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Aashish UpadhayaHeartiest congratulations to all those who had cleared CPT examination. Those who hadn’t clear this time you don’t need to lose hope, because this is not the end and remember “life is not about one chance”.

Now you had entered into the world of professionalism, i.e., one of the best course in this field. After clearing CPT some of them feel they are flying in the sky. (Especially from science background, OH GOD! I had done this. ).Obviously it will be. It will boost up your confidence for next level. Confidence is good but over confidence may leave you behind. But there are many obstacles to come upfront in the next few months and after that.

At first I would like to tell avoid your habits to ignore everything for exam days. During 10+2,CPT you may had done this, OK!!!! But if you do this now, you may fall in vicious circle. Be dedicated!!! Look who you are and what had you done now leaving around 75% people behind and now you had to beat almost 90% people. So maintain your confidence throughout the study.

Here are some of the doubts which students generally feel after clearing CA-CPT exam.

The Next Step!

After Completing Common Proficiency Test (CPT), you need to register for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPC) with ICAI. IPC is the second level under CA Course.

Single Group or Both Group

The common thing that come to mind of students whether I give both group or 1st group only. It depends upon your capabilities, concentration and hardworking. If you registered for both group, it is not necessary to sit on both groups, you can opt for single group during form filing. If you are pretty sure about both group, plan accordingly.

In dilemma at last moment some of the students leave the preparation for both groups and opt only 1st group, after doing all there preparations, just due to his/her friends is doing so ,they lower down there confidence. So, decide now what to do and plan accordingly. You only better know your capabilities than others.

 How much time we spend for study?

It will vary on student capabilities, concentration and smart work. During coaching days you may not have sufficient time for study. But what you been taught in class, is must necessary to revise (only key to success). After your classes are over, you would have sufficient time for study (i.e. 2 to 2.5 months). Having sound sleep of 7 to 8 hrs, you can manage your study 10 to 12 hrs depending on your capability and determination.

The Last Step! (How to study, selection of coaching classes)

Selection of Classes (Package or Individual)

If you choose classes in package, you will have sufficient time at last for your study. Minimum 2 months to 2.5 months. CA is all about hard work .Teachers are guiders, they teach you everything but if you didn’t do yourself, you won’t get good result.

Individual classes are time consuming. You have to rush here and here but you will get best faculty. In terms of price Packages classes are good, you wouldn’t get the entire best faculty under one roof but choose classes in packages where practical paper (Accounts, Tax, Advance account, Cost fm) are taught by better teacher. Theoretical papers you need some guide about how to read, you will get sufficient knowledge from whom you get taught. Key consideration:-

  • Choose your class according to the need.
  • Don’t go classes with more discounts and good prizes.
  • Ask for demo class.
  • Last of all, take feedback from your seniors who had already taken classes.

How to study:-

  • Attend every single class. Do not miss even a single class. In my view CPT is 5 % comparing to IPC.
  • Do revision what you had been taught daily.
  • Do SMART work rather doing hard work.
  • Make your notes on regular basis.
  • For practical papers:- concepts, formula , assumptions, formats must be made on the separate exercise book. During revision it will help you a lot.
  • For theoretical papers: – Highlight the key point during reading because it is difficult to summarize the whole line that is in your textbook. So on first reading highlight those key points.


  • Firstly, you need to submit IPC registration form.
  • The fees for the registration can be paid either by demand draft or pay order in favor of ”The Secretary, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Mumbai/New Delhi/Chennai/Kanpur/Kolkata..(10000 for IPC +2000 towards articleship registration

Documents required:

  • Demand Draft or Pay Order towards the registration fees.
  • Attested copy of CPT marks sheet.
  • Copy of 12th standard marks sheet.
  • Copy of Graduation or Post Graduation marks sheet if applying for direct entry.

Last date of Registration:

ICAI accepts registration throughout the year. However, last date to submit the registration form for May attempt is on or before 1st September of the previous year and for November attempt is on or before 1st March of the same year.

Lastlty, I wish everyone had a bright future ahead. Kiss up you zoom!!!

Never forget the concept of trial and error. ! Sometimes you try things, you get it right, and sometimes you get it wrong. So always hope for better.

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