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The chartered accountants were  eagerly waiting for the Extension of date for E-filing of audit report and every professional have the confidence that the date will certainly extended (for obvious reasons) and the critical issue was the time of announcement and the expectation was that the date will be extended a few days before the last date.  The extension Notification was received on yesterday morning i.e. on 26th Sept 2013 and barring some exception, whole the professional community was stunned to see it. What type of extension is this? It is issued disregarding the genuine demand of one of the biggest professional body of the world and further it is issued without knowing the ground realities.

See the reasons dissatisfaction- We have been provided a utility for E-filing of Tax audit report and the same was amended for 12 times since it’s introduction in period of 2 or 3 months and see every time the software required the updation and every time one or two days were wasted hence total 12 to 24 days were wasted for this faulty system of E-filing and we are just demanding for compensation of these 12 to 24 days hence one month’s extension was reasonable. This is very simple calculation and reasonable demand.

Since we have wasted lot of time due to frequent changes in the utility hence there is delay in completion of audits and a few more days are required for this purpose and this was not the individual demand but it is supported by ICAI , the professional body having more than 2 Lakhs CA Members. See the copy of statement hosted on the ICAI web site :- (I have highlighted and  underlined the relevant portions)

ICAI has requested CBDT to extend the due date of e‐filing of income‐tax returns, tax audit reports and report under section 92E of the Income‐tax Act, 1961

The efforts of the members in supporting the e‐initiative the Department requiring e‐filing of almost all audit reports under the Income‐tax Act, 1961 is appreciable. ICAI is aware of the numerous issues being faced by the members with regard to registration, frequent changes in utilities, uploading of balance sheet and profit and loss and so on. The Direct Taxes Committee of ICAI is taking up these issues with appropriate authorities from time to time. It has issued “Frequently Asked Questions” prepared in consultation with the officials of Directorate of Income tax (Systems) for the guidance of members. In spite of these efforts, difficulties are being faced by the members in e‐filing the tax audit reports mainly due to continuous change in the utilities hosted on the CBDT website. Further, the difficulties being faced by the members and the assessees in Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar and other affected areas of Uttar Pradesh are also known to ICAI.

Considering the above factors, a request was extended to Chairperson, CBDT for extension of due date of filing income tax returns along with tax audit reports by one month from end of 30th September, 2013. ICAI has also sought extension of due date of furnishing the report under section 92E by one month from the end of 30thNovember, 2013 for AY 2013‐14.

Even though matter is being pursued on regular basis, it is desirable that the members complete their audits on or before 30th September, 2013 so that the assessees are able to file their income tax returns on time.


 Now if we have very little time to complete the rest of the audits and as we have mentioned so many times that this is “race against time” and it appears that either our representatives failed to put this valid point before the law makers strongly and properly or law makers do not want to listen the difficulties faced by the professionals at ground level created by this new and ever-changing system of E-filing of audit report.

Whatever may be the reason for this meaningless extension, this shows where this noble profession stands in the eyes of our Lawmakers and this is a big question boss!!!

If we can complete the audit up to 30th Sept 2013 then with some more efforts and resources we can also E-file the audit reports so the extension has no meaning and in our opinion the professionals should work “round the clock” and complete the task by E-filing the audit reports instead of producing the hard copies to the department. This will show the strength and capability of this noble profession to our law makers and leaders.


-CA Sudhir Halakhandi,  -CA Abhas Halakhandi

“Halakhandi”, Laxmi Market, Beawar-305901(Raj)

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0 responses to “E-Filing Of Tax Audit Report- Professionally Here We Are Standing Boss!!!!!!!!”

  1. ca hitesh says:

    Our side was not represented strongly. The office bearers who unsuccessfully negotiated with CBDT, must resign forthwith

  2. PALLAVI says:


    I agree with you. Since the procedure is too long. There is an urgent requirement for extension of time.

  3. ASHWIN GALA says:

    Govt.’s Apathy to public distress is day by day increasing. Our public is in trouble due to Govt. Inefficiency. Good governance is Need of the day . This awareness must be created. Or public will keep on suffering from more & more such issues.

  4. Mohan Kumar says:

    Mr. sudhir

    How can we blame the law makers. We are yet to prove our dignity .. What disciplinary action we have taken against the member involved in ” Satyam Episode” . Now FTIL and NSEL issue …

  5. CA Rajendra Khandelwal says:

    You are correct sir The notification issued by CBDT is one sided and expected from our community the level of working which they theirself could not do if they will steps in our shoes. The notification is rediculous and issued without considering ground realties.We expect from our CA Representative to unite and meet the Lawmakers and request to reconsider the issue and extend date atleast by One Month.

  6. T V Nagendra Prasad says:

    Sudhir Sir , i think today or tomorrow you will get result for our efforts.ALL THE BEST Your Follower.

  7. Sambasivarao Siddula says:

    Yes its 1000% correct and CBDT immediately extend due date for filing of ITR & AUDIT REPORT

  8. CA Sandeep Kanoi says:

    Unless you puke,

    faint, or die,

    keep going.

    ~ Jillian Michaels

  9. CA Hariprasad says:

    thank u Sudhir for your efforts and advise .keep it up.We need members like you
    at ICAI

  10. Bond says:

    I agree with Sudhir. It is failure of Central committee to put forward our problems. In fact it is an insult of CA fraternity which shows the “value” of CAs in the eyes of CBDT. Now stop talking that it is a noble proffession.

  11. S HARI KRISHNA says:

    CBDT must clarify and must extend due date today for filing of “IT RETURNS OF AUDIT REPORTS”

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