How to send Form 16A automatically with just a click of a button!

Follow the following steps to send Form 16A for Quarter 4 of F. Y. 2019-20. You can similarly send Form 16 to employees, Invoices to customers etc.

1. Fill in the Vendor Name, Vendor Email id, Vendor PAN Number in ‘Deductee Details’.

2. Fill in the location of the folder which contains Form 16A, Name of the company, Name, Designation and Contact Number of the person sending Form 16A in the ‘General Details’.

3. Now click on ‘SEND FORM 16A’ Tab in ‘General Details’.

Before clicking on ‘SEND FORM 16A’ Tab – always verify the email id’s of the vendors. Follow the following steps to verify email ids:

1. Copy the email ids from Column B of ‘Deductee Details’ and paste it in column A of ‘EMAIL’

2. Go to ‘General Details’ and click on the Tab ‘VERIFY EMAIL ID’S’

3. All the incorrect email ids will get highlighted in Yellow. Correct the incorrect email ids before starting to send Form 16A.

Note: Please always run the Utility for sample data before running on the actual data.

What is use of ‘SORT FORM 16A’ in ‘General Details’ Tab:

To understand this, let us take an example – you have 1000 Deductee Records in Q4 A. Y. 2020-21 i.e. you have to send 1000 Form 16A. However, you have only 900 email id’s. All your Form 16A ‘s for Q4 A. Y. 2020-21 are in one folder as downloaded from TRACES portal. Now how will you segregate 100 Form 16A’s for whom you do not have email id’s to print and send it in hardcopy by courier/hand delivery? – ‘SORT FROM 16A’ feature will sort the Form 16A’s in different folders as specified by you. 100 Form 16A’s for which you do not have email id’s will get segregated to a different folder and then you can take the print of all the certificates from that segregated folder.

Follow the following steps to sort Form 16A:

1. You have already put the details of 1000 Deductee Records in ‘Deductee Details’. Fill in the Column D – ‘FOLDER NAME’ in ‘Deductee Details’ with ‘HARDCOPY’ for deductee records for which you do not have email id’s. Fill in ‘SOFTCOPY’ for deductee records for which you have email id’s

2. Now Go to ‘General Details’ and click on ‘SORT FORM 16A’

3. Your Form 16A are sorted in different folders as specified by you!

Download the Utility attached and start sending!

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  1. cashekhar says:

    I can send emails to recipients but the attachment is not getting added automatically. Any setting part, I am missing. I have all form 16A in one folder and set path in Step 1. Filename is in this format AAXFX1111F_Q4_2020-21.

  2. Chirag Nandu says:

    Great product manita Verma ,!
    We would like to know more about it , pls can you share your contacts , our tax team is looking forward to it

  3. Ravikumar says:

    Please share the information on my query as we have filed our quarterly returns (26Q) 1st Quater against my company for FY 2020-21 and received a short deduction demand against which one of the vendors had a NIL certificate issued by TDS authorities for FY 2019-20 and same has been considered for FY 2020-21 returns based on the notification issued by CBDT as it is validated till 30.06.2020. Now how to close this issue

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