Office Order No. 151 of 2018- Dated: 14.09.2018- Transfer of Principal Commissioners of Income Tax  and transfers/postings (Local Change) in the grade of Pr. Commissioners of Income-tax

F.No. A-22011/3/2018-Ad-VI

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
(Central Board of Direct Taxes)
North Block, New Delhi -110 001

Office Order No. 151 of 2018

Dated: 14.09.2018

The following Principal Commissioners of Income Tax are hereby transferred and posted as per the table below, with immediate effect and until further orders:

S. No. Civil Code Name From To Remarks
Post Station Post Station
I 87037 Bipin Bihari Singh PCIT (C) Patna PCIT Faridabad
2 87043 Pravin Kumar PDIT (INV) Kolkata PDIT (lnv.) Hyderabad
3 87063 R N Sahay PCIT Jammu PCIT Ranchi
4 88025 Kavita Bhatnagar PCIT Panchkula PCIT-9 Delhi
5 88030 Irina Garg PCIT (OSD) Jaipur PCIT (C )-3 Mumbai
6 88034 Anand Kumar PCIT-2 Surat PDIT (Inv.)-1 Mumbai
7 88046 Shyama S Bansia PCIT-3 Nagpur PCIT-3 Jaipur
8 88051 Rameshwar Singh PDIT (INV.) Surat POT Panchkula
9 88052 Goli Srinivas Rao PCIT Durgapur PCIT-6 Bangalore
10 88075 Seema Raj PCIT-2 Agra PCIT Ghaziabad
11 88085 Govind Lal PCIT-3 Rajkot PCIT-12 Delhi
12 88086 Dr. Simmi Gupta POT Gwalior PCIT-1 Jalandhar
13 89008 M Jagdish Babu POT Davangere POT-5 Mumbai
14 89015 Preeti Garg PCIT(C) Vishakha- Patnam PCIT-4 Hyderabad
15 85037 Lakshmi Hande Puri PCIT-2 Coimbatore PCIT-1 Bangalore
16 86023 Satyakam Mishra PCIT-1


Pune PCIT-1 Delhi
17 86021 Pramod Kumar PCIT-1 Thane PCIT-2 Surat
18 86033 Atul Pranay PCIT-2 Hyderabad PC11.-2 Hyderabad
19 88010 Tripti Biswas PCIT-2 Kochi PCIT-2 Chennai
20 88007 Alka Bhargava Singh PCIT-20 Delhi PCIT Meerut
21 88056 Mridula Bajpai PCIT-2 Bhopal PCIT-2 Bhopal
22 89005 Jayant Misra par-18 Delhi PCIT-2 Agra
23 86042 Sangeeta Singh PCIT-3 Mumbai PCIT-3 Mumbai
24 88002 Smita Srivastava On return from foreign study leave PCIT (C) Kanpur
25 87075 Mukesh Mittal PCIT (OSD) Delhi PCIT Patiala
26 87005 B.V.Gopinath On Promotion PCIT-3 Rajkot
27 89010 Raj Tandon PCIT-2 Baroda PDIT (Inv.) Ahmedabad
28 85055 S K Ojha PCIT-3 Hyderabad PCIT Rajah Mundry
29 86001 Anuradha Mookerjee PCIT Faridabad PCIT-2 Jalandhar

2. The following transfers/postings (Local Change) in the grade of Pr. Commissioners of Income-tax are also ordered, with immediate effect and until further orders:

Sr.No. Civil Code Name From To
Post Station Post Station
1 86032 K. Sridhar PCIT-4 Hyderabad PCIT-1 Hyderabad


88019 Sanjai Kumar Verma PCIT-5 Hyderabad PCIT-3 Hyderabad
3 87032 Omkareshwar Chidra PCIT-2 Vishakha- patnam PCIT (C) Vishakha- patnam
4 88032 Rajeev Agarwal PCIT-4 Delhi PDIT (Inv.)-1 Delhi
5 86047 Suresh Sing Panwar PCIT-8 Delhi PCIT-4 Delhi
6 88043 Neena Singh Pandey PCIT-15 Delhi PCIT-8 Delhi
 7 87038 Rajkumar Lachhiramaka PCIT-2 Ahmedabad PCIT-7 Ahmedabad
8 88037 Pradip Mehrotra PCIT-3 Ahmedabad PCIT-2 Ahmedabad
9 87053 Yalavarti Rajendra PCIT-7 Bengaluru PCIT (C) Bengaluru
10 86010 Patanjali PCIT-1 Bhopal PDIT (Inv.) Bhopal
11 86022 Rakesh Kumar Paliwal PDIT (Inv.) Bhopal PCIT-1 Bhopal
12 88001 Sachchidanand Srivastava PCIT-5 Mumbai PCIT-12 Mumbai
13 89017 Ratna Das Gupta PCIT-24 Mumbai PCIT-17 Mumbai
14 Rakes Bhaskar PCIT-33 Mumbai PCIT-19 Mumbai
15 88039 Anil Kumar PCIT-35 Mumbai PCIT-4 Mumbai
16 88066 Avdhesh Kumar Mishra PCIT-3 Ludhiana PDIT (Inv.) Ludhiana
17 87020 Praneet Singh Sachdev PDIT (Inv.) Ludhiana PCIT-3 Ludhiana
18 87068 Bhanumathi Melattur Viswanathan PCIT-4 Pune PCIT-1 Pune
19 87095 Gajanand Meena PCIT (C) Jaipur PDIT (Inv.) Jaipur
20 87028 Harsh Prakash PCIT-6 Chennai PCIT-1 Chennai
21 87018 Ashish Verma PCIT (C)-1 Kolkata PDIT (Inv.) Kolkata

3. The following officers shall also hold the additional charge of the post(s). mentioned against their names, in addition to their substantive charge/additional charge(s), being held by them, with immediate effect and until further orders:

S.No. Civil, Lode Name Addl. Charge/s to be held
1 87060 Sanjiv Dutt PCIT(C ), PATNA
2 89010 Raj Tandon PDIT (Inv.). SURAT
3 88030 Irina Garg PCIT(C )-2, MUMBAI
4 89031 D .K. Chhablani PCIT(C )-4, MUMBAI
5 87095 Gajanand Meena PCIT(C ), JAIPUR
6 87014 K.C.P. Patnaik PCIT(C )-1, KOLKATA

The officers assigned to hold additional charge shall not be eligible for any claim to additional remuneration under the provision of FR-49.

4. The compliance reports regarding relieving/ joining of the above officers shall be forwarded by the Pr. CCIT (CCA) concerned to the Board and Data Base Cell. CBDT by 09.2018. All the relieving and joining should mandatorily be done by the officer concerned and approved by the concerned Pr. CCIT(CCA) on-line on

5. Hindi version of this order will follow.

(Yogesh Sharma)

Under Secretary to the Government of India

Tel. No.. 23095474

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