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Sudoku is a Japanese game which is a logic-based, number-placement puzzle. In this game one has to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids all contains the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid, which has to be completely filled.

This game Sudoku teaches us a lot of things about life. God provides us this puzzle of life, which we have to fill. It has many levels, easy, medium, hard, hardest. Sometimes we are given the levels and sometimes we ourself make or choose it. It can be filled in many ways from any number but in the end it has just one aim that is it has to be completely filed similarly we can live our life at any level, in any way but it is has to be lived completely/ fully.

It teaches us that as every puzzle has a solution, similarly however hardest problem/situation we face in life, it thus have a solution. Only what is needed is that we instead of focusing on the problem try to focus on the ways and means to get the solution of it. It may take time, but one needs to think about the solution with full concentration, focus, patience and belief. In some   hardest situations of life we may have to take option, use hit and trial method (risk/help).  Like in Sudoku, till we easily get the number to be filled in box, we are happy, confident but the real challenge comes when we are stuck up (adverse situation of life). That is the real challenge, what we do then. Do we take help, cheat, look around, throw it away, ignore, we feel angry, upset/hopeless, many times we just keep on looking at the numbers filled up (past incidents) and try to find out that where have we gone wrong.  If we catch hold of the number (mistake)  that we have filled wrong, then we can correct it , if just few numbers are filled incorrectly. But sometimes we might have filled majority of the numbers wrong, then instead of correcting it, repenting it, we must set for a new Sudoku (new beginning of life).

Manytimes when we cross check (analyze past events) and realize that we have not filled any number wrong (done anything wrong) yet we are not getting the desired results (unjustice) then we might be so angry and so frustrated by not getting the solution (just/fair treatment) that we might just give it up. The easy thing is to give up but the hardest thing is to solve it. It may take time, test your patience but if you have determination/will power to solve it then eventually one will succeed and the satisfaction, happiness, pride, energy that one feels and gets is unmatchable when one fills up the hardest Sudoku or when one sails through the hardest situation of life. It is that moment, the moment of giving it up and the moment of getting oneself calm/composed/ rejuvenated that makes the difference. For quitters never win and winners never quit.

While solving the hardest Sudoku (goal/aim/passion/dream) many times your family members, colleagues, elders, friends, acquaintances etc will distract you , will tell you just leave it, don’t act as a fool, don’t waste your time, what will you get by solving it. They might also gossip about you. But one has to be deaf to it. For the moment one achieves something that seemed hard/impossible in the beginning then it the same people who obstructed you from doing it will praise you “Ho gaya !!! wah wah very good”. Some might also get interested and might also like to learn from you (inspiration for others).

So keep playing the Sudoku of your life, with full confidence, passion, dedication, perseverance, patience, fill it up with all numbers of dreams, happiness, prosperity, love, enjoyment for your life Sudoku should not be left unfilled, no matter how hard it might seem, it still has a solution.

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