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The Income Tax Department has enabled the Income-tax Returns Form ITR 1 and ITR 4 at the income tax e-filing portal in Online mode with prefilled data.

The availability of prefilled data in Income-tax Returns Form ITR 1 and ITR 4 at the income tax e-filing portal for AY 2023-24 is a significant development by the Income Tax Department. This move aims to simplify the process of filing income tax returns for taxpayers and reduce the burden of manual data entry.

By providing prefilled data, the Income Tax Department leverages the information it already possesses, such as TDS details, salary income, and other relevant financial information. This data is automatically populated into the respective ITR forms, saving taxpayers time and effort in filling out these sections themselves.

The introduction of prefilled data serves multiple purposes. First, it reduces the chances of errors or discrepancies in the information provided by taxpayers. Since the data is directly fetched from official sources, it enhances accuracy and streamlines the filing process.

Second, the availability of prefilled data simplifies the process for individuals who may have limited knowledge or understanding of certain tax aspects. It ensures that important details are not overlooked and that taxpayers have a comprehensive view of their financial information while filing their returns.

Furthermore, this feature aligns with the government’s push towards digitization and automation in tax-related processes. By leveraging technology and data integration, the Income Tax Department is striving to make compliance easier and more user-friendly for taxpayers.

However, it is important for taxpayers to review the prefilled data carefully and make any necessary corrections or additions before submitting their returns. While the prefilled data serves as a helpful starting point, taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in their tax returns.

Conclusion: Availability of prefilled data in Income-tax Returns Form ITR 1 and ITR 4 at the income tax e-filing portal is a positive step towards simplifying the income tax filing process. It saves time, enhances accuracy, and promotes the government’s vision of a digital and efficient tax system. Taxpayers should utilize this feature while ensuring they review and verify the data before finalizing their returns.


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