Siddhesh J. Bora, CA, CS, LLB

Siddhesh J. Bora

Books to refer :

Subjects RTP Suggested Practice Manual Module
Accounts Nov.16,





Yes No
Costing Nov.16,





Yes Only Problems
FM Nov.16,






Yes Only Problems
Law Nov.16 May.16 NO Yes (or classes notes )
DT Nov.16 May.16 Yes Yes
IDT Nov.16 May.16 Yes Yes
Adv.A/c’s Nov.16,






Yes NO
Audit Never May.16 (only for purpose of presentation) Yes (Alternatively one could refer Surbhi Bansal or Other classes notes) No Nov.16 May.16 Yes Yes.
SM Nov.16 May.16 Yes Yes.

Important Points Subjectwise :


Imp. Points Other books
Accounts & Adv. A/c.s 1. Never do Audit in accounts.

2. Highlight Important Adjustments

3. In class whatever sums had been solved , after every sum something has to be written , either by way of notes or by way of adjustments .

4. One should use Highlighter for above.

5. While first reading one has to solve the sum in detailed manner along with rough preparation of working notes.

At least one has to solve 50-60% of clas s sums.

6. It may take even an hour to solve a single sum in first reading . One should not be bothered by same.

7. While reading and solving problems one should inculcate the logics and concept primarily.

8. No chapter has to be left for option.

9. One should learn accounts in such a way that he is 100 % sure of scoring exemption in it.

10. A technique can be adopted like Monday – Friday Accounts and Sat- Sun- A/c ing Standards.

11. Many students leave accounting standards in option , however weight age for them is near about 15-20  marks.

-M P Vijaykumar

-For A/cing Standard- D S Rawat

Costing & FM 1. To score in this subject is only concept and logic boosting .

2. Many students leave theory in option which is one of the biggest mistake. Theory carries around 30-35 marks. One can refer Practice Manual for theory purpose .

3. Practicing is one another crucial factor in scoring marks under this subject.

4. Same like accounts for every problem important part has to be highlighted.

5. One has to make sure that nothing is left into option.

6. This subject can give you 70 + easily at the same time not even 7+ .

7. If somebody has left theory into option one has increased his chance of not securing more than 40 in this subject.

 Paduka Publications.
Tax 1. One has to remember all Important provisions and not to leave any head into option as it will lead final tax liability calculations wrong.

2. One of the important tricks to make subject easy is to prepare maximum charts for whole syallabus.

3. One should not forget to read amendments applicable till 30/04/2016.

4. One should be able to link one provisio with another and also able to recall.

5. 80+ can be easily scored in this subject provided proper provisions are been recalled /  revised thoroughly.

6. One has to understand properly concept of slab and its calculation.

7. In the first reading one should read slowly and interpret each provision properly.

8. Though there are limited sums in IDT one should solve them and also highlight important provisions / adjustments while solving.

9. For DT solve classroom and Practice manual sums.



Law 1. Students focus more on company law .However apart from this even ethics and communication is also more important.

2. Don’t write section numbers in exams unless you are 100% share.

3. Mesmerize provisions correctly.

4. Whenever there is practical question divide answer in three parts :

Facts of case :

Provisions as per law :


Munish Bhandari
Audit 1. Subject where everyone will feel it very easy but will give you very less marks.

2. CA’s are known experts in Accounts and Audit.

3. Don’t leave SA’s in option.

4. For every SA’s prepare on e flow chart . Remember at least 4 points for every SA’s which are unique and learn them by heart.

5. Use proper vocabulary in answers.

6. Do chapter of Company Audit and Audit report properly.

Surbhi Bansal.
Info.-Tech 1. To score in this subject one has to understand concepts and also learn them . Don’t give more focus just on learning answers by heart. Rather focus on concepts + learning .

2. Use proper technical words in exam.

1. Dinesh Madan



SM 1. One of the easiest subject of Grp. II

2. Use proper vocabulary and write specific answers and also learn meaning / definitions of certain terms.11111

3. Prepare several charts / tables to remember and complete revision easily.

4. Prepare one Big Chart for each chapter so that during exams chapters could be revised easily.

5. While writing answers Divide answer important point and highlight them.


How to study :

1. One has to keep in mind from day 1 that he is going to prepare for both the groups.

2. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

3. Have weekly target preparations.

4. In morning read law or Audit . Apart from this everyday one has to read costing / fm theory in the morning.

5. Always read 2 subjects from 1st Grp and 1 subject from 2nd Grp in a day so that both groups are balanced.

6. On Saturdays read Info.Tech and Accounting standards and revise costing / fm theory of the week.

7. On Sundays read Strategic Mgmt. and revise whatever had been studied in a week.

8. Always keep control whether plan prepared has been executed properly.

9. Rather than doing hard work do smart work.

10. Never prepare for passing in exams rather dream for AIR.

11. Always have two way communication i.e one can directly reach to question from answer or from answer to question.

12. Fix study timings ,either in the night or wake up in the morning. The best technique is to sleep at 7 pm and wake up at 1 am or 2 am.

13. Don’t change place of study several times .

14. Forget all relatives except parents . No friends , no marriages , no hotelling and no parties . No one will feel bad if they really understand you.

15. Eat less in lunch so that no would fall for sleep.

16. Sacrifice other things only for 4 months to have relax gain of 2.5 years otherwise vice-versa may happen.

17. Whether to give both grps or single grp decide on 15th Sep.

18. If you feel that you require class for some subject again inspite of joining it once do rejoin immediately.

19. Having patience initially while first reading as it may bring you in frustration several times. However first reading may take much time as whole syllabus and subjects are new . One should keep in mind that fist reading must be very deep and conceptual.

20. Avoid communicating with frustrated friends or seniors in library who are already failed several times.

21. Its only you with you till Nov. 2016 .

22. No. of hours never matter for passing out with flying colours in the exam.

How much reading required before exam :


Reading Required Other Points
Accounts, Advanced A/c Costing FM Minimum 2 before exam by 15 th Sep- 25th Sep. Solve maximum sums and highlight important adjustments.
Law, Audit, Info Tech, SM Minimum 2 before 1st Oct. Revise thoroughly along with important vocabulary.
Tax Minimum 3 before 1st Oct. Prepare maximum charts you can.

What to do in the month of Oct.2016 :

1. This is the month by which your almost each subjects 2 readings must have been complete. You must have taken decision whether to opt for both Grp.s or Single Grp.

2. In the month of Oct. one has to all smart work one can. Start reading RTP’s as suggested in Table 1 alongwith suggested answers.

3. Now in this month you have opt. some different strategy i.e. read chapter then immediately solve its Practice Manual or other reference material. One could alternatively follow same strategy in Reading II.

4. Sometimes it may happen that second reading may end up in first or second week of Oct. In that case one should no loose confidence and rather focus more on further study techniques.

5. Avoid meeting friends in this month.

6. Everyday take minimum sleep of 6 hrs (including exam period time ) to have good focus and to work brain properly.

What other things to be kept in mind :

1. You yourself are responsible for your success / failure .Never give excuses to yourself.

2. Rather than hard work , smart work matters.

3. Never leave anything in option.

4. Confidence is the key to every secret.

5. Over-confidence is the key towards failure.

6. Have regular sleep of 6-7 hrs at a stretch.

7. Eat less in lunch. Do breakfast like breakfast only.

8. Join a good library with AC and water facility.

9. Avoid attaining marriages, functions, family attachment during this phase.

10. Remember only one thing “ NOV. 2016”

11. After exam don’t discuss papers at exam centre.

12. Do proper and effective time mgmt.

13. Avoid studying with opposite sex.

14. Don’t change sleep timings after every 7-8 days.

15. Always have 2 calculators in exam.

16. Take a gap of 10 minutes after every 2-3 hrs of study. Listen silent song /music during this period.

17. Never go for tea with friends .

18. If any doubts emerge in any subjects ask immediately to respective faculties or friends .

19. Avoid using FB or whats app .

20. The flow we have in first attempt can never be obtained in subsequent attempts . One more benefit is off set-off .

21. Remain present in all papers to have exemption.

22. Don’t drink to much water in exam centre.

23. Start preparing for Paper 1 Accounts from 27th Oct.

Last but not least …………One should never forget that :


All the best . Hope to see you soon in CA-FINAL as after every end there is a new beginning.


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