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No. Pension-I/Instructions/Guidelines/2017/20825

Dated: 12 DEC 2017


All ACCs (Zonal Offices)

All Regional P.F. Commissioner(In-charge of Regions).


Sub: Change of Date of Birth of Employees’ Pension Fund Members- reg.

Ref: (i) Head Office letter No. pension-3/8/0R/1/2005/69869 dated 12.12.2006

(ii) Head Office letter No. Pension-I/Instructions/Guidelines/2006/11900 dated 07.10.2006

(iii)Head Office letter No. Pension-II/Instructions/Guidelines/2016-17/33314 dated 10.03.2017

(iv) Head Office letter No. Pension-I/Instructions/Guidelines/2017/8351 dated 07.08.2017

(v) Head Office letter No. Pension-I/Instructions/Guidelines/2017/11518 dated 04.09.2017


Please refer to this office circulars cited under reference. Further it is to inform that in the meeting on fraud analysis and management in EPFO held on 08.12.2017 at Head Office it was decided to follow the following process for change of date of birth of members of Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995.

(i) In case the correction required in date of birth is upto plus or minus one year, Aadhaar will be accepted as a valid document for date of birth.

(ii) In case the correction required in date of birth is more than one year, then in addition to Aadhaar, other valid documents will have to be submitted (viz., matriculation certificate, certificate issued by Registrar (Birth), Passport etc). The concerned member should be intimated for submission of additional valid proof of birth in such cases while applying online/mobile/offline.

2. It is requested to strictly adhere to the aforementioned instructions.

[This issues with the approval of CPFC]

Your Faithfully.


Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner-II(Pension)

Copy to:

(i) PS to CPFC

(ii) PS to CVO

(iii) PS to FA & CAO

(iv) All ACCs (HQ)

(v) All ACCs-1/11 in Headquarters

(vi) All ACC(Zone)

(vii) Deputy Director (OL) for Hindi version

(viii) RPFC-I(NDC) with a request for modification in the software appropriately.

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