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Posted On: 23 AUG 2021

Finance Ministry meeting with Infosys on glitches in e-filing portal of Income Tax Department

Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman took a meeting with Mr. Salil Parekh, MD & CEO, Infosys here today afternoon to convey the deep disappointment and concerns of the Government and the taxpayers about the continuing glitches in the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department even after two and half months since its launch, which was also delayed. Smt. Sitharaman sought an explanation from Infosys for the repeated issues faced by taxpayers.

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The Ministry of Finance emphasised that there is a need for putting in more resources and efforts on the part of Infosys so that the much delayed delivery of agreed services is ensured.  Mr. Parekh was also sensitised on the difficulties that the taxpayers were facing and the problems that are arising on account of the delays in the functioning of the portal.

The Finance Minister demanded that the issues faced by taxpayers on current functionalities of the portal should be resolved by the team by 15th September, 2021 so that taxpayers and professionals can work seamlessly on the portal.

Mr. Parekh explained that he and his team are doing everything to ensure the smooth functioning of the portal. Further, Mr. Parekh said that over 750 team members are working on this project and Mr. Pravin Rao COO of Infosys, is personally overseeing this project. Mr. Parekh also assured that Infosys is working expeditiously to ensure a glitch-free experience to the taxpayers on the portal.

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    Ha Ho. Joke of First Order. It is a simple logic that if 2 men can dig a trench 3 feet by 2 feet in 2 hours, then a team of a million can dig it it 12 microseconds!!!!!. Tell me where do they stand to dig?. Putting more man power will only lead to “Too many cooks spoiled the feast” case. Quality assurance is lacking. They had failed in many fronts; GST is still limping. Probably they can do it only in India. Had it been US or or any such country they would be in prison for 350 years.!!!!!!

  2. Piyush G says:

    If they have not been able to do in 2-1/2 months, then how will they do in 20 days. Sweet talks don’t help. The honest tax payer is facing the terrorism of government apathy and ego so as not to activate the older portal.
    FM knows that there will be no political fall out in absence of opposition. Tax payers are not a major set of vote bank, rather they are funding populist schemes of the government. Mera Bharat mahaan

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