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Date: 10-06-2021

1. eivital APIs (AUTHENTICATION API & Master API) have certain changes in the request and response structures and hence are made available in a new version – 1.04. However old version (V1.03) will continue to work on production for couple of weeks along with new version. You are requested to migrate to new version at the earliest, if not done yet. The withdrawal of the old version will be informed separately.

2. The eicore (IRN) and eiewb (E-WAY BILL) APIs are improved with few new validations and some fixes. It may be noted that there are no change in the structure or format of the request and response payloads. These APIs will continue with version no. 1.03

3. The Validation improvements in IRN generation API are

a) IRNs can be generated only if the Supplier GSTNs is ‘Active’. IRN cannot be generated if the status of Supplier GSTINs is ‘Suspended’ or ‘Provisional’ or ‘Inactive’ or ‘Cancelled’. However, IRN can be generated if the Recipient GSTIN is ‘Active’ or ‘Suspended’ but not ‘Provisional’ or ‘Inactive’ or ‘Cancelled’

b) IRN generation is allowed for the CANCELLED recipient GSTIN, if the document date of invoice is between date of registration and date of deregistration of the recipient.

c) Supply type ‘SEZWP’ or ‘SEZWOP’ is allowed only if the tax payer type of the recipient GSTIN is ‘SEZ Unit’ or ‘SEZ Developer’.

d) Reverse charge is applicable for the e-invoices where the ‘IGST on Intra’ is set as ‘YES’.

e) ‘Over Dimension Cargo’ type is allowed for the transportation type as SHIP for e-way bill movement.

4. It is to highlight that majority of the IRN and E-WAY BILL generation, presently happening, will not be affected by these validations.

5. If the above validation points 3a, 3b and 3c are failing for genuine invoices while generating IRN, please get the GSTIN masters updated on the e-invoice using the following option. Visit the E Invoice portal (, and search the GSTIN under ‘Search’ -> ‘Tax Payer / GSTIN’ and click on ‘Update from GST Common Portal’ to update the data in E Invoice System from GST Common Portal.

6. Improvements in e-Invoice Print have been done.

7. API Users of e-Invoice system can update status of their user-id as ‘Transporter’ by logging into e-Invoice system, so that; they can generate eWay Bills for other GSTINs using the same user-id.


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