F. No. 01/142/HQ/18-19/ECA.II

Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Dated: 30th October , 2018



All the RAs
All the Export Promotion Councils.

Subject:- Caution against dealing with MSRL Group Limited, Miami, Florida, USA-regarding.

It has been brought to the notice of this Directorate that complaints have been received against MSRL Group Limited, 100 Lincoln Road, Miami, Florida (USA), (having one Mr. Vaneet Singh Kalsi as a Director). The company also operates under the name of M/s Milestone Resourcing LLC. These entities failed to supply materials inspite of receiving advance payments from Indian importers.

2. Therefore, all concerned are hereby cautioned to exercise due deligence before transacting any business with the above said entities.

3. This issues with the approval of Director General of Foreign Trade

(Rajbir Sharma)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

For Director General of Foreign Trade

Tele 011-23061562/263

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  1. AB traders says:

    This Post tells alot about the names mentioned here: Mile Stone, AMA group, AMARL Global. These names are well established scams (claimed) that may look genuine through their representation but at the end of the day they are just like other scammers wanting to leave you with regrets.
    The positive posts one may see here are fake and are by the same people who called out cheats and thugs.
    Working with AMARL, luckily I didn’t agreed to pay them in advance TT so just to grow more faith they agreed on LC (which is good gesture for business), later I discussed about this post with them on which the R
    representative Mr Felix said they had no connection with Mile Stone and Mr Veneet but still he knew what the matter was, anyhow because i was giving them advantage of doubt so i agreed to have a deal on LC term as it is quite secure.
    Mr Felix did send me contract and other documents but i never recieved invoice performa.
    I still can’t say that AMARL is a scam or not but definitely there is something very odd about them as inquiring multiple times about the delay for the invoice, at the end they told me they were waiting so i could post here. IF ANYONE who need to know more about my experience you can contact me down here, i have complete screenshots and other part of conversation as part of record. AGAIN AT THE END i confirm about AMARL is legit or not but their attitude in my case was very inappropriate so for all those who may come here after talking to them please take caution. Thankyou

  2. Sanjay patel says:

    My experence is very different with Kalsi and his company, I am buying motors 10-15 containers every month regularly and i was introduced by very good friend of mine, he is buying aluminium scrap from him from hong kong and USa. I met him in 2019 in hong kong on my way to china. This notification was taken out in 2018 not sure how did we missed it. but as i said both of our experence has been very different then you guys. We have paid them in advance many times and even LC. I belive he is not a bad guy and you guys should resolve this amicably.

  3. Tarsem Gargg says:

    vineet pal singh is a fake man, who cheat people , may living in usa, Miami, Fl, he is saying he have a head office of MSRL Group Ltd/LLc- 100< Lincoln Road, Miami, Fl-USA, now he open a new company to cheat people,as MSRL group Ltd, Caution notice is displayed on all computer sites- Vaneet pal singh – ADVANCE METAL & ALLOYS RECOVERY LTD- 100 LINCON ROAD, MIAMI- fL USA- He have also a registered office in hongkong.As he cheated many people in MSRL group- now he cheat other people in new company – people please bebare of this cheater, we are fighting with usa ebassy to get back of our advance God will help to recover our money

  4. Jagjit Singh says:

    Yes, He has done same with me. Now He is running a one more company “Advanced metal and alloys recovery ltd “(AMA groups) at Hong Kong. He also fraudulent with me. I want to say why Government did not take any action against this matter. We know he and his family doing fraud with parties, but they are enjoying. Government must have taken action against this man with the help of Hongkong government. He is doing everything easily without any afraid, he is very much confident about his mind games.so I request the Indian government and Hongkong government this kind of person must be punished.

  5. Hanif Mohammad says:

    Most definitely yes. MSRL Group or Milestone Resourcing Limited is an extremely fraudulent company and is run by Vaneet Singh Kalsi who mentions his base as Hong Kong with operations in USA, India and Latin America. All addresses are fake and Vaneet Singh Kalsi runs this racket as a one-man show in tandem with his brother Sumit Singh Kalsi who lives in Faridabad, India. Vaneet himself uses a Hong Kong HDFC bank account where he collects all advances without delivering goods and cheats people in scrap metal and plastic business to the tune of thousands of dollars per victim. He uses a Hong Kong mobile number +852 6356 4455 and his brother Sumit Singh Kalsi is on +91 99580 06230 in India.

    All his so called company email ids are run by himself only posing as his staff. Vaneet even creates fake Maersk personnel e-mail IDs as forwarded emails to show that he is actually corresponding with Maersk for shipping of goods.

    Please do not entertain this Vaneet Singh Kalsi or his brother Sumit Singh Kalsi. We also recommend all who have been conned and cheated to come forward as a group and fight legally to ensure return of money paid as advances. Please feel free to communicate for more details.

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