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  1. sushil balasaheb rane says:

    gross pay=673294/-
    net tax income -554786/-
    income tax payable=37036/-
    any idea do less income tax…..
    plz, help me …

  2. mohit says:

    I am having two housing Loan , for 1st Loan I have got possation and 2nd I will get next year or later

    Quetion-1 Can I get tax benafit in both home loan if yes how ?
    Quetion-2 If not can get tax benefit for house whoch posassion I dont have if yes how ?

  3. R.SRINIVASU says:

    Sir, kindly clarify that i am having the HBA intrest on my wife name- wether the intrest is exempted from the Tax amount if so under which rule the HBA intrest amount will be exempted kindly clarify . Thanku Sir.

  4. Paari says:

    Dear Sir,

    HRA exemption is minimum of (40% (50% for metro) of Basic + DA or HRA received or Rent paid – 10% of Basic + DA. This is also sited in your instruction sheet. But on calculation, its not reflecting the same. My 40% of Basic + DA is 90120; HRA received is 87664; Rent paid (120000) – 10% Basic + DA (22530) is 97470. So naturally my HRA exemption should be 87644 .i.e. HRA received. But your calculation says only 86116 is exempted. Can you pls clarify on the same…

  5. CA Ankit Gupta says:

    Dear Tarun,

    Please refer your “Form 16” for the clarification. Check whether value of perks is separately indicated in 1(b) or not. If it is so indicated you dont need to add it again in gross salary.

  6. Tarun Kr Ghosh says:

    ON june 29th I have asked one question here with no reply till date. I asked this one because I could not file my e-return properly without this clarification. Do any expert have some time to provide me some kind of assistance on this one.

    Thanks and awaiting reply very soon.

  7. Tarun Kr Ghosh says:

    I am in SBI and for the FY 2013-14 my employer paid Advannce tax on behalf of employee u/s 192(1A) for the perquisites u/s 17(2). My gross salary is Rs 608573.40 and the value of perquisite is Rs 16390.00. Now it is not clear to me whether I have to show this amount while e-flining my return for this tenure. Do I show my gross income as Rs 608573.40 or I add this perquisite value while filing the return. Can you clarify and if I have to show this perquisite value then where I have to fill up this perquisite value? Please help.


  8. dr achal says:

    dear sir, i have sold one flat in mumbai and am based at raipur(cg).can i claim the airfare which i paid to go to mumbai for registration of the flat as expenses incurred to sell the flat like brokerage given to calculate long term capital gain.pls advise thks

  9. himanshu says:

    dear sir,
    A.y. 14-15 there is rebate of 2000 which is i think so not considered in the sheet.please rectify the sheet asap.(amitkumar sheet)

  10. J.P.CHAUDHARY says:

    Good morning Sir !
    It is very useful to me and my friends.
    I want the password for income tax calculator.
    Thanks for co-operation.
    Your Regards,

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