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Registration Process of Multi modal transport operator.

Transportation is an integral part of delivering goods from suppliers to customers. Every Company, Firm or Proprietary Concern, either engaged in the business of Shipping, or freight forwarding in India or abroad need to get registered under the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993. This Act manages the transportation of the merchandise from India to outside India or inside India. Unregistered multi-modular transport administrator is completely illegal.

What is Multimodal transport operator?

Multimodal transport operator means any person who engaged in the business of carriage of goods and using at least two different modes of transport under a Multimodal transport contract, from the place of acceptance of the goods in India to a place of delivery of the goods outside India or Within India; registered under the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993

When it is required?

As per provisions of the Act No person shall carry on or commence the business of Multimodal transportation unless he is registered under this Act;

Condition for Enrollment?

The criteria to be satisfied for being enrolled as a multi-modular transport administrator are as per the following:

1. The candidate ought to be a company, firm or exclusive concern.

2. Turnover of Rs.50 Lakh OR Capital Should be Rs. 50 Lakh or more

3. Two agents from two different foreign countries.

Document Required?

1. Certificate from C.A. showing Annual Turnover of the applicant for the preceding three financial years OR subscribed &paid-up share capital / aggregate balance in the capital account

2. Income Tax Returns (front page) for the preceding three financial years.

3. Complete audited accounts of the applicant, including auditor’s report, all schedules and notes to the accounts for the preceding financial year.

4. Copies of agency agreements, reflecting multi-modal operations of the applicant with two agents (from two different foreign countries) AND confirmation of the validity of these agreements from the same foreign agents trough e-Mail.

5. A Certificate of Incorporation with a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, if the applicant is a company OR registration under Partnership Act OR registered deed of proprietorship AND documentary proof reflecting the registered office address of the applicant / presence in India

6. Name/s of all the Directors / Partners / Proprietor of the applicant with their contact details in India and

7. List of offices, with key staff who will be authorized signatories to sign the Multimodal Transport Documents (MTDs) with their names, designation and specimen signature on the letterhead of applicant AND proof of their employment, viz. PF returns OR the Tax Deducted at source on salaries.

8. An undertaking on the applicant’s letter head with signature of responsible person, for to issue MTD for taking charge of goods for exports from India [as prescribed by the DGS].

How to Register?

Any person may apply for registration to carry on or commence the business of multimodal transportation. An application shall be made in Online on and shall be accompanied by a fee of ten thousand rupees.

1. Select E-Governance Tab on Portal and the following screen will be displayed

Multi modal transport operator Registration

2. Select Internal Reference Links –MTO Registration (New License)on Left Side of Portal

Multi modal transport operator Registration- Step 2

3. On Click the MTO Registration Form will be open having Seven Tab in same form

Multi modal transport operator Registration- Step 3

4. After filing all Details in Prescribed form need to Make Payment of Registration Fees

5. On Successful Payment and filing of all tab of Form  need to Click on Generate Application Number

6. Once Application Number generated Upload document as per checklist

7. On receipt of the application, if the competent authority satisfies that the applicant fulfills the conditions, he may issue Registration Certificate having validity for a period of three years and may be renewed from time to time for a further period of three years at a time.

8. Following documents need to be submitted physically within 30 days, by applicant after receipt of approval with Certificate of Registration (by post/on their given e-mail ID), [failing which, registration will be deemed as invalid]:

  • Specimen of MTD (in the format to be downloaded from shipping notices / MTO, for printing) with the registration number, name of applicant with full address and the contact details in India (telephone, website, e-mail etc.).
  • Acceptance of the terms of approval of registration (as given in approval by email)
  • Original Insurance cover for all liabilities as per MMTG Act, 1993.(To be returned by this office after verification)

Feel free to Ask your Query if any.

CS Manoj V. Ayadi

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  1. Sidharth Sharma says:

    If a company has Multimodal Transportation certificate, which routes of transportation does it cover? Would the Company still be required to get these other licenses like Carriage of Goods by Road Act 2007, the Railways Act, 1989, the Carriage by Air Act,1972?

  2. SURESH says:

    Dear sir, we are 6 months old company & we are already crossed 50lacks turnover, is there any possibility to get MTO , can anyone support on this to MTO, please call me 8904265599.

  3. Kutubuddin ibak says:

    I need to BL registration under MTO along with insurance.
    Kindly let us know exact fees and how many days it will take to complete

  4. Edward Brown says:

    Need a person/agent who can help to do the necessary formalities to apply for MTO.
    We are Kolkata based company in the name of Sealand Logistics and Shipping Services Pvt Ltd.
    Edward Brown-9831356102.

  5. Suresh says:

    Hi sir,
    Our MTO renewal has been rejected due to non submission of CA for preceding financial year, however we had given undertaking stating exact reason and also highlighted the due date extended by CDBT for filing IT returns.

    How can we proceed further., kindly guide us.

  6. Prosun Ghosh says:

    we have started SAP Shipping & Forwarding LLP on 2017. want to know whether we are entitled to get registration on MTO? we are really required our own Bill of Lading. pls advise

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