11. Extending the provision of section 35D relating to amortization of preliminary expenses to all undertakings

11.1 Section 35D provides for deduction of certain specified preliminary expenses. After the commencement of business, the deduction was being allowed to only an industrial undertaking or unit. In order to provide a level playing field to the services sector, the section has been amended to provide the benefit of amortization to all assessees after commencement of his business, in connection with the extension of his undertaking or in connection with his setting up a new unit.

11.2 Applicability: This amendment has been made applicable with effect from 1st April, 2009 and shall accordingly apply for assessment year 2009-10 and subsequent assessment years.


Extract from Explanatory Notes to The Provisions of the Finance Act, 2008 vide circular no. 1/ 2009, dated 27th Mar, 2009.

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