Centralized Processing Center (CPC), Bangalore has been actively processing of returns for AY 2010-11.

The statistics for AY 2009-10, AY 2010-11 and 2011-12 are (as of 7th September,2011)-

 AY09-10  AY10-11  AY11-12
No. of returns processed (Nos lakhs) 43.5 71.9 5.2
No. of refunds generated (Nos lakhs) 12.4 26.4 1.4
Refund reprocessing requests processed (Nos.) 56,707 22,876 2
Rectification requests processed (Nos.) 90,438 17,806 0

All taxpayers are requested to send their ITR-V quickly and benefit from faster processing and issue of refunds.


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