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The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has recently issued a Trade Notice No. 39/2019-20 dated 19 November 2019 to highlight Incorrect Data in certain IECs (Import Export Code number). Please find below synopsis of Trade notice for your reference:

On analysis of the DGFT IEC database, it has been observed that there are certain data mismatch issues which require immediate corrective action. Following are two broad categories of data mismatch in IECs have been reported:

  • Incorrect Permanent Account Number (PAN) : There are approx 22,893 cases for such mistake. List of IECs provided at Annexure I of the Trace Notice; and
  • More than one IEC against same PAN : There are approx 8353 cases for such mistake. List of IECs provided at Annexure II of the Trace Notice

It has been instructed that IEC holders as mentioned in above stated Annexures are requested to take immediate steps to correct their IEC data before 15 December 2019, failing which these lECs will be suspended by the jurisdictional DGFT Regional Authority (RA).

lECs, which have an incorrect PAN are required to ensure that their correct PAN number is updated and reflected correctly in the DGFT database. For making changes in PAN, the IEC holder will need to make a written submission on the letter head to the jurisdictional DGFT RA along with a self-certified copy of the PAN. Changes in the PAN cannot be made through the online IEC application module.

IEC holders, whose same PAN exists in more than one IEC, are required to ensure that only one active IEC exists against each PAN. For this, the IEC holder will need to make a separate written request on the letterhead of each IEC holder(s) to the jurisdictional DGFT RA concerned, to suspend / cancel the other IEC(s). RAs need to take suitable action accordingly after observing due diligence. In case of situation where multiple IECs having same PAN exist and the IEC holder has not approached the RA, then the RA will suspend all the multiple IECs having the same PAN after 15 December 2019. Only on a written request with submission of required documents the IEC on which import/export takes place may be allowed to be reactivated.

The time period till 15 December 2019 is provided as an opportunity for making a representation in writing or, if that person so desires, of being heard, as per Section 8(1)(b) of Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2010.

IEC holders are also requested to update their IEC database periodically so as to reflect the correct particulars including email / mobile which is used for communication purposes. These changes / amendments can be made directly through the online DGFT Portal.

Feel free to connect if you need any additional information / clarification in this regard.

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