1 Downloading the utility

1. Go to e-filing portal at https:iincometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/

2. Click on the Forms (other than ITR) tab under the Downloads

3. Click on the Download link against Form 61A to download the Utility. It allows the user to save the file in the location selected by the user.

2 Prerequisites for installing Report Generation Utility

1. Operating System should be Windows 7.1 and above

2. Download and install JRE version 1 .8 Update 101 or later from https://java.com/en/download/ Use tools like

3. Use tools like WinZip or WinRAR to extract the downloaded Report Generation Utility file.

3 Running the utility

1. Go to the folder where the contents of the Utility have been extracted.

2. Click on ITD_EFILING_FORM61A_PR1 .jar file. It displays the General Instructions window.

4 Preparation of SFT

1. Select the Transaction Type on General Instructions window

2. Capture Statement Details

3. Click on Export CSV button to download CSV Template

4. Save the CSV at desired location

5. Open the CSV file and fill the details by data entry or pasting values

6. Click on Import CSV button

7. Select the pre saved CSV from file system and then click on Open button to upload

5 Validation of SFT

1. Click on Validate button on the tool bar

2. Utility will display validation errors on Validation Tab

3. Click on Validation row to see details of Validation errors on the right window pane of screen

4. Click on any particular validation error from list, utility will show the field highlighted in red, where corrections can be made

5. Fix the errors and then click on Validate button again

6. If there are no validation errors, “Validation Successful” dialog box is displayed to the user.

6 Generation of SFT

1. Click on Generate XML button on the toolbar

2. If there are no validation errors, Utility will display Form Validation Successful dialog box Give the desired path where user wants to save XML on machine and click on save button

7 Other Features of the Utility

1. Export SFT Data in CSV file

2. Save Draft XML File

3. Open Saved XML File

4. Prepare NIL Statement

5. Prepare Correction Statement

8 Related Resources

1. Systems Notification specifying the procedures, data structures and standards

2. User Manual for ITDREIN Registration and Upload

3. SFT Report Generation Utility

4. SFT Report Generation Utility User Guide


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