Series of Announcements are being made by the Govt after Urban poor, Migrant Workers, Self employed persons relief package on 14th May 2020

Series of Announcements are being made by the Govt after MSMEs packages on 13th May 2020.

Focusing Today on Agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and allied activities

  • India is the largest milk, jute, pulses producer, excelled in fisheries production, cereal production
  • 74,300 crores of purchases based on Minimum support price (MSP) happened during lockdown of 2 months
  • Fasal Bima Yojna claims entertained for Rs.6,400 crores cleared during last 2 months of lockdown
  • 18,700 + crores transferred to accounts of farmers under Kisan Samman Yojana
  • 560 lacs litres of milk procured by cooperatives when milk demand was less during lockdown
  • 5000 crores of liquidity infused by purchasing milk as above
  • 2 crores farmers benefitted 5000 crores from interest rate subsidy
  • Dates extended for animal husbandry, SIP import consignment verification of documents for NOC reduced to 3 days from 7 days
  • Registration of 242 Shrimp hatcheries and 3months extension given
  • 11 measures are announced today
  • 8 measures regarding logistics, allocation of money, ramping on storage etc
  • 3 measures on governance and administrative reforms

Agriculture organizations

  • Provision of 1 lac crores to aggregators, farmer producer organizations (FPOs), start-ups for strengthening farm-gate infrastructure to farmers
  • Fund will be created immediately
  • Impetus for development of farm-gate & aggregation point, affordable & financially viable Post Harvest Management Infrastructure

Food enterprises of micro size (MFEs)

  • Cluster based approach to be followed
  • For existing micro food enterprises, farmer producer organizations, self-help groups and cooperatives to be supported
  • Technical upgradation to attain FSSAI food standards, build brands and marketing
  • To support Mission Be vocal for Local
  • To enhance global outreach
  • Health, safety, nutritional, organic, products
  • 2 lacs micro enterprises will be benefitted
  • Help in reaching untapped export markets for improved health
  • 10,000 crores provided

Fisheries and Aquacultures

  • Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY)
  • 20,000 crores to be provided for above
  • 11,000 crores for activities in marine, fisheries and aquacultures
  • 9,000 crores for infrastructure
  • Will lead to additional 70 lac tonnes production over 5 years
  • Employment to 55 lacs persons
  • Doubling of exports to 1,00,000 crores
  • Focus on islands, himalayan states and aspirational districts


  • National Animal Disease Control Programme for animals, animal keepers and farmers
  • 100% vaccinations for all cattle, goats, buffalo, sheep, pigs
  • Foot and Mouth Disease to be eradicated
  • Till date, 1.50 crores cows & buffaloes tagged and vaccinated
  • In green zones, this work will continue
  • 343 crores outlay proposed
  • 53 crores population of animals is there in India

Animal Husbandry

  • 15,000 crores outlay proposed
  • Private investment invited here for diary
  • Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Fund proposed here
  • Incentives will be given for establishing plants for export of niche products
  • Aim to support Diary processing, value addition and cattle feed infrastructure

Promotion of Herbal Cultivation

  • 4000 crores outlay proposed in next 2 years
  • National Medical Board (NMPB) proposed
  • 25 lacs hectare area under cultivation of medicinal plants
  • 10,00,000 hectares equal to 25 lacs acres will be covered under this
  • Lead to 5000 crores income generation of farmers
  • Corridor of River Ganga borders of 800 hectares to be used for growing herbal and medicinal plants
  • Regional Mandis to be used

Beekeeping Activities

  • Cross pollination has reduced
  • Beekeeping is a big livelihood for rural area
  • 500 crores outlay planned
  • Provides honey, beehive products, wax
  • 2 lac beekeepers will be benefitted
  • Development of quality nucleus stock and bee breeders
  • Implementation of standards & developing traceability system
  • Infrastructure development, collection, marketing and storage centers

Top to Total

  • 500 crores outlay planned
  • Distress sale and reduction of price of perishable products and vegetables at the farm level need to be prevented
  • Operations Green will extend to tomatoes, onions and potatoes (TOP) to ALL fruits and vegetables (TOTAL)
  • 50% subsidy on transportation from surplus to deficient areas
  • 50% subsidy on storage including cold storages
  • Pilot project for 6 months and will be expanded later
  • Better price realization to farmers, reduce wastages

Reform & Administrative Measures

Essential Commodities Act 1955

  • Amendments proposed to enable better price realization for farmers
  • This act was enacted in days of scarcity and needs revision
  • Agriculture food stuffs including cereals, edible oils, oilseeds, pulses, onions and potato to be de-regulated
  • Stock limit to be imposed under very exceptional circumstances like national calamities, fame with surge in prices
  • No such stock limit shall apply to processors or value chain participant, subject to their installed capacity or to any exports subject to the export demand
  • Need to enable better price realization for farmers by attracting investments and making agriculture sector competitive

Choice to Farmers

  • Bringing central law to give choice to farmers
  • Removing barriers to inter-state trades
  • Ensuring framework for E trading of the produce
  • Removing in hindrances in free flow of agricultural produce and fragmentation of markets and supply chains
  • No compulsion to sell to only licensees in APMCs
  • Such restrictions are not there for industrial produce and hence removed for agricultural produce

Agriculture Produce Price & Quality Assurance

  • Standard mechanism for predictable price and predictable market
  • Farmers lack proper prices and markets at the time of sowing
  • Assurance at the time of sowing given to farmers to enable farmers
  • Facilitate legal framework to be created to enable farmers for engaging with processors, aggregators, large retailers, exporters etc in a fair and transparent manner
  • Risk mitigation for farmers for assured returns and quality standardization
  • Private sector investment to be invited

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