I used the word planning along with execution because without execution planning has no meaning. If we do not execute as per plan then what is the use of it. It is then just a piece of paper. Therefore execution and daily review of our activity will help us to know whether we are moving in a right direction or not.

Planning is very much important in every aspect of life as due to planning we are in a position to control the things rather than things can control us. It helps in reducing the stress, anxiety, unnecessary pressure and most importantly it helps in maintaining work-life balance.

Planning and then execution as per plan increase our performance, increase our confidence and help us in overall personal development. It helps us in creating a precious wealth in real sense which is nothing but a Time. We can do much more only when we have a qualitative time at our disposal and it is possible only when we have a plan in advance and when we execute as per that plan.

I end this Article with a quote of Winston Churchill. He quotes – “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

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