verify and submit your return ” option is
    enabled for ITR1 in new ITAX portal ?
    It does not go beyond ” confirm your return summary”
    [option 2 ] online .

  6. Swapan Kumar Bagchi says:

    D/S, While viewing Tax paid column, it shows no tax paid for the previous year (TDS from other than salary) though 26as shows the deduction of an amount which is correct. And here is no option of editing. Please reply….thanks…

    1. Anurag says:

      Go to Gross Total Income declaration, Edit Income from House Property, select type of occupancy(Self-occupied/rented) and then declare 2lac of interest amount paid.. this is considered under section 24

  7. Subhash Chandra Puri says:

    Between 30 to 50 % people in India are now using Apple devices such as iPad or iPhones. Which means they are using Safari as their browser. This new income tax eportal does not seem to be compatible on Apple devices. The old portal was also not compatible. TAX GURU SHOULD TAKE UP THIS MATTER STRONGLY WITH MOF. WHY SHOULD THAT HIGH PERCENTAGE OF INDIANS BE LEFT OUT. I am trying for last five days but I have been a failure in downloading the ITR forms.

  8. L n narayanan says:

    The site asks for Updation of profile including contact details. People on transferable jobs would have taken Pancard with the address where they have been. Now linking with Aadhar of pan is mandatory the address in pan card which is not shown also automatically updated instead of asking the holder to apply for updating the pancard

  9. Urvashi says:

    How are we going to select whether to pay tax under 115BAC or normal regime?

    The act states that for individual assesee they’ll have to choose it on the filling ITR for every AY.

  10. G.N.Gupta says:

    I am not able to find Form 10 E for claiming relief under section 89 (1) on the website. The old portal was more user friendly. Please get provided option to filling of form 10E and ITR also through old portal as tax resume is optional.


    Registration of some items is instructed in the portal which is measured in percentage. These point is not clear * e-vault” and then * static password.’.

  12. Tekeshwar Konjengbam says:

    The new web portal needs to be revamped as it is not satisfactory as an user friendly interface. It has lot of glitches to update the already filed income tax forms like Form 20E.

  13. Ajit Kumar Khan says:

    My Aadhar no not linked to mobile number, my bank BOI is not listed in the site and only option is to submit Via ITR V which cannot be downloaded as it always says try again. Also the system doesn’t give me the acknowledgement number with which I can everify through my net banking account. THIS SYSTEM HAS BEEN LAUNCHED BY SOME UNEDUCATED PERSONS APPOINTED BY MOF. I HAVE TWEETED VARIOUS DEFECTS IN THE SYSTEM TO TAX AUTHORITY AND FM MS SITHARAMAN BUT NO REPLY. BOGUS DEPARTMENT TO HARRASE THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY.

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