prpri 10 recent FAQ’s related to Companies Act, 2013 10 recent FAQ’s related to Companies Act, 2013

1. What are the information required to be mentioned on Board of Company?.

As per Section 12(3)(A), Every company must painted or affix following details outside the registered office.

1. Name of Company (mandatory in local language)

2. Address of registered office (mandatory in local language)

3. GSTIN of Company (As per CGST Rule 18)

However, one can opine that it is mandatory to have details in “Local” Language. Details in English language are not a proper compliance of Section 12.

2. Whether CIN is mandatory to be Mentioned on Board?

No it is not mandatory to mention CIN on the Board of Company.

3. Whether latitude or longitude is mandatory on photo or whether need to use any app for the same:

No, it is not mandatory to mention Latitude and longitude on the Photos and no need to click photo from any specific application.

4. If new DPT-3 not available can we file old form?

As per amendment rules Corporate have to wait for new form DPT-3. For the latest compliance old form can’t be use.

5. We have filed GNL-2 for appointment of Auditor; however, we are not able to get information in ACTIVE. Whether any update from MCA on the same?

MCA soon will come with amendment in Active form to resolve above issue. We have to wait for the same.

6. Auditor has been appointed for 5 year, however, in form period mention for one year. What is the solution for the same?

One can opine that for this type (divesh goyal) of clerical issue, company can approach to ROC to defect earlier filed form and allow to file revised form with correct details.

7. Whether AGILE form mandatory to file at time of incorporation?

Yes it is mandatory to file at the time of incorporation. If you want to apply GST select yes. If you don’t want to apply GST select No.

8. What are the attachments of e-form 20A?

Bank Statement is enough to attach in e-form 20A.

9. What are the attachments of e-form 20A if company received subscription amount in cash?

One can opine that a declaration from Directors and receipt of cash memo shall enough to attach in 20A.

10. Whether Company can be strike off without completion of pending filing of Annual Forms?

As per my understanding, Companies need to comply with the Annual Filing for Strike off of Company.

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