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Circular regarding Change in Cut off date for training from Dec.12 to Dec.13

 Ref. No. T&P/001/2012 31″ January 2012


All Regional Councils / Chapters

Pursuant to the decision taken by 271st council meeting held on 24th September 2011, the Practical Training scheme for the students registered under Revised Syllabus 2008 (Registered for Intermediate course on or after 01.01.2008), stands modified to the extent as mentioned below:

A student having registered for Practical Training under Revised Syllabus 2008, unless exempted from taking this training, must register as a Trainee with a principal or an employer, as referred to in the scheme of Practical Training, for a period of at least one year of Training and must have completed at least 6 (six) months of Training under an eligible employer for being eligible to make application for appearing in the Final Examination. This Period of 6 (Six) months as referred to herein, should be completed by 31′ march or 30′ September for the following June and December Term of examination respectively. The period of practical Training shall include the period covering from the date of commencement till the date of completion of such training. In case of change of Principal/Employer, i.e. student serving under different Principal/Employers, the accumulated period of Training shall include training periods undergone with different Principal/employers, including the days of leave availed as per rules but excluding excess leave availed , if any.

This scheme of completion of at least 6 (six) months of Training, having registered for training of one year would come into force from December 2013 term of examination onwards.

L.Gurumurthy Director (T&P)

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