Mohan Thulasingam

Mohan Thulasingam

An ideal world without mistakes or wrongdoings cannot be even imagined. Because, if everything is perfect, life on the Earth will be boring and unchallenging. Nature intends competition and conflicts among its subjects to decide their progress and strength. We can have any number of laws to discipline the conduct of the masses, but certain aberrations continue to exist as they cannot be eliminated in total from the society. Even the personal sufferings do not deter many people from the bad behaviors listed hereunder.

Drinking. Though aware of the effects of the excessive and indiscriminate consumption of liquors, the drinkers don’t yield. It’s true that old habits never die.
Smoking. The warnings and advisories on the ill effects of smoking are blushed aside by the smokers. Whatever be the cost, money or health, smoking thrills them.
Theft and robbery. The act of taking the possessions of others’ properties without their consent is against the law. Stealing, misappropriation, embezzlement, etc. are different versions of theft only. Robbery and dacoity are theft only done by force and threat.
Corruption breeds dishonesty in the administration and brings disrespect to the hard work and integrity. It has become a short-cut for gaining money and power. Bribery, gift, and donations are the other names of this irregularity.
Bluffing and pretension are common in daily life. Atheists pretend to deny the existence of God, but secretly pray when the fear of death strikes them. Bluffing is the essential ingredient of politics. U
Betrayal leads to the loss of faith in life itself. Backstabbing and blaming others with selfish motives are the worst of misconducts.
Egoism. This problem arises from the self-pride of ‘ I am in no way inferior to the other fellow. Why should I respect him at the cost of my self-esteem? Actually, such self-centred attitude leads to more ruin to the self. Because, ego creates more hatred of other people and, the egoist gets isolated from the society and lives as an island cut off from the rest of the world.
Bad habits and conducts will continue even if the strictest laws with the severest punishments are enforced. People do find loopholes and excuses to deviate from the accepted ethics and norms. The misconduct will stop only when the conscience wakes up. Theft cannot be removed from the society until the thief by self realizes his folly and vows to stop it. Unless the mindset of people changes, these shameful behaviors will persist in the world. What is wrong in wishing a world without any defects.

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