Notification: S.O.1651

Section(s) Referred: 35 ,35(2A)


Date of Issue: 20/3/1980

It is hereby notified for general information that the following scientific research programme have been approved for the period specified below for the purpose of sub-section (2A) of section 35 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, by the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi :

1. Name of the scientific research “Assessment of risk factors in Programme : Ischaemic heart disease in India”

2. Sponsored at : All India Heart Foundation, New Delhi.

3. Sponsored by : All India Heart Foundation, New Delhi.

(i) List of donors. Please see to Appendix VI (copy enclosed)

4. Duration of project : 10 years.

(i) Proposed date of 28 February, 1980. commencement :

(ii) Anticipated date of 27th February, 1990. completion :

(Rupees in lakhs) 5. Estimated expenditure : (i) Equipment 40 (ii) Staff 20 (iii) Other items 20 (iv) Building 20 —— Total 100 —— (Rs. One crore only).

2. The approval for the above project will be subject to the following conditions :—

(i) That the Foundation will maintain a separate account of the amounts received and expenditure incurred for this research project as distinct from the other expenditure of the All India Heart Foundation, New Delhi.

(ii) That the Foundation will furnish annual returns of the scientific research project to the Council for each financial year by 31st day each year at the latest in such form as may be laid down and intimated to them for this purpose.

(iii) That the Foundation will furnish a copy of the annual audited statement of account to the Council for each year by 31st May each year and in addition send a copy of it to the concerned Income-tax Commissioner.

3. The All India Heart Foundation, New Delhi, has been approved under section 35(1)(ii) of the Income-tax Act, vide Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Notification No. 1873 (F. No. 203/87/77-ITA-II), dated the 16th July, 1977.


Donors expected from the following

(Rs. in lakhs)

1. Excorts Ltd., Delhi 10 2. Motor and General Finance Ltd., New Delhi 10 3. Lakhotia and Sons., Calcutta 20 4. Goodwill India Ltd., New Delhi 10 5. Larsen & Turbro Ltd., Bombay 20 6. Philips India Ltd., Bombay 10 7. E. Merch India Ltd., New Delhi 5 8. M/s. Birla Cotton Spg. & Wvg. Mill 5 9. M/s. Bhai Sunder Dass Sardar Singh (P.) Ltd. 2 10. Rotary Club of India 1 11. Hoechst (India) Ltd. 1 12. Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee 1 13. Blue Star Ltd. 5 ——– 100 ———

[No. 3219/F. No. 203/101/80-ITA-II

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