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Friends as you all know GST has been made effective w.e.f 1-7-2017. GST has been welcomed by all and specially Chartered Accountants for a simple reason that it will create biggest opportunity of all time for them. CA’s are most enthusiastic and they should be.
Also 1-7-2017 also happens to be CA Day. On this day our PM Modi gave a mixed speech infront of CA fraternity. The words chosen enlighten and frightened not only CA’s but also the entire service provider fraternity.
This Govt. does not hesitate in taking tough decisions. The time will come when Govt. will demand all their legitimate tax from all service providers.
In this light of above fact this video was recorded in afternoon. The speech was delivered in the evening.

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  1. Neeraj Kumar says:

    whenever i open your site and read any article, there is an advertisement (about clear tax gst) shows at left side which reflect on the article so that i become unable to read it out.
    Please remove this adv. so that i can read full article without any unnecessary adv.

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