pri Better to have Insured Medically Better to have Insured Medically

It is always better to have secured when there is an increasing level of uncertainty in every aspect of our life. The secured way is to have medically insured.

I am not at all an insurance agent and or marketing any insurance product through this article. Reason behind this article is only to make you all aware about or awake you w.r.t. importance of the medically insured.

So Let’s Begin…

Many of us contend as follows:

1. Medical insurance premium is an expense for us with no returns at all and therefore why should we go for it.

2. If we are not knew about how long we are going to live on this planet then why should we expense now by concerning our old age.

The said contentions are absolutely wrong as far as I concern.

One should consider the following facts and can’t deny the same:

  • Medical insurance cover our medical expenses, most importantly of hospitalization, major surgery etc. whether or not it required in our young age or old age.
  • If we don’t have medical insurance whatever medical expenses we have to incurred in future will have an adverse impact on our heard earned money. It will become our financial loss as it is irrecoverable.
  • Paying Rs.15,000 to 25,000 yearly against an assured cover of lakhs of rupees is always worthy.
  • Some of diseases come suddenly for which if we have prepared in advance by way of insurance, we and our family members will be less panic in that adverse situation.
  • Presently we may be fit and fine but in future we never know the uncertainty with respect to our health.

In nutshell medical insurance premium is not our Expenditure but in real sense it is our Asset.

So get it insured medically if you still not have and spread the awareness so it will reach to the mass.

Have a Wonderful Healthy Life ahead !!

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