Generate PDF automatically or Print automatically saving human time, energy and resources

In my earlier Article How to send form 16, Form 16A and other Forms automatically  , we saw how Form 16/16A can be sent to the Deductees automatically saving human time, energy and resources! Here you will see generating PDF and Printing automatically with Microsoft Excel.

Many Companies/Businesses maintain Salary Details, Sales Details etc. in Excel Sheets. All sorts of database can be maintained in this powerful tool. One can automate the tool to generate any kind of Output Report as desired from the Input database. In this Article we will see that you can generate Personnel specific Report in PDF or print Personnel specific Reports automatically.

As an example, let us say, Salary Details of Employees are maintained in the Excel Sheet and you want to generate Monthly Salary Slips or Form 16 – Part B in PDF to be sent to the Employees. Attached is the Utility (“Generating Reports Automatically” – which can be downloaded), wherein the Salary details are maintained. The format Report for Salary Slip and/or Form 16 – Part B is ready as per your requirements. (Kindly note that the Salary database in the Example Version of the Utility has been purposely kept very basic and simple. The same applies for the Salary Slip format so that the purpose of the Utility can be seen and understood; not getting into the huge complex data. This can very well work for huge complex database and complex Output Reports!). Have a glance at all the WorkSheets. Now all you need to do before pressing the Command button is to click on File: Options: Save: Default File Location: Change the Location as to where you would like the Output Results to get saved. (Go to the desired folder where you would like to save the Output files, copy the Address Line and paste it here).

You can also print these Reports automatically with a click of a Button. (Kindly insert some Rough Used Papers (one sided blank) into the Printer before hitting the Print Command Button. The Print command will execute only for first three Employees as it has been so programmed. Save Paper! Go Green! Live and Let live!)

Choose your desired function from the WorkSheet ‘GENERATE’. Check your Default File Location or your Printer. And you are ready with your Personnel Specific Report with just a click of a button!!

Stay Updated!! Live with the technology!!

All the very best.

Link to Download Utility-  Generating Reports Automatically

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  1. Neilesh says:

    Hi Manita,

    Nice formatting but i am unable to use the same because of password protection. So if you please provide the password for the same so that would be a great help from your end. Looking forward to a favorable reply soon.

  2. Vinoth says:

    Very Nice

  3. Navrang Kanodia says:

    Good effort, it will be grateful if you share with us, how to create the format ? We can develop some more useful reports with your idea. Thanks.

  4. HARSHADRAI says:

    If Govt. or CBDT introduce TDS CHALLAN-CUM-FORM NO. 16A for 194A etc then thereis no need to generate from TRACES. SAVE TREE SAVE EARTH. TRACES’s 16A have two pages. Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue indirectly involed in cutting TREE. If above challan introduce thereare many benefits to the deductor as well as to the Department-no mismatched of challan-No requirement of 26Q-No 234E fees etc etc. 9425517209

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