1. Medical treatment of specified ailments under section 80DDB

Deductions of expenses on medical treatment of specified ailments (such as AIDS, cancer and neurological diseases) can be claimed under Section 80DDB. The maximum amount of deduction allowed from gross total income on condition that no medical reimbursement is received from any insurance company or employer for this amount. In case of reimbursement the amount paid should  be reduced by the amount received if any under insurance from an insurerer or reimbursed by an employer.

Deducation Under Section 80DDB with FAQs

2. Amount of deduction under section 80DDB

Amount of deduction will be lower of the following:

a. mount actually paid on medical treatment specified above; or

b. or Amount as per Table below

From A.Y. 2019-20 From A.Y. 2016-17-2017-18 Upto A.Y. 2015-16
HUF or Individual below the sixty Years of Age 40,000 40,000 40,000
Any resident individual of age of 60 years or above but less then 80 years 1,00,000 60,000 60,000
resident individual of the age of 80 years or above 1,00,000 80,000

3. Points to be kept in mind while claiming deduction under section 80DDB


Following important points should be kept in mind while claiming deduction under section 80DDB:

  • Deduction under section 80DDB can be claimed by an individual or a HUF, who is resident in India.
  • Deduction is available in respect of amount actually paid by the taxpayer on medical treatment of specified disease or ailment (prescribed by the Board, see rule 11DD for prescribed disease or ailment).
  • For the purpose of this section in the case of an employee “dependant” means individual, the spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters of the employee or any of them, dependant wholly or mainly on the employee for his support and maintenance.
  • In case of an individual, the aforesaid expenditure should be incurred on medical treatment of an individual or wholly/mainly dependent spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters of the individual; and
  • In case of a HUF, expenditure should be incurred on the medical treatment of any member of the family, who is wholly/mainly dependent on such HUF.
  • The tax payer has to obtain the prescription for the medical treatment from a neurologist, an oncologist, a urologist, a haematologist, an immunologist or such other specialist, as may be prescribed.
  • In order to claim this deduction, however, you will have to submit Form 10-1 from a specialist doctor confirming the treatment of the disease. Up to A.Y. 2015-16 the Certificate was required only from a specialist Doctor working in a Government hospital but from A.Y. 2016-17 it is amended to provide any specialist doctor.
  • From the amount of deduction computed in aforesaid manner, amount, if any, received by the taxpayer from any insurer or from his employer, by way of reimbursement for such expenditure shall be deducted.

Recommended Post- Budget 2015- Section 80DDB- Limit raised & relaxed condition of certificate

4. Specified diseases and ailments for the purpose of deduction under section 80DDB 

For the purposes of section 80DDB, the following shall be the eligible diseases or ailments :

(i) Neurological Diseases where the disability level has been certified to be of 40% and above,—

(a)  Dementia ;

(b)  Dystonia Musculorum Deformans ;

(c)  Motor Neuron Disease ;

(d)  Ataxia ;

(e)  Chorea ;

(f)  Hemiballismus ;

(g)  Aphasia ;

(h)  Parkinsons Disease ;

(ii)  Malignant Cancers ;

(iii)  Full Blown Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) ;

(iv)  Chronic Renal failure ;

(v)  Hematological disorders :

(i) Hemophilia ;

(ii) Thalassaemia.

5. Frequently Asked Questions on deduction under section 80DDB 

Question – I am undergoing treatment for Cancer currently. Although these expenses are covered under my insurance policy, there is some parallel treatment recommended as preventive measures to control the spread of this disease. Since the parallel treatment (ovarian ablation and IVF treatment) is not covered in my insurance policy, I would have to shell out approximately 2 lakhs for this treatment. Can I avail of exemption in this case and to what extent?

Answer – Section 80DDB provides deduction for expense on cancer patients.Section 80DDB starts with following lines

Deduction in respect of medical treatment, etc.

80 DDB. Where an assessee who is resident in India has, during the previous year, actually paid any amount for the medical treatment of such disease or ailment as may be specified in the rules made in this behalf by the Board

(a) for himself or a dependent, in case the assessee is an individual; or

(b) for any member of a Hindu undivided family, in case the assessee is a Hindu undivided family, the assessee shall be allowed a deduction of the amount actually paid or a sum of forty thousand rupees, whichever is less, in respect of that previous year in which such amount was actually paid :

So any amount of expenditure is covered u/s 80DDB. However the deduction is limited to maximum Rs 40,000 (which is Rs 60,000 in case patient is 60 years or above and Rs. 80,000/- for those above 80 Years from A.Y. 2016-17. This amount has been extended to Rs 1,00,000 for both senior citizen and super citizen from A.y 2019-20)

However the proviso to section 80DDB provides that if there is any insurance claim , then deduction shall be allowed by reducing the insurance amount received from expenditure incurred .

Read the proviso below

Provided further that the deduction under this section shall be reduced by the amount received, if any, under an insurance from an insurer, or reimbursed by an employer, for the medical treatment of the person referred to in clause (a) or clause (b) :

In nutshell computation of deduction is as under

Total expenditure xxxxx

Less Insurance claim xxxxx

Net Expenditure xxxxx

Net Expenditure allowed as deduction to the maximum of Rs 40,000 (Rs 60,000 in case of Sr. Citizen, Rs. 80,000/- in case of super senior citizen. This amount has been extended to Rs 1,00,000 for both senior citizen and super citizen from A.y 2019-20).Therefore , in your case , you can claim deduction despite getting the insurance claim upto Rs 40,000 (Rs 60,000 if you are of 60 years or more but less than 80 Years and Rs. 80,000/- in case of very senior citizen from A.Y. 2016-17 . This amount has been extended to Rs 1,00,000 for both senior citizen and super citizen from A.y 2019-20)

Question  –  During the financial year 2017-18, Mr. Raja spent Rs. 1,00,000 on medical treatment of specified diseases of his brother (age 48 years) who is wholly dependent on him. He received Rs. 25,000 by way of reimbursement of such expenditure from a medical insurance policy. Can he claim any deduction in respect of expenditure incurred by him on medical treatment of specified diseases?

Answer–   In this case, all the conditions of section 80DDB are satisfied and hence, Mr. Raja can claim deduction under section 80DDB. Deduction under section 80DDB will come to Rs. 15,000 (i.e., Rs. 40,000 maximum limit of deduction – Rs. 25,000 reimbursement from a medical insurance policy). If his brother is a senior citizen (i.e. resident and of the age of 60 years of above but less than 80 years), then the amount of deduction will be Rs. 35,000 (i.e., Rs. 60,000 maximum limit of deduction – Rs. 25,000 reimbursement).

Suppose in above case, the amount received from insurance policy is Rs. 65,000 instead of Rs. 25,000, then the amount of deduction will be NIL (in both the situations), since the amount of reimbursement exceeds the maximum amount of deduction i.e., Rs. 40,000 or Rs. 60,000, as the case may be. However one should note that the amount of deduction has been extended to Rs 1,00,000 for both senior citizen and super citizen from A.y 2019-20)


6. Extract of Rule 11D related to deduction under section 80DDB

[Specified diseases and ailments for the purpose of deduction under section 80DDB.

11DD. (1) For the purposes of section 80DDB, the following shall be the eligible diseases or ailments :

 (i)  Neurological Diseases where the disability level has been certified to be of 40% and above,—

(a)  Dementia ;

(b)  Dystonia Musculorum Deformans ;

(c)  Motor Neuron Disease ;

(d)  Ataxia ;

(e)  Chorea ;

(f)  Hemiballismus ;

(g)  Aphasia ;

(h)  Parkinsons Disease ;

(ii)  Malignant Cancers ;

(iii)  Full Blown Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) ;

(iv)  Chronic Renal failure ;

(v)  Hematological disorders :

(i) Hemophilia ;

(ii) Thalassaemia.

(2) The certificate in respect of the diseases or ailments specified in sub-rule (1) shall be issued by the following specialists working in a Government hospital—

(a)  for diseases or ailments mentioned in clause (i) of sub-rule (1) – a Neurologist having a Doctorate of Medicine (D.M.) degree in Neurology or any equivalent degree, which is recognised by the Medical Council of India;

(b)  for diseases or ailments mentioned in clause (ii) of sub-rule (1) – an Oncologist having a Doctorate of Medicine (D.M.) degree in Oncology or any equivalent degree which is recognised by the Medical Council of India;

(c)  for diseases or ailments mentioned in clause (iv) of sub-rule (1) – a Nephrologist having a Doctorate of Medicine (D.M.) degree in Nephrology or a Urologist having a Master of Chirurgiae (M.Ch.) degree in Urology or any equivalent degree, which is recognised by the Medical Council of India;

(d)  for diseases or ailments mentioned in clause (v) of sub-rule (1) – a specialist having a Doctorate of Medicine (D.M.) degree in Hematology or any equivalent degree, which is recognised by the Medical Council of India :

Provided that where in respect of any diseases or ailments specified in sub-rule (1), no specialist has been specified or where the specialist specified is not posted in the Government hospital in which the patient is receiving the treatment, such certificate, with prior approval of the Head of that hospital, may be issued by any other specialist working full-time in that hospital and having a post-graduate degree in General or Internal Medicine, which is recognised by the Medical Council of India.

(3) The certificate from the prescribed authority to be furnished along with the return of income shall be in Form No. 10-I.]


Brief on Some of the eligible diseases or ailments

(a)  Dementia ; Dementia is a broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember such that a person’s daily functioning is affected. Other common symptoms include emotional problems, problems with language, and a decrease in motivation. A person’s consciousness is not affected. For the diagnosis to be present it must be a change from a person’s usual mental functioning and a greater decline than one would expect due to aging. These diseases also have a significant effect on a person’s caregivers.

(b)  Dystonia Musculorum Deformans ; Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder, in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. The movements may resemble a tremor. Dystonia is often initiated or worsened by voluntary movements, and symptoms may “overflow” into adjacent muscles.

(c)  Motor Neuron Disease ; A motor neuron disease (MND) is any of five neurological disorders that selectively affect motor neurons, the cells that control voluntary muscle activity including speaking, walking, swallowing, and general movement of the body. They are neurodegenerative in nature, and cause increasing disability and, eventually, death. In the most common classification, the term “motor neuron disease” applies to the following five disorders which affect either upper motor neurons (UMN) or lower motor neurons (LMN), or both:

Type UMN degeneration LMN degeneration
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) yes yes
Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) yes no
Progressive muscular atrophy (PMA) no yes
Progressive bulbar palsy (PBP) no yes – bulbar region
Pseudobulbar palsy yes – bulbar region no

(d)  Ataxia ; Ataxia is a neurological sign consisting of lack of voluntary coordination of muscle `movements. Ataxia is a non-specific clinical manifestation implying dysfunction of the parts of the nervous system that coordinate movement, such as the cerebellum. Several possible causes exist for these patterns of neurological dysfunction. Dystaxia is a mild degree of ataxia.

(e)  Chorea ; Chorea (or choreia, occasionally) is an abnormal involuntary movement disorder, one of a group of neurological disorders called dyskinesias.  The term hemichorea refers to chorea of one side of the body, such as chorea of one arm but not both (analogous to hemiballismus).

(f)  Hemiballismus ; Hemiballismus, formerly called ballism, is a very rare movement disorder, caused in most cases by a decrease in activity of the subthalamic nucleus of the basal ganglia, resulting in the appearance of flailing, ballistic, undesired movements of the limbs. It can also appear rarely due to certain metabolic abnormalities. It is a rare movement disorder, being 500 times more rare than Parkinson’s disease. Hemiballismus can cause significant disability. Symptoms can decrease during sleep.

(g)  Aphasia ; Aphasia  is an acquired language disorder caused by damage to the brain. This class of language disorder ranges from having difficulty remembering words to losing the ability to speak, read, or write, but does not affect intelligence. This also affects visual language such as sign language. Aphasia is usually caused by brain damage, most commonly caused by stroke. Brain damage linked to aphasia can also be caused by other brain diseases, including cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease.

(h)  Parkinsons Disease ;Parkinson’s disease (PD, also known as idiopathic or primary parkinsonism, hypokinetic rigid syndrome/HRS, or paralysis agitans) is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. The motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease result from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain; the cause of this cell death is unknown. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are movement-related; these include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking and gait. Later, thinking and behavioral problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease, whereas depression is the most common psychiatric symptom. Other symptoms include sensory, sleep and emotional problems. Parkinson’s disease is more common in older people, with most cases occurring after the age of 50.

Download From 10-1 to Claim Deduction under section 80DDB

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    In this case, can I eligible for tax deduction or not ?

    In section 80DDB, Form 10IA and 10I, they are asking name of neurologist pediatric. But, treatment is taken under pediatric only. Is there any form for income tax deduction in which pediatric can be considerable ?

    Please do needful.

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    ClarificATION REQUIRED Treatment for cancer was given for my wife during Jan/ March 2018 . The total exp is borne by the company. However I had e to pay 5% initially which will be reimbursed subsequently ie in 2018- 19 Fin Year.. Thus the total amount of 5% paid by me is 40000/- Can I claim this in 2018-19 Assessment year and take it as my income in Financial year 2018 – 19.?

    (2) I had spent about 40000/- for biopsy to diagnose the decease. This is not borne by the company.

    Clarification urgently required to my mail ” [email protected]

  25. venkat says:

    My father suffered from liver cirrhosis(Hepatological problem) and we have treated him this year. which costs me around 39000 Rupees can I claim under section 80 DDB. or 80 DDB is only for below diseases
    (v) Hematological disorders :
    (i) Hemophilia ;
    (ii) Thalassaemia.

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    Hi, is Homeopathic treatment for Pseudo Muscular dystrophy(Duchesne muscular dystrophy) eligible for deduction under section 80DDB.I have certified disability of 49% issued from Government hospital. But undergoing homeopathic Treatment for same from Private Homeopath Doctor. Pls check if I can avail deduction for treatment. I am availing 75000 rebate under section 80U for >40% disability.

  27. Dr G V Niranjan says:

    Sir, Seasons Greetings
    i have spent an amount of rs. 2,24,800/- for my Mother, who is 89 years old, towards respiratory failure caused due to Diabetes & hypertension. Do I get any relief under any section/ clause under IT

  28. Kaluram deorA says:

    Sir my mother has been suffering from paralysis for five years.i want income tax rebate under section 80ddb.which documents am I to produce?As I have only slip of doctor mentioned all necessary things.i have no medical bills for I came to know just now.

  29. Gopal says:

    Sir, my son (7months master)was affected with SEPTIC SHOCK/Multiple Organ Infection being hospitalized for 1 month.Also received discharge summary from Pediatric Pulmonologist.Have spent 4 Lakhs for treatment and got medical reimbursement for 1.5 lakhs. Am I eligible for 80DD tax exemption?

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    Under which section diabetis disease is covered? pls guide us.
    becasue for the past 30 years, having diabetis and taking treatment in private hospital.
    average medical expenses : Rs. 7000 to Rs. 7500/-

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    Please tell me.

  33. R.Srinivasan says:

    Can I claim Tax deduction for amount spent for medical treatment of my father, for Bypass surgery in the heart, to remove blocks, under hospitalisation, over and above the amount settled under mediclaim policy, under section 80 DDB? Pl. guide as I wish to file my return for AY 2017-18.

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    Sir , i had sold my asset on 3oth,oct;2016 and got capital gain of Rs10.00 lakhs after indexing.
    now i want to acquire a property worth of Rs 45.00 lakhs as joint along with my son and Rs 20.00 lakhs i like to keep and my son will go for a loan for the rest.
    will it take care of my capital gain.
    i am aged 60 years and retired from a pvt company recently.
    please and advise me asap.

  35. vinay kumar jain says:

    my age 38 year, I am a patient of heart, two years ago I had a heart attack, the entire expense was given by the insurance company, but now I have to take medicines of 2000 rupees every month, so what does it Covered in 80 DDB ? 12*2000= 24000

  36. geethha says:

    sir my husband jobless suffered from gastroenterological problem -he has done with banding procedure to stop bleeding and suffered with ascites i spend more than 50,000 can i claim the possibles amount in 80ddb

  37. Sankar .A says:

    My mother is very senior citizen (83 yrs old) and a Civil Surgeon from a Govt. Hospital has certified for the treatment u/s 80DDB in prescribed format. He has mentioned that Rs.60K has been incurred during prev.yr 2016-17 (AY 2017-18). I had actually incurred Rs.76K (supporting biils are available) and as per I-T law upto Rs.80K is allowed. The query is whether I could claim Rs.76K or Rs.60K?

    Please clarify.


  38. Kala says:

    My mother inlaw is my dependent.she issufferi g from dimntia. aphaxia.Kiñdly advice ,the deduction is possible or not under sec 80ddb

  39. ERANNA says:

    Sir,good morning ,I spent 55000/- for the treatment of COPD of my father during the period nov-2016 , can I deduct this under section 80ddb for the financial year 2016-17

  40. lalit says:

    My wife undergone cancer surgery and discharged from hospital on 31st march 2016. I didn’t claim in FY 2015-2016. can I claim in FY 2016-2017 under 80DDB.

  41. govind Sharma says:

    I am under treatment of Hepatitis B and I spent Rs. 4000 for the treatment Can i deduct this amount under section 80ddb for the financial year 2016-17 –

  42. Vikas Gupta says:

    Can an employer allow to its employee for deduction u/s 80DDB while calculating his TDS liability.

    Also, pls share any deduction(s) which cannot be allowed by employer to its employee and employee may take the benefit of deduction by himself.

  43. M.KARUNANIDHI says:

    my wife undergone Hysterectomy, during July 2016 and I expended an amount of Rs. 55000- can I avail deduction u/s 80DDB during finance year 2016-17. pl. reply to my email id.


  44. A. Ramesh Kumar says:

    In July, 2016, my son (7 months old) underwent a surgery called Hydrocel and hernia. i spent Rs. 30000/-. Got Rs. 11500/- as medical reimbursement under NHIS. Can I get deductions for Income tax? If so, how much and which section? Please clarify.

  45. injor says:

    My father went through compounded Rt neck tibia & Febulla on right lag surgery and i have spent rs 92000.00 for treatment.. Is it eligible for rebate under section 80 DDB?

  46. Sudheer Reddy says:

    My grand father (maternal) has undergone Immunoglobulin treatment for GB Syndrome very recently. Would I be able to claim this under 80DDB? I have made a payment of 3 lacs+ towards the treatment. If yes, could you let me know what all are required to be produced?

  47. Tanaya says:

    Can I avail tax exemption for treatment of my father-in-law, who is a pensioner? Treatment expenses are beyond 3 Lakhs and his pension is apprx. 20,000/- per month.
    Thanks in advance.

  48. Joyjeet Basu says:

    I am suffering from Psoriatic arthritis for the past 5 years. Recently I am undertaking treatment under speacialist psoriasis homoepathy doctor. I have been asked to continue taking medicine for atleast 3 years to recover from my severe Erythrodermic Psoriasis which has covered 80% of my body. Will I get additional tax benefit upto Rs.40000/- u/s 80DDB. As these medical expenses are a recurring expenses for me as I need to take medicine in the long run. – Mail Id – [email protected]

  49. Satyendra manohar says:

    I get my cancer treatment ai TMH, Mumba during FY 2015-16. I have incurred an expenditure of Rs. 52,000/-
    and not get any reimbursement during the FY 2015-16. I have claimed Rs
    40,000/-. u/s 80DDB. If I get my reimbursement during FY 2016-17 what is tax treatment ?. Can DDO deduct Rs.40,000 from my total bill.
    My email ID [email protected]

  50. ramsaran says:

    I have spend on MRI,THYROID & HORMONES TEST about 10000.00. this amount can I claim the amount for Tax Deduction under Section 80 D. and rebate under section 80DDB I spend 3 lacs on my treatment this year in private hospital of pituitary macroadenoma (tomur). so it covered under 80DDB. If yes do i need to get this certified from Govt cancer hospital only.

  51. hjs says:

    My son has Brain Cancer GMB IV. I spent Rs. 1,20,000/- in FY 2015-16. Govt. Medical Officer has issued 40% disability certificate.
    – Can I get deduction under 80 DDB Rs. 40,000/- & under 80 DD Rs. 75,000/- ? Both is applicable or only one is eligible. Thanks

  52. sachin says:

    I want to check below scenario..
    I want to take this deduction in FY2016-2017 (AY2017-2018), where the case is that person has passed away in FY2015-2016 (AY2016-2017), can i take this,
    whats the clause in regards to the death in a FY

  53. Pall says:

    Hi, my brother is a schizophrenic and no medical insurance company is willing to cover this treatment. Can I avail deduction under sec 80DDB for this ?

  54. Joyjeet Basu says:

    Sir, I am suffering from psoriatic arthritis for the past 8 years. The medicine which I am taking is homoepathy at present which will be a reccurring expenses in the long run. Yearly the expenses will come around 60 – 70 k approx which includes doctor fees,medicine,ointment,skin oil etc. Can I claim exclusively for this type of diseases u/s 80DDB. Can my spouse or my brother can claim for my expenses

  55. dinesh says:

    Chronic kidney disease (CKD), also known as chronic renal disease, is progressive loss in kidney function over a period of months or years. The symptoms of worsening kidney function are not specific, and might include feeling generally unwell and experiencing a reduced appetite. so it’s 80DDB

  56. Shiv says:

    Sir my mother is paralysed for 15 years now and she is above 55 year, now at this age she is completely bed ridden and she is diabetic, blood pressure problem and now she has lost her voice also, I want to know if we can claim for deduction under section 80DDB.

  57. ACER says:

    sir i recently got minor heart attacks due to minor blockage in heart arteries that can be ailed by medicine after the angiography test confirmed minor blockage. Am i eligible for income tax deduction section 80DDB

  58. Sharath Dot C says:

    One of my dependents is a patient of Multiple Sclerosis , the medication is cost is as high as 50,000 per month . Patient is not impacted towards disability as we are thoroughly following the medication . Is the disability of 40% a mandatory cause in-spite of MS being a chronic disease . Information on this will be of great help.


    any one can clarify for me? sir, my wife had gone for treatment for IDIOPATHIC PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY and incurred around 50 k , can i avail 80 ddb?

  60. Keshav says:

    I have been treated with High Myopia in both the eyes , as per doctors recommendation i got lasik treatment for my eyes , does this come under the list of diseases can you please confirm


  61. Kishor says:

    Sir..i want to know tht my mother was eundergoing treatment of diseases which is under 80DDB. Can i avail deduction for same as my father is also a state govt servant. Considering my father has not claimed for same.

  62. B. Baruah says:

    Respected Sir,
    Subject:- Deduction from Gross total income under Section 80DDB – Clarification thereof.
    I am a Govt. employee working under Election Department. However one of our staff has claimed deduction of Rs. 60,000/- for Coronary Antery diseases & LRTI end CRF with any prescription.
    Therefore, i want to know whether an amount of Rs. 60,000/- shall be deducted from his Income Tax calculation.
    A line of confirmation is highly solicited.
    Yours faithfully,

  63. Chetan says:

    I have 2 questions regarding 80DDB:

    1. My father is depended on me, he had a heart attack which cost me nearly 1 lac. For this can I get tax benefit of 60000/-.
    And if yes, then how?

    2. My mother is also depended on me, she had a fracture which cost me nearly 25000/-. For this can I get tax benefit.
    And if yes, then how?

    Pls suggest, thanks.

  64. Viresh Nandimath says:

    i, Recently my father went through coronary angioplasty surgery,can I avail tax deduction of the amount under section 80DDB – Deduction in respect of medical treatment. What are the documents I need to support in case if I am allowed to avail the tax document. please help. [email protected]


    Hi Sir,
    My father is insured and I got claimed for his spinal surgery in financial year 2015-16. Though he has Motor Neurone Disease and going on treatement and I did not claim any amount for that purpose. He is 65 years old, hence do I eligible or avail tax benefit under 80DDB.

  66. Prakash 9842101030 says:

    How Hemophilia patient can claim under 80 DDB.
    URGENT answer anticipated.
    What documents to get from doctor and what to be provided to the company for deductions.
    How much deductions can be done

  67. Sekar says:


    I have spent around 2 lakhs for my mother’s medical expenses, who is a dementia patient for more than 6 years. She has died recently. Can I claim 80DDB which was eligible when she was alive?

  68. Subramanian says:

    My Son born with some legs bending. Doctors suggest that do surgery to correct it. I spended Rs.60,000/- for that surgery. Is there any possibility that to claim that amount with u/s 80DDB.

  69. Deepthi says:

    Hi Sir,

    My father had prostrate cancer and under went urestomy. As his urinary bladder was removed he need to carry bag attached to his intenstine which need to be changed every week. Can the expenses incurred in process be claimed under 80DDB.

  70. Sudheer P says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Son 5 months old under gone the Open Heart surgery (TAPVC to CS) in star hospital, Hyderabad. I have applied for insurance and got exception amount Rs 378000/- but the total cost for the surgery is Rs 500000/-. In this case the disease come under exception to the Income tax or not and in which section it will come.

    Could you please reply it as soon as possible.

  71. Deepak Goyal says:


    I am working in State Bank of Patiala. My father undergone treatment of stomach cancer and we got total expenses of Rs. 850000. I have got Rs. 400000 as reimbursement from the Bank. Now I have two queries from you:

    1. Whether normal available Rs. 15000 medical reimbursement exemption is excluding Rs. 60000 under 80ddb or not.
    2. Age of senior citizen is 65 or 60 for AY2016-17?
    3. How much I can claim under 80ddb? I am confused after reading first two examples provided.

    Deepak Goyal

  72. soheb says:

    Recently my father went through bypass surgery, insurance company reimburse me the partial amount for the treatment (50 %), can I available tax deduction on the rest of the amount under section 80DDB – Deduction in respect of medical treatment.

    What are the documents I need to support in case if I am allowed to avail the tax document.

    please help


  73. S B MANAGULI says:

    Pl inform whether Expenses incurred for treatment of BP & Prostate enlargement can be deducted under Sec 80 DDB ? Regards
    S B Managuli Bangalore

  74. lakshmisha B S says:

    I am expecting 6 lakh for f y 2015-16 and Rs. 1000000 already received medical allowance for my wife cancer treatment, how tax oayable for this year

  75. Anshul Jindal says:

    Dear TaxGuru,

    I have paid sum of 3 lacs for my Mother-in-Law for her heart procedure (ICD, very similar to pace maker). And would like to know, if I can claim tax exemption on this.

    She doesn’t have any means of income.

    [email protected]

  76. RAMESH says:


    i am patient of ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS and in continuous usage of medicians, whether expenses incurred in this can be claimed as per the rule 11 dd.

    Thanking you

  77. Gokulesh says:

    Can expenses U/s 80DDB be claimed in
    Self (individual) return and in
    HUF returns (being same person member of HUF)
    for expenses made from both (Individual & HUF books)

    i.e to say Rs 40000 in Individual return & Rs 40000 in HUF return.

  78. MOTI LAL says:

    I got treatment from S G L charitable Hospital Mustafabad, PO Subhanpur, GT Road
    Ammount paid Means total expeniture as Rs:-212007/-
    want to know this Hospital registred under tax rebate, if yes i need a as REGISTRED

    email [email protected]

  79. Amit says:


    I would like to know can employer give benefit of 80DDB while calculating Income tax for employee if employee submits all the valid documents necessary for deduction or employee has to claim the benefit while filling of IT return?

  80. uma jayaram says:

    I am taking treatment from private hospital for cancer. Can i submit a certificate from the doctor i am taking treatment for tax purpose under sec 80ddb

  81. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father is suffering from Alzheimer disease and yearly expense of treatment is around 50000/- The disability level is around 60%. He is not able to remember the things and not able to recall the things and names. sometime not even recognize the faces.

    My question is can i claim the medical expenses under section 80DDB. Also, can I get the benefit of income tax for deduction for dependent for disability.

  82. TRUSHAR RANA says:

    I am paying for my father in law, who is suffering from Cancer. He is dependent on me as all her children are deceased. Kindly let me know if I am eligible to claim u/s 80DDB.

  83. mukesh says:

    dear sir,

  84. Manmohan singh says:

    Sir, Recently, I got a mild heart attack and two stents were put. Being a CGHS beneficiary, some amount was spent by government and remaining amount was paid by me. Can I claim this amount in my ITR?

  85. Lalbabu yadav says:

    Dear sir
    I want to know that I have paid 38000(thousand rupees) about my wife treatment during admit in hospital
    can I REBATE in 80DDB Please guide me

  86. S. Nandkeolyar says:

    My wife, 64 yrs, was treated for Non Hodgekin Lymphoma (NHL), a type of Cancer at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Can she avail benefits u/s 80 DDB as Apollo Hospital is a private hospital.


  87. Rahul Gupta says:

    dear sir

    i want to know that my friend taken his treatment in private hospital for Knee Operation he pay over Rs. 4.5 lacs on said operation can he claim deduction u/s 80DDB

    pls. reply to my mail


  88. Faisal Syed says:

    I have one query regarding 80DDB.

    I am a government servant. In our office one employee is suffering from Cancer. His treatment is undergone in government hospital. Hence he get 100% reimbursement from government of Maharashtra. He gets more than Rs. 6 Lakhs per annual as medical reimbursement.

    My question is, whether the reimbursement amount should consider as taxable income ??
    (Remember that treatment is undergone in government hospital)

    Faisal Syed

  89. Nisha says:

    Hi, My mother got TEN (Toxic Edidermal Necrolysis) – Medicine reaction and after recovery we lost her in blood transmission which resulted in cardiao respiratory leads to hypoxic brain damage revived and life support given. Does this cover under section 80 DDB?


    I AM HAVING PROBLEM IN SPINE PROBLEM DESES(ANKYLOSING SPONDYLOSIS) Can i claim for medical bills, doctor fees for income tax exemption. my child having sligh problem in brain growth development less than 3 years as expected age 6 years can i claim for income tax. can u send reply to my mail.

  91. Asish Basu says:

    I have certain doubts in 80 DDB
    1. Is the treatment taken in Private hospital for chronic diabetic foot ulcer symptoms canbe talken for exemption?
    2. Are medical bills allowed for this chronic disease under the limit 40000?
    Please reply. –

  92. Suresh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can we avail tax benefit under 80DDB for AMD (Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a deterioration or breakdown of the eye’s macula ) ? I have spent more than 75000/- for my fathers treatment. Pls suggest.

  93. deepak motwani says:

    I have spent Rs. 300000 on heart byepass surgery of my father can i claim deduction u/s 80DDB for above expenditure CABG dissess are in deduction of that & which govt. doctor sing. are take that one which city & state where byepass do Or that one my city & state which will refarie us

  94. deepak motwani says:

    i have spent Rs. 3,00,000/- on heart byepass surgery of my father.
    can i claim deductions u/s 80DDB for above expenditure.
    CABG dissess are in deduction of that & which govt. doctor sing. are take that one which city & state where byepass do Or that one my city & state which will refarie us

  95. Mohan says:

    I paid for my father treatment around Rs40000 in private hospital. I have all the bills how i can proceed to IT to reimburse. Please

  96. siddharth says:

    I am paying for my grandmother who is suffering from Cancer. She is dependent on me as all her children are deceased. Kindly let me know if I am eligible to claim u/s 80DDB.

  97. Dr. J.H.Dongale says:

    I am a sr. citizen and undergone HEART surgery. Can this surgery charges be claimed for Rebate under u/s 80 DDB ?? Or under any section ?

  98. ram pandya says:

    My in-laws are dependent on me as they do not have any son, can i avail benefit of Deduction under section 80DDB for the expense incurred by me in supporting them.

  99. Seethala says:


    My father has undergone treatment for neurological disease for the past four years yearly expense around 1 lakh .
    How much will i claim ?pls reply

  100. Seethala says:

    Hi ,

    My father has undergone treatment for neurological disease for the past four years.
    How will i claim or how much amount will i claim ?

  101. Dinesh says:

    I am blood pressure and diabetic since last 20 years. My age is 64years pensioner. My dedical expenses is about 30,0000 pa. Now due to old age some more desease like prostet, knee problem are also faced by me and my medical expenses may be around 60000 pa. Max reimbursement is 7000 pa from my prev employer under group onsurance. Please advice me if i can claim for remaining deduction from my pension and bank intrest.

  102. Dr Anil Bharti says:

    I have gone coronary angiography and coronary angioplasty. For I was paid a sum of Rs. Three lack. Can I get benefit under section 80DDB.

  103. Robin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a dependent brother suffering from Parkinsons disease and is more than 80% disabled. Can I claim Tax deduction under section 80DDB (Rs40,000.00) & 80DD (For Medical Expenses, rehab etc Rs 1,25,000.00)both?

  104. ANKUSH RASTOGI says:

    my mother is patient of kidney, one kidney is totally failure, she is eligible deduction u/s 80DDB or other in I.T ACT?

  105. Hitesh says:

    I am CML patient and under treatment in a private hospital and my medicine expenses would be about 1 lakh rupees per annum. I wish to claim under 80DDB section. For this I have filled up 10-I FORM and signed by My oncologist. In 10-I form , it is also mentioned about countersigned by govt hospital. The govt hospital doctors not willing to countersign it. So I am not being able to claim the deduction. What shall I do?

  106. Bhupinder Kataria says:

    i have spent Rs. 3,00,000/- on heart byepass surgery of my father.

    can i claim deductions u/s 80DDB for above expenditure.


  107. tushar says:

    hi i am a patient of cancer ca rectum and having a colostomy so i need to use colostomy bags everyday ..this expense is covered under 80ddb or not??

  108. SK Verma says:

    Apropos queries by P.V. Mahadevan (03/10/2015) and Naredra K Behera (03/02/2015), I also have similar query, pl. advice. I am a sr citizen (69) undergone angioplasty in Feb 2015 seeking financial relief and help for pvt hospital treatment.

  109. P. Satyanarayana says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter suffered from cancer in the last year. She has been treated in CMC, vellore. My employer reimbursed the expenses incurred for the treatment. But, I have to spend additional amount of around Rs 60,000/- towards some medicines, traveling and lodging expenses during the treatment.
    1) Can I claim tax exemption under section 80 DDB for the additional expenses incurred by me?
    2) Can I get the Form 10-1 certified by the qualified doctor from Oncology department of CMC, Vellore?

    Thanks in advance.

  110. vasu says:

    my father has been admitted to shushrusha hospital because of bone facture december 2014 and replaced by steel rod left leg facture the whole expenses of bill paid by me near about 92,000/- he is totaly physically handicapped he has no right leglost in the year 2001 in accident and right hand in the year 2014 january sir how much i can get the tax rebate and please tell me

    vasu s
    No 81 smig a 6th block
    yelahanka 4th phase bangalore

  111. P.V. Mahadevan says:

    Under going treatment for ANGINA by a famous cardiologist, privage practitioner. Am I eligible for the deduction by 80CCB. Can i expect a reply or your opinion to my email address. Am a super senior citizen of 85. Thanks in advance.

  112. Nirmala says:

    my mother in law is suffering from malignant cancer and i am the sole bread winner of the house husband is not working so pls confirm can i claim tax exemption for her medicines and treatment?

  113. SK Bhardwaj says:


    Pl guide on the queries –

    1. If deductions will be available on treatment of Multiple Myeloma (a type of blood cancer-incurable haematological disorder u/s 80DDB.
    2. If yes, then can it be cliamed for previous two years along with claim u/s 89(1)for release of my pension arrears in the current year.My dependent patient is suffering from March 2013 with this disease.

    Pl reply to guide. Thanks.

  114. BINESH VR says:

    sir my motheris undergoing neuro treatment under a neurologist of aprivate hospital am i eligible for claiming relief under 80ddb

  115. Rajat says:

    I have two dependents one is Sickle Thalassemia (Age# 7 Yrs) patient and Other one is having Chronical Renal Failure (Age # 72 Yrs). Both of them undergone hospitalization on the same year. My question here is, can I ask for the tax exemption for both the patient in the same assessment year as 40,000 + 60,000= 1Lakh. Kindly clarify on this.

  116. Neha says:

    Dear Sir,

    can i claim deuction of balance amount which was not received from my employer i.e out of Rs.60000/- expenditure, i received only Rs.20000/- as reimburement from my employer. Can i entitled to claim deuction of Rs.40000/- u/s 80DDB????

  117. Neha says:


    can i claim deuction of balance amount which was not received from my employer i.e out of Rs.60000/- expenditure, i received only Rs.20000/- as reimburement from my employer. Can i entitled to claim deuction of Rs.40000/- u/s 80DDB????

  118. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Sir I have some querries regarding Sec 80DDB.
    1. Whether Chronic Heart Disease are covered under 80DDB sec.
    2. If Yes, can i claim deuction of balance amount which was not received from my employer i.e out of Rs.100000/- expenditure, i received only Rs.70000/- as reimburement from my employer. Can i entitled to claim deuction of Rs.30000/- u/s 80DDB

  119. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Kidney transplant of my wife was done in 2013, now she is on immuno supressive medicines which cost more than one lac per year. Can i claim for 80 DDB ?


  120. N DEVI says:

    I not am CA BREAST patient and treated in a private hospital for 2 lakh rupees.I wish to claim 80DDB claim.For this I asked the 10I FORM from the hospital.My oncologist issued the certificate and asked me to countersigned by govt hospital.the govt hospital doctors not willing to countersign it.So I am not being able to claim the deduction. What shall I do?

  121. Surender singh says:

    My father died during Nov. 2014,as per death report cause of death is Meningitis, tubercular, pneumomnits, thrombocytopenia, dyselectrolytemia, hypomagnesaemia. I have spent rs. 300000 for the treatment whether l can avail benefit under 80DDB. Please guide. Thanks, surender singh.

  122. Dr S S Agarwal says:

    My mother is suffering from Malignant Cancer of Breast. She is undergoing treatment from OncoPhysician after getting surgery done from Oncosurgeon at a Trust Hospital. The rule says that benefit can be availed if certified by a Oncophysician/ Oncosurgeon from Government Hospital. What to do if there is no Government Hospital at my place or no Oncophysician/ Oncosurgeon available in nearest Government Hospital?

  123. K Subramanian says:

    My dependent mother has lost both the eyes due to age related degeneration and irreversibly blind since 2012. A vitreoretinal Surgeon has certified the blindness in March 2014 during the last treatment. I have not claimed exemption so far for the expenses made, however I now understand I can even now get flat deduction of Rs.50-100 thousand, under Section 80-DD by producing the Certificate while Form-C submission. I have no bills available at present other than Certificate issued by the doctor. Pl help in getting this exemption.

  124. Ramcharan soni says:

    Sir i m ramcharan soni goverment servent .i expend 50000/ On mather treatment in privet hospital bren hemarege .can i calim for income tax banefit

  125. kishor says:

    sir , I m kishor from Nasik, I expend 750000/- on mother treatment , in privet hospital, paralysis agitans , so can I calim for income tax benefit , I m government servant

  126. M.Venkateswarlu says:

    I am aged 67 years. I am suffering with Hepatitis C Virus-HCV Genotype 3. It is viral problem in Lever. The cost of the treatment is 24 weeks Injection plus capsules- 24 weeks X Rs 7,600 = Rs 1,82,400/-.I have taken 2nd & 3rd opinion for the treatment. All the physicians are qualified Hepatalogists-MD.,DM. But working in Corporate hospitals-listed by Insurance Companies.
    Am I eligible the cost of the treatment, subject to limit of Rs 60,000/-, under Section 80 DDB.
    If so, What bills etc are to be submitted.

  127. deepthi says:

    Respected sir,

    i am state government servant, my mother is suffering with Arthorytis(knee Bone) from past 5years, she was dependent on me his medical bills are allowed to exemption under 80 DDB?

  128. Dinesh says:


    I am suffered Viral Hepetitis “E” along with Acute Kideny Damage and Rs.170000/= comes for Hospitalization etc. exps.

    Can I claim the said exps. under 80DDB of Income Tax.

    Kindly give suggesstion.



  129. P.P.Thankachen says:


    What are the documents to be submitted along with certificate in form 10-I in order to claim deductions under section section 80DDB of IT Act?


  130. Sandeep says:



  131. Sunil Sharma says:

    I am working for Vestergaard.com and I undergone Liver Transplant surgery in 2012 and now I am on LIFELONG Medicines like Immunesuppression where i am spending almost 20000 to 25000 Per month for my medicines and routine blood test like LFT, KFT & CBC.
    MA I ELIGIBLE for 80DDB Deduction ?

  132. Rahul Bharadwaj says:

    Can a person ( my father-in-law and Partner of Sadhana Arts ) of age 79 who is suffering of heart related problems get the deductions and how much ?

  133. Ramesh P says:

    i was suffered from renal failure. now Kidney transplant surgery done. still i have to take Rs 10-20,000 worth medicines every month till life long.

    can i eligible for 80 DDB.

  134. Kumar says:

    I have a doubt regarding specified diseases mentioned in the IT Act. My sister needs an open heart surgery for valve replacement very shortly – before end of this month. Can I get exemption for the money spent. She is my dependent.

    Thanks and regards

  135. Rahul Singh says:

    My wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. At times she has numbness in her left side and she has difficulty in walking and balancing her body as a result it is difficult for her to carry on normal daily activities.The available treatment is very costly. Multiple Sclerosis is a Neurological disease and is not in the list of ailments covered under sec 80ddb mentioned above. Pls advise how can I avail the benefit if deduction under this section.
    Mob 9810700337,

  136. Pavan says:


    My wife (aged 29 years) gone through the Renal Transplantation surgery from Private hospital in Hyderabad..

    Can you please let me now can I claim the bills of Tablets and any tests which incur the post operation.

    Thanks & Regards

  137. K.S.BAWA says:


  138. K.S.BAWA says:


  139. Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im working for a PSU Bank and is suffering from Chronic Kidney disease. As a prepatory for dialysis, fistula operation was done to my hand and my employer sanctioned Rs. 7000/- out of the claim of Rs. 10000/- Now they want to deduct 20% TDS on Rs. 7000/- it being reimbursement of medical expenses.
    Please clarify when Im eligible for a deduction of Rs. 40000/- under Sec 80DDb, is the employer is entitled to deduct tax at source on the amount reimbursed. He also informs me to claim in the return as allowable exemption. Please guide me as to Deduction at source.

  140. Arnab Das says:

    My mother is a patient of CKD stage-v, with eGFR 15%. She is under supervision of Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu. I live in Kolkata. If I wish to claim tax relief under 80DDB, will it be enough to submit the doctor’s medical certificate (which is not is format same as form 10-I) or a certificate from a Govt. hospital shall be mandatory? Can I submit a certificate (Form 10-I) signed only by the specialist doctor having a post graduation or specialisation in concerned field (serving a govt. hpspital) or the certificate has to be signed by the Head of the Hospital also.

    Thank you.

  141. Anirudh says:

    My father is retired and my sister is physically handicap > 60% disability

    1. Is their any process to show her as my dependant.
    2. Since she is not undergoing any treatment, can I still claim deduction ubder 80DD by just submitting form 10I issued by Govt doctor
    3. Lastly since has bone problem do I need to get the certificate from govt approved orthopedic doctor only.

  142. Atul says:

    Dear Sir,

    Recently my father was treated for Heart problem and angioplasty was done with 2 stents. Can I claim these expenses for exemption as the entire amount was not covered through medical insurance.He is retired and his age is 73yrs. Pls confirm.

  143. Maha says:

    Hi, My brother is taking treatment for Schizophrenia related to psychosis.
    Can this be covered under this section? We consult with psychiatrist.

    Please let me know if the expenses could be tax exempted.

  144. koushik says:

    Sir My dad expired in the month of January 2014 he died because of stroke, which was caused by a clot on his brain, can i claim that medical expenditure as exemption under section 80DDB

  145. Prasad Raikar says:

    I have doubts on 80DDB section clause

    Suppose if if my dependant is taking medical treatment for malignant cancer from medical institution.Now that medical institution has got tax exemption from second half of the financial yr.
    Now suppose for the 1st half 2 lakh were incureed and second half 1 lakh was incurred.

    Now 1 lakh is taxz exempted.Bt can i claim for 40 thousand out of 2 lakh that were paid for the 1st half of yr to be exempted on top of this and pay only tax for 140000 thousand.?please reply

  146. Vinay Arora says:

    Child has undergone HEART surgery. Can this surgery charges be claimed for Rebate under u/s 80 DDB ?? Or under any section ?

  147. Abhishek sharma says:

    I m 33 married and was working but when I diagnosed with colon cancer by employer forced me to resign. I want to confirm that whether now my status is dependent or not on my parents. As now I m not having any job or earning.

  148. Chaitanya says:

    I have spent total 75,000 Rs for my Mother’s Right Breast Cancer treatment in last year (FY 2013-14). Out of 75K only 60,000 Rs is approved by my Mediclaim Insurance company and 15,000 Rs spent by me (Mediclaim company only approves 80%).

    So should I claim for these 15K, under 80DDB? If yes, what should I need to do? Also all these treatment done in Private hospital, still I need its certificate from govt. hospital Oncologist?

  149. Charan says:

    The Deduction amt U/S – 80DDB (40000/60000 or actual expenses incurred which ever is less), Is it applicable Per Assessee or Per Patient.

  150. shabanam says:

    i am a handicapped girl suffering from polio and scolliosis problem.my father is expired.my mother suffering from T.B. and I have one dependent sister.i am doing treament of my mother from private hospital.may I claim for my mother medical expenditure under section 80ddb.
    and may i took benefit of section 80U.Because of scoliosis i am regularly in contact of physiothrapist.

  151. Praveen Amin says:

    Please let me know

    1. I am suffering from cancer. I am OPD patient. I have been advised to take some medicine for 5 years. can this be claimed under the exemption limit every year?

    Praveen Amin.

  152. DA says:

    After post renal transplant any tests, expenditure from reputed private hospital bills upto Rs.40,000/- , private hopsital doctor specialist certficate can be eligible under 80ddb. Pleas explain

  153. venugopal p says:

    i have been diagnoised with primary poly cytaemia vera,A haematological illness, adisease recognised by the WHO as cancer.Am I elligible for any tax concessions

  154. Srimathi says:

    Please let me know
    1. Is the treatment taken in Private hospital for Cancer is eligible for exemption?

    2.I have been advised to take some medicine for 5 years. can this be claimed under the exemption limit every year?


  155. Rao VVMS says:

    Dear Sir

    Name: VVMS Rao,
    Occ: Company Secretary & Legal

    My father was expired on 29th November, 2013 with “Chronic Renal failure” and I spent more than 12,00,000/-. My father age was 68, now i want to claim an exemption under income tax act. please tell me the procedure and docuements need to be submitted with Income Tax Dept. for getting refund of tax which was already paid.

    Thanks and Regards

  156. Yogesh says:


    My wife is suffering from Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease. If i have spent monies on her medication and consultation in both Ayurvedic and Aelopathic forms of medicines, is such amount allowed as deduction under Sec. 80DDB



  157. Surinder Mittal says:

    my mother had been operated for Squamous cell carcinoma at Rajiv Gnadhi cancer hopital delhi.
    first surgery on 6-8-2013
    radiotherapy on 7-11-2013
    second surgery on 16-2-2014

    we are 3 brothers who manadged the finance collectively and total expenditure till date is approx 12 lakhs.

    all 3 brothers are employees and income tax payee.

    all expances has been done from bank accounts by swipe (total white money)and cash from bank accounts.

    my Qus: how we all 3 brothers can have the IT exemption under clause 80DDB or others..

    please suggest…

    thanks in advance

  158. sathiya priya says:

    my mom affected by small intestine problem we spent more than 5lakhs my dad is govt employee but we not get any benefit is it under ded 80ddb

  159. Sushma says:


    My father is a cancer patient and I am shoiwng him in a private hospital. Not climed the amount in insurance. As I have spent more than 2 lakhs, can I claim the bills under Sec 80 DDB ?

    1) Private hospital treatment is exempted ?
    2) Are medical bills allowed for this chronic disease under the limit 40000?

  160. Raju says:

    My father, Age 80+ was having lung cancer and treated for it in private hospital. I am an employee of PSU bank where I received reimbursement for dependents (75% of bill amount for certain test, services and medicines mentioned in related circulars) which comes around 50 % of total expenditure remaining amount was rejected / not reimbursed. Also amount reimbursed is taxable (Added to my gross income).

    Whether I am eligible for deduction under 80DDB?

    In the verification part of Form 10-I where certifying authority certifies it for previous year ending 31st March so getting deduction in Form 16A for same year is not possible.

    So is it necessary to file return separately? or can we change wording and write for current year ending 31st march and get deduction in Form 16A itself?

  161. suresh says:

    I am CML peasant wef April-2010, My medical expenses is Rs. 60000/-pa
    I had not claim 80DDB due to not aware this section.
    please let me know should I claim.

  162. nikhil says:

    I paid around 4 lakh rupees for the treatment of my heart valve in medicity hospital. I got mediclaim of 2 lakh rupees from Punjab government as an employee of Punjab government. my annual income is around 5 lakh.
    tell me about the tax to be paid in this financial year.can I get income tax rebate under 80DDB and will the mediclaim received be considered for income tax.

  163. sandeep says:

    My wife was admitted in Hospital for Neurological Treatment (comma), and I was expended 48000/-Rs., shall i am able to get benefit for 80 DDB?

    Please provide the process for the same.

  164. ASHOK KATE says:

    Not clear my doubts in my mind once again explain , my wife under going treatment of kidney stone operation done by pvt specialist doctor with all original bills reports .can require govt doctor certificate in this case also can take benefits ded under 80DDB OF Rs. 40k. please explain.

  165. ASHOK KATE says:

    I ashok kate treatment my wife stone major problem and spend of Rs. 85 thousand medical claim not cover in first year can i give benfit under section 80DDB 11DD PLEASE GUIDE US.

  166. vinod kacholia says:

    my father has undergone treatment of tounge cancer in hinduja hospital, mumbai then can we clam u/s 80DDB.Can you plz. suggest that certificate from Dr. who has operated in Hinduja will be sufficient or it will be taken from govt. hospital only. Whether govt. hospital certified Dr. can issue the certificate on the basis of papers from hinduja hospital even when it is operated in hinduja hospital.



  168. VENKAT KRISHNAN says:

    I paid over RS 2 lacs for my Mother aged 74 years for a Spinal Decongestion operation at a private hospital in June 2013, to a Neuro Surgeon. Can I claim the maximum amount of RS 60,000? What is the percentage disability of 40 %? How can it be certified, especially where the operation has already taken place and the patient has relief?

  169. Maandeep Singh says:

    I am epileptic; wherever I have gone for obtaining a medi-claim policy, I am supplied with a detailed questionnaire related to such patients and upon paying the necessary premium the policy is often rejected, (the premium is refunded); I would like to know is there any insurance medi-claim company which would be willing to take patients of my nature. Please reply on my web address; it would help me in a get way.


  170. Gopal says:

    Need your help:

    My mother (Age 92) died during June-13. As per Death Report Cause for death is : ACUTE INMI, CARDIOGENIC SHOCK, S/p PTCA WITH SENT TO RCA.

    I have spent Rs.r.5 lacs for the treatment.

    Whether i can avail benefit under 80 DDB.

    Pls guide.



  171. captainjohann says:

    I am diagonised with metasized cancer stage III and under treatment at a private hospital.My total expenditure till date came to 7 lakhs for pallatative chemo therapy.Now my insurer gave me only 2 lakhs as only 40% is allowed according to them.According to you I can claim 60,000/- from I tax as I am a senior citizen.Now my therapy will continue as long as I can withstand. Can I continue to claim the 80DDB?

  172. gurpreet says:

    I want to know if my wife undergoes IVF , is there any way i can claim the expenses ? I read govt is giving reimbursements to central govt employee which you can read on http:// msotransparent.nic.in/writereaddata/cghsdata/mainlinkfile/File431.pdf .


  173. Partha says:

    I have certain doubts in 80 DDB
    1. Is the treatment taken in Private hospital for chronic diabetic foot ulcer symptoms canbe talken for exemption?
    2. Are medical bills allowed for this chronic disease under the limit 40000?
    Please reply.

  174. Partha says:

    I have certain doubts in 80 DDB
    1. Is the treatment taken in Private hospital for chronic diabetic foot ulcer symptoms canbe talken for exemption?
    2. Are medical bills allowed for this chronic disease under the limit 40000?

    2. are medical bills

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