prpri How 5 minutes a day can change your daily life How 5 minutes a day can change your daily life

Covering points

♦ 5 Minutes of daily life!

♦ Examples we can relate to!

♦ Start with 5 minutes a day!

♦ Actions you can take today!

♦ You can fit into Life’ little moments!

5 Minutes of daily life!

♦ After all, when you scroll down on the social media feed, half an hour could easily have passed and you’d still be scrolling.

♦ While you are in the couch after a long tiring day, 5 minutes will feel too short to relax.

♦ When you are engrossed in your work or an interesting book, 5 minutes would have easily flown by.

♦ It feels longer than usual when you are rushing for time (in school) and it is definitely more precious when you are spending it with someone you are care about or doing something that matter to you.

Examples we can relate to!

♦ Wait for 5 Minutes for bell to ring in school.

♦ Getting ready in 5 minutes by a lady.

♦ Reaching in 5 minutes by a husband to his wife.

♦ Taking permission to play 5 minutes more in a playground by a child to his/her mother.

♦ 5 minutes in a morning to sleep.

♦ Pressure in examination hall when teacher says “only 5 minutes are left”.

♦ In morning, conversation between two siblings to leave the bathroom in 5 minutes.

Start with 5 minutes a day!

♦ There may not be much that we can do with just 5 minutes in a day, but it need not be a huge task.

♦ A new word a day takes less than 3 minutes to read and understand.

♦ A stroke of paintbrush takes less than a second.

♦ Registering for a new website takes less than 5 minutes.

♦ Over a period of time, you would have consolidated so many little tasks that they come together into picture as a milestone.

Actions you can take today!

♦ Look at where you can spare 5 minutes of your time.

♦ List down the smallest action that you can take today and tomorrow.

♦ Commit to yourself that you will take that action and the next the following day.

♦ Give 5 minutes each day and see how this works for you.

♦ Include a small step toward a big goal on your daily schedule.

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