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♠ New GST Return will be replacing existing GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3. Filing of GSTR-2 & GSTR-3 have been kept on hold by Government.

♠ Filing frequency of new return GST RET-1 will be monthly and quarterly. Smaller taxpayers will be having Option to file return in Form GST RET-2 and GST RET-3 on quarterly basis which is simpler to RET-1.

♠ New returns envisages uploading details through an annexure GST ANX-1. The details uploaded will be made available in annexure GST ANX-2 to recipient on near real time basis. In Anx-2, only action to accept, reject and pending as to be taken before filing return. If no action is taken, then all documents will be treated as deemed accepted by recipient for the purpose of availing ITC.

Annexure of Supplies (ANX-1)

♠ Details of the documents (invoice, credit/debit notes) can be uploaded any time during the month till filing of return. Documents uploaded upto 10th of following month shall be made available to the recipient for claiming ITC.

♠ Documents uploaded after 10th of following month shall be made available to the recipient in the next month.

Annexure of Inward Supplies (ANX-2) 

♠ Details of Purchases. It will be auto populated based on the Supplier filing of ANX-1.

♠ A facility to match ANX-2 with purchase register will also be available.

Matching Tool

♠ Match will be done on the following parameters :


> Document type

> Document number

> Document date

> Taxable Value

> Tax amount (total)]

> Tax amount head wise

♠ Out of the seven parameters, first two parameters will be treated as primary key for the purpose of matching.

♠ Type of mismatches:

√ Exact match: If all Seven parameters matches.

√ Partial match: First two primary parameter matches and any one the remaining parameters does not match.

√ Probable match: One or both of two parameters not matching, remaining five parameters match.

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