Principles of management those are taught now day in top management Institutes, mentioned In the books of top management guru and message which are being in motivational quotes are from ancient largest epic from excerpts of Gita. These are thousands of years old but very much relevant to present corporate, Economy, Business leader for their successful story.

Many organisations, institutions now days provides Training, to it top executive bases on Bhagwat Gita principles, to improve the personal and Professional life as well as increase the productivity, behavioral, motivational, attitude and Development of confidence and courage, enthusiasm, bravery, intelligence which is necessary for becoming a successful leader, manager, entrepreneur, successful player, politician through Bhagwat Gita Module

Even this is ancient epic but principle and Philosophy taught by Shri Krishna relevant to inspiring for million of people not only in India but in Entire word across various section,student, Top management, professionals.

As management is getting thing done through people and with the people by motivating them, keeping them productive by way of influencing them. A successful leader in anywhere should have quality of visions, envisaging, decision making, planning, self confidence. These all are elaborated Bhagwat Gita. Principles and message of Shri Krishna are helpful in grass root thinking of human, which ultimately lead to enhance quality and approach .

There are many principal of Krishna in Gita, some of are :

1 Keep Performing Duty :

Bhagwat Gita say Keep Performing action without expectation of fruits i.e rewards in return, leading a selfless life. Krishna Say Do not desired for Fruits and focus yours actions and efforts on yours performance of duties. This gives message there is no short cut of for success, one has to continue make hard work to getting success.

2 Leader always take lead and Boost the morale:

As Shri Krishna Boost the morale of Arjuna morale,confidence, motivation .Shri Krishna Played a role of teacher, Guru to revive morale of Arjun. Likewise leader has to take lead in taking lead position in resolving problems, giving visions, and to achive goal.

3. Leader should embrace rather avoid challenges and this is the greatest strength of leader:

Leader should be resilient in their actions, firm determination and should not give up by pain and pleasure. A good leader is who does not lead by fear or anger, but should keep patience. His focus is always should not achieving goal by playing role of mentor

4 Krishna Defines three principles of that are required for effective leadership:

1. Discipline of learning : Good leader should have learning quality then only he can teach effectively to his sub-ordinates

2. Effective communications : He should have effective communicator as well as listener then only Leader effective. He should be Honest and respect the peoples

3. Discipline of equanimity should able to Take pressure

5. Great Leader should have strong willing power and should n’t fear by consequence of decision:

Once decision has been taken leader should implement them with willingness, confidence and should not go Back foot, otherwise he will loss identity as good leader. He should take whatever happened for good should learn from mistake and failure.

6 Change is law of universe and Up and down are part of Life :

Changes are only permanent thing, there should always be changes and a good leader should always be ready for adopting according to circumstances, he should make his strategy accordingly then only he will able to survive.

7 Should have ability to take and manage in Pressure :

The really test of leader is keep himself cool and calm even in the circumstance of High pressure, like Krishna who was having a big target of making pandavas win against Kauravas but he never loss his patience but always keeping guide to Pandavas.

8. Always be Loyal to your duties :

for removing evil Krishna Even took decision for killing Kansa, similarly we should be loyal to our work and should not compromise our duty with personal gains.

9. leader should always share his Knowledge and should be approachable:

In Mahabhart Krishna keep up sharing his Knowledge in Pandavas for making them strategy for fighting against evil and to end evil. Like a good leader in any walk of life keep motivated there team, keep them updated with Recent changes in law, technology, environmental to make them strategy for achieving goal smoothly by making strategy to overcome obstacle and plan in advance.

10. Leader should make Good strategy:

In Mahabharata Krishna Knows that Kauravas will do there best to win, he has made strategy very carefully. He was keeping continuous watch on there tactics.

Quality of good leader is that he should be good strategist, then only he can won and lead this throat cut competitors and his organization can make profit.

In today environment These principles are very true and relevant, one should also always be away and should avoid greed, ill intentions other he has to be ready for consequences.

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