Offline Utility Tool for GST Refund Error solved

Dear GST stakeholders. Here is the solution for error !!!

The refund offline utility as downloaded from GST portal showing errors as follows

Error 1: Either invalid date or Please enter the Invoice or Doc date in dd-mm-yyyy format

Error 2: SI.No with Duplicate Entry in row Number 13

Error 3 : The uploaded JSON file which was created via offline utility has invalid data format.

Even though the data entered is correct..Lot of complaints and request in this regard have been received. I have made a little modification in the VBA program code and rectified the common errors. Requesting the stakeholders (tax payers, practitioners, accountants, professionals etc. )may use this modified tool.

Please use MS Office 2010/13/16 for using the Excel VBA based utility.

Links for MODIFIED refund utility

a. Download MODIFIED Inverted duty structure refund

b. Download MODIFIED Refund Export without payment of tax Multiple BRC

Feedback and comment on errors are welcome

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  1. Manohar Jaiswal says:

    If anybody has refund statement errors, please use the above tools first as in the above post.. I have got this link from google after long searching. I have uploaded my refund application smoothly.

    Earlier I have contacted gst help desk, grievance portal multiple times..Utter wastage of time..Nothing solved me..

  2. Karan Sharma says:

    I am trying to upload GST refund JSON file but it is showing an error of undefined error under invoice no.

    Please tell me the solution as soon as possible..

  3. Darshak says:

    Heartly Thanks to Mr. Shijoy James Sir, this worked for me, i stuck with refund application since many days, tried to change many things , every time use fresh application but i failed to file refund application , even gst help desk dont have any solution , Thank you for helping me out; I really appreciate your kindness and support. I will always remember your support , god bless you sir , Heartily thanks again respected mr. shijoy james sir

  4. Mukesh Dhiman says:


    I am used this modified sheet but my is is same ” The uploaded JSON file which was created via offline utility has invalid data format”

    Please solve the problem

    1. Satyendra Kumar Jain says:

      Sri..Mukesh Dhiman
      Please check whether any duplicate invoice is (with same invoice number) in either Inward supplies or in Outward supplies..Also check whether any double entry for B2C supplies in outward supplies. System only allows a single consolidated entry for all of your B2C supplies

  5. Prakash Khandala says:

    Lot of Thanks to Sri. Shijoy James.. I have file my clients refund application.. I was stucked with the error SI.No with Duplicate Entry in row Number 13 .. several times.. I have contacted the helpdesk..They advised me to use fresh copy of refund application, issue may with date format etc.. But it was not the reason.. Actual issue was with the tool.. I have searched the internet and got a number .. I have called the number.. They have demanded Rupees 5000 each for each refund file..However these tools worked for my refund applications..Thaks Sri. James..

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