Payroll management software are used by businesses to perform various tasks such as maintaining a database, calculating wages, salaries and other deductions like tax, etc. The main purpose of the application is to save time and effort put into payroll processes while reducing errors at the same time. There are many different kinds of payroll software India available in the market right now, here are the details about best eight to help make your choice easily:

1. greytHR

greytHR is primarily an HR payroll software – a human resource management solution that also does payroll management processes. In addition to functioning as a comprehensive payroll solution, it also functions as an online leave system and online attendance system (Click Here). The software was specifically designed for use by small and medium-sized business enterprises. greytHR is a cloud-based system, so employees and other people who need to use the payroll data to access it from anywhere using their computer or mobile devices.

2. Keka HR

Keka HR is widely recognized by most experts as one of the best HR management and payroll process software available in the market. The main reason for that is unlike most other software on this list, Keka HR focuses on making the user experience far easier and intuitive. It enables businesses to manage their payroll with minimal effort and almost no error at all. It is not an exclusive HR payroll software as it also provides various other functions such as leave management system, online attendance system, etc.


HRMTHREAD is quite a popular cloud-based payroll software system. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its feature-rich mobile app which allows easy access to all the payroll data instantly. Also, the time tracking feature that is a part of the software is one of the most efficient around. Apart from that it also has other useful features like the travel module which helps manage all travel related expenses.

4. Beehive’s HRMS

Another cloud-based software with a host of different features. The Beehive HRMS solution is a part of Microsoft Azure and is perhaps one of the easiest to use payroll software around. It is capable of carrying out all the different functions that are a part of payroll management including statutory compliance. Beehive’s HRMS is centrally implemented and can be through different networks such the Internet, Intranet or even WAN.


HRAPP is comprehensive HRMS and Payroll software solution that helps businesses carry out all the different processes that are a part of HR and Payroll management. HRAPP has a very good mail management system through which all mail related activities can be tracked and managed centrally. It is a fully loaded software solution that enables businesses to take complete control of their HR and payroll processes.

6. Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll is a very simplified Payroll Management system that enables businesses to carry out all their payroll processes. It does all the necessary functions such as recording employee information, salary calculation, etc.

7. sumHR

sumHR is a modern and elegant payroll management solution that enables businesses to automate their payroll processes fully. It also has some really useful features like the option to create multiple salary structures; this enables to streamline the payroll process. It is the reason why it is one of the most popular payroll software India uses.

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  1. Divya says:

    All the organizations these days need to understand how crucial it is to outsource their payroll for maximum efficiency. this article will help them choose the best payroll for their business.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. rameshty says:

    Always you need a Quality Payroll Management Software for your business. This blog has given a tremendous payroll software. Thank you for showing us the best software.

  3. Gaurav bhardwaj says:

    basic thing is small business are interested to take hr software with payroll rather than only payroll software, because all organization wants digitalize. so employers are ready to pay money for hr software as per their requirements.

  4. Gaurav bhardwaj says:

    basic thing is small business are interested to take hr software with payroll rather than only payroll software, because all organization wants digitalize.

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