Background: As per the Maharashtra Sales tax Department, the register dealer need to register there self on in order to file the sales tax return, audit report and for obtaining CST declaration online along with filing a refund application, etc.

All register dealer registered there self though the Tin No. issued to the dealer by filing the e-registration form online. However some of the dealer fail to remember the password for login. The Sales Tax Department of Maharashtra has given an opportunity to the dealer who forget the password, to reset the password in order to have smooth function of the register dealer toward the sales tax return and payment. The procedure to reset the password are as follow.

Procedure to reset password on “”

**(IF TIN IS ISSUED OR PROFILE IS CREATED AFTER 25TH MAY 2016 IN SAP SYSTEM (OR Profile Created after 28th December2017 at

Dealer have to send email from his registered email id only with following information to


2) PAN:



*[Dealers can also reset password by their own by clicking ]

*[If Dealer do not have access to his registered email id, he or his representative can submit application on original letter head with rubber stamp, signed by proprietor / partner / director / authorized signatory (as per MVAT system data) to 1st floor, E-Services Helpdesk, New Building, GST Bhavan, Mazgaon, Mumbai along with following documents –

1) Copy of PAN of proprietor / partner / director / authorized signatory (as per MVAT system data) for signatory proof.

2) Copy of PAN of Firm.

3) If the representative of the dealer is attending, then letter of authority in prescribed format is mandatory.

**Other than Mumbai location:- Dealer can submit above application to their respective Nodal Officer & Then Nodal Officer, after due verification of mandatory documents, can send above details to from their mahavat mail id only.

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  1. prasad says:

    please send me letter of authority format

  2. Rajendra says:

    Pl inform us how can revise Annexture-J 1 and J-2 in Mahagst.portal for the year 2013-14

  3. Satish says:

    I have lost USername and password. i dont remenber registerIDs also for comapny and personal . what is the procedure to reganarate user name and password

  4. Jignesh Rathod says:

    very good and helpful article please upload for refund also

  5. Radheshyam Vishwakarma says:

    it is a very helpful article. thank you so much for this.

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