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Date : 16/08/2019

Digitally Sealed Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited by Chief General Manager, MH Telecom Circle, BSNL Mumbai- 400054 for hiring of professional CA Consultants for Accounts and Taxation wing of BSNL Maharashtra Telecom Circle Office from prospective Chartered Accountants/CA Firms, as per eligibility conditions in the bid documents and who have working office at Mumbai for providing these services in respect of items shown in Section – III, Part-A for a period of One Year from the month following the month of Agreement.

1.0 Details are furnished below:-

Sl No. Item/Work Estimated Cost Tender Fee
(in Rs.)
Amount of ‘Bid Security’ valid for 180 days from the date of opening of the tender @ 2.5% Last Date &
Time for
on line
of bid
Date &
Time of Opening of Tender Offer
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
1 Hiring of professional CA
Consultant for Accounts and
Taxation Wing of BSNL
Maharas-htra Circle Office
for F.Y 2019-20 & 2018-19.


Rs.500+ [email protected]% =i.e. 500 + 90 = Rs. 590/- Rs. 13,250/- 07/09/2019
upto 12:00Hrs.
09/09/2019 at 12:00


Note-1: The expenditures stated above are estimated and BSNL reserves the right to vary the quantity to any extent during the currency of the contract without any change in unit price or other terms & conditions (Ref Clause 25.1 of Section-4 Part-A).

Note-2: BSNL intends to limit the number of successful bidders for award of contract to ONE (L1) only.

Note-3: The Contract shall be valid for ONE year as per Clause-1 of Section-5 Part-C and may be extended for further One year as per Clause-3 of Section-5 Part-C.

Note-4: Evaluation of Tender shall be done on PACKAGE basis only.

2.0 Purchase of Tender Document: Tender document for participating in E-tender shall be available for downloading from e-tender portal with Tender ID: 2019_ BSNL_494977_1.

2.1. The bidders downloading the tender document are required to submit the tender fee amount through DD/Banker’s Cheque along with their tender bid, failing which the tender bid shall be left archived unopened/rejected. The DD / banker’s Cheque shall be drawn from any Nationalized / Scheduled Bank in favour of “AO (F&A), BSNL” and payable at “Mumbai”.

2.2 The tender documents shall be issued free of cost to MSE bidders on production of requisite proof in respect of valid certification from MSME for the tendered item. MSME bidders shall have to produce proof of registration on CPPP with UAN number. The bidders who fail to submit UAN number will not be able to avail the benefits available to ‘Micro’ and ‘Small’ Enterprises as contained in Public Procurement Policy for MSE Order, 2012 issued by MSME. (please read Section-4 Part-C for details on the procedure for registration on CPPP.)

3.0 Availability of tender Document: The tender document shall be available for downloading from 12.00 hrs. of 17/08/2019 onwards upto 12.00 hrs. of 06.09.2019 on all working days of this office.

3.1 Since Tenders are invited through e-tendering process, physical copy of the tender document would not be available for sale.

Note : The tender document shall not be available for download on its submission / closing date.

4. Eligibility Criteria:

4.1 The CA/Firm should possess following eligibility conditions as on 1st April 2019 :-

Eligibility Criteria Condition to be fulfilled / documentary proof to be submitted
The CA Firm /LLP/Private Limited Company Copy of self-attested Registration Certificate is
A (Company) should have office in Mumbai and should be in existence for 15 years . required to be submitted.
B Firm/LLP/Company should deploy atleast 1 qualified CA who have minimum 2 years of experience and 1 semi qualified CA. Provide a profile of such persons to be deployed.
C Certificate of non working of any relative in BSNL. Self -declaration by the firm on Company’s letterhead.
D The proposed CA deployed shall have following experience : Satisfactory performance Certificate as indicated below:
a) Statutary/Internal Audit experience of BSNL for atleast 2 years out of last 5 years ending March, 2019;


Provide a Experience Certificate in the proforma given at Section -7(G) from the Client organisation/company.
b) Statutary /Internal Audit in SAP environment for atleast 10 companies. Provide a self-attested list of the companies.

Note: The decision for selection of the consultant will be at the sole discretion of the management.

a. The bidder should have valid PAN No. in the name of the Firm.

b. The bidder should also have :-

(i) Valid Goods and Services Tax Registration Certificate No. OR mention as unregistered dealer. Proof for having applied for GST Registration Certificate will be accepted provided that bidder submits valid GST Registration Certificate before opening of Financial Bids.

(ii) A self-declaration along with the evidence that the bidder is not blacklisted by GST authorities.

(iii) In case of multiple GST numbers, all the numbers shall be provided in format at Section-8.

(iv) Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association – in the case of Company; OR a copy of Partnership Deed – in the case of partnership; OR Shop & Establishment License Certificate – in the case of Proprietorships.

(v) In case of Tax Practitioners, certificate of enlistment with commercial Tax authority of Maharashtra State and Service Tax authority.

(vi) Proof of empanelment with ICAI / ICMAI.

(vii) Experience certificate of minimum 5 years for providing similar services issued by Central/ State Govt. Organisation/ Department/PSU/ Nationalized Banks /Large enlisted organisations {proforma of Experience certificate available at Section-7(K)}. (viii) Valid ESI/EPF Registration Certificate, if applicable.

4.2 The bidder shall submit all necessary documentary proof showing that they meet eligibility criteria along with their tender bid. All documents submitted will also be self -attested by the bidder.

5. Bid Security / EMD:

5.1 The details of EMD/Bid Security to be furnished by the bidders is mentioned in Col. 6 of the above Table.

The bidder shall furnish the Bid Security/EMD in one of the following ways:-

a) Demand Draft/ Banker’s Cheque drawn in favour of “AO (F&A), BSNL”payable at Mumbai either separately for each item/package or total for all no. of items/packages participated and has to be submitted offline.

b) ‘Bank Guarantee’ (BG) from a Scheduled bank (as per the Format given in Section-7 Part A on prescribed non-Judicial paper with stamp of proper value) drawn in favour of the “AGM (CPC-I), O/o CGM, MH Telecom Circle, BSNL Administrative Building, 1stfloor D wing, Juhu Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai-54”, which should be valid for 180 days from the tender opening date either separately for each item/ package or total for all no. of items/ packages participated.

5.2 The MSE units shall be exempted from submission of Bid Security deposit & Tender Fee on production of requisite proof in respect of valid certification from MSME for the tendered item. MSE bidders shall have to produce proof of registration on CPPP with UAN number. The bidders who fail to submit UAN number will not be able to avail the benefits available to ‘Micro’ and ‘Small’ Enterprises as contained in Public Procurement Policy for MSE Order, 2012 issued by MSME.

6. Date & Time of Online Submission of Tender bids: On or before 1200 Hrs of 00/00/2019.

Note 4:- In case the date of submission (opening) of bid is declared to be a holiday, the date of submission (opening) of bid will get shifted automatically to next working day at the same scheduled time. Any change in bid opening date due to any other unavoidable reason will be intimated to all the bidders through e-Procure website.

7. On line Opening of Tender Bids: After 12.00 Hours 00.00.2019.

8. Place of opening of Tender bids:

8.1 The e-tender shall be opened through ‘Central Public Procurement Portal’ (CPPP) Online by BSNL’s Tender Opening Officers; the authorized representatives of bidders can also attend the Online Tender Opening Event (TOE). Kindly refer Section-4 Part C of Tender document for further instructions.

8.2 The authorized representatives of bidders (i.e. Vendor organization) can attend the TOE in AGM (CPC-I) chamber of 1st Floor D Wing, O/o CGM MHTC, BSNL, Maharashtra Circle, Administrative Bldg, First Floor, D wing, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai-4000054, where BSNL’s Tender Opening Officers would be conducting the Online Tender Opening Event TOE).

9. Tender bids received after due time & date will not be accepted.

10. Incomplete, ambiguous, Conditional, unsealed tender bids are liable to be rejected.

11. CGM, BSNL, Maharashtra Circle reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tender bids without assigning any reason. He is not bound to accept the lowest tender.

12. Pre-Bid Meeting:

Pre-bid Vendor conference shall be held at the Conference Hall, O/o the Chief General Manager, Maharashtra Telecom Circle, 2nd Floor, C-wing, BSNL, Admin Building, Juhu Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai – 400054 at 11:00 hrs of 21/08/2019 (Wednesday). Changes, if any, in date & venue shall be communicated through E-tender portal:

Note -5: – All documents submitted in the bid offer should be preferably in English. In case the certificate viz. experience, registration etc. is issued in any other language other than English, the bidder shall attach an English translation of the same duly attested by the bidder & the translator to be true copy in addition to the relevant certificate

Note 6: All computer generated documents should be duly signed/attested by the issuing bidder / Vendor Organization.

Signature of the Bidder

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