Working as a trader for a living is something most of the millennials today aspire to. You could be your boss, work on your schedule and set your own goals. Not just that, you could work from anywhere with a stable internet connection. What else could one wish for?

However, if forex trading is your only source of income, the pressure of attaining results constantly is always there and could become quite overwhelming. If not checked this could take a toll on your mental health and reduce your chances of achieving a profitable outcome. This article would offer insight into how you can become a successful Forex trader. Listed below are some actionable advice for beginners a well as pros alike. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

1. Define trading risk profile

Before getting into any commitments, it’s advisable to get a good understanding of the market’ fundamentals. Assess the capital at hand, research the markets and currency pairs which you are interested in and read the trader testimonials providing realistic expectations of returns. In case you feel uncomfortable with the dynamics, do not invest in the forex market, even though it’s profitable. On the contrary, if you think that the investment approach which you are following is in line with the Forex market, go ahead! 

2. Choosing the right forex broker

The retail forex market is cutthroat competitive and just thought of having to go through all the available brokers could give you a headache. Choosing the right forex broker to trade could be a very overwhelming particularly if you don’t know what you should look for.

Regulations, platforms, commissions, fees, and account minimums are among the few factors you must take into consideration while choosing an online Forex broker. Among the most popular and efficient brokers in the market today, Olymp Trade offers one of the most well-organized and effective trading methods and it also enables the traders in making predictions on different types of assets/markets available on the platform. Olymp Trade is quite different from others as it offers an extensive range of assets and provides a free demo account. Also, they don’t charge any account opening charges and zero commission on withdrawing money. 

3. Gaining Knowledge Using Forex Trading Tools

One of the major hurdles for the newbies which could add to their risk is the general lack of knowledge as well as experience of the forex market. Fortunately, Olymp Trade offers various tools which help their clientele in reaching their investment goals. This isn’t difficult even for a beginner if one is willing to invest some time in it to gain some experience. Some of the tools that are available to Olymp Trade clients include:

  • Blogs and video tutorials on reading charts and analyzing them correctly
  • Several blogs and videos from the experts on setting up your charts
  • Real-time expert online trading assistance on the platform
  • Olymp Trade forex platform offers free, customizable analytical tools to its clients

4. Setting your stop loss

Irrespective of the trading strategy you’re following, it’s always advisable to always set a stop loss. Setting a stop loss allows you in defining your trade’s closing price. Your trade would close once it reaches the defined level, even when you’re not around. Simply put together, setting a stop loss would give you the required peace of mind of not losing more than what you could afford. 

5. Challenging Yourself and Setting Achievable Goals

It’s possible to become a successful trader with a day job with a busy schedule. All you need is to be disciplined and patient. It takes perseverance as well as time in fully understanding how the markets work. It would also take time in determining the suitable trading plan based on your schedule and personality. Here, it’s important that you challenge yourself by setting goals and achieving them. The prize is that one day you might earn a living from your trading. 

The Bottom Line

Being able to understand ratios, indexes, charts, and trading are some of the important skills which you need to learn when committed to Forex trading. At the inception, it could be tempting to rush through the learning Phase, however, it’s important that you invest some time in understanding the dynamics and advance at a sensible rate. Forex traders are blessed with sturdy growth potential and a lifestyle which would certainly provide a lot of enjoyment. However, if you have ever taken this path, you would understand that this gift doesn’t come easily. The sooner you start, the faster you will get there. So why waste time, start forex trading today.

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  1. Ella says:

    I dont have anything against other platform, but i already switched into Olymp Trade for the past few month, as i suited to their platform better than other. They provide good learning material, fast customer service, and local community where i can ask the member to guide me step by step to trading. I agree fully with your article, and one of the biggest obstacles a newbie trader is loneliness, where he just sit down facing the trading platform. And this where the things goes worse…nobody to discuss, no one to guide.

  2. Mitch says:

    If we’re in the right place, working for the right job and be around the right people, we will become successful easier. To be a trader must suit your own skill and passion, choose the right platform to trade with, choose the right people to learn from. Anyway, the success depends on the trader. Trading requires knowledge and practice, as Olymp Trade provides us many sources of study. We can’t expect to be rich over a night by being a trader, but we surely can be rich after we know how to make profits and manage your funds. All kind of investment has risks, so never invest without knowledge.

  3. Nora Gani says:

    The success of a trader depends on himself, whether he is ready to be successful or not. There are no shortcuts for success. Everything requires struggle and sacrifice, a person must really understand what he is doing physically and mentally. To me Olymp Trade is not only a trusted broker, but it has a very extensive education segment that is very suitable for beginners. It is a good place to start.

  4. Jonathan Trump says:

    Apparently it can be seen on the article that Olymp Trade is the one of best Forex brokers. Try not to pass real account without trying yourself on the demo account first.

  5. James Toom says:

    the rest of the brokers I’ve used in the past are akk garbage in my opinion compared to Olymp Trade, and I am talking from my heart, as most brokers seem to be outh for the money but with Olymp Trade it seems like they acthally care about the wekk being if the customer as well as making sure that the customer is well educated in preparation for the trading,

  6. Walter says:

    Really nice article! For me, the most important part about trading Forex is learning how to use all the tools available in the trading platform. As for example, Take Profit and Stop Loss. It is quite common to see beginners trading but without knowing about the tools.
    This is a nice text, and can make people see how easy it is to trade forex and that there are some stuff they really need to know!

  7. Deepak says:

    this is very informative article for traders like me who recently start trading and want to become successful trader i am using oplymp trade demo account now i switch from demo to real account i am happy with choice if my broker Olymp trade because their support is very good and helpful for newbie traders like me platform of olymp trade is simple and trade execution is fast

  8. Sogih Indrasetiawan says:

    Really love to read this article.. thanks for the tips you wrote. I remember about the time i was introduced to Olymp Trade. I was just searching on google about the best brokers, and Olymp Trade came up, along with several other big names. I decided to just test them by making deposit and then request for withdrawal. It turned out that some brokers did provide easy access to withdraw my money. Only Olymp Trade and another one that did their job right. And the money I whitdrew from Olymp trade arrived first to my back account. That’s when i started trading with Olymp rade until now I still do.

  9. Micah says:

    To become a successful Forex trader, the first step you have to take is to actually do it. Being a forex trader is something a lot of people think of doing, but only a few actually go on and take the steps to push through. Some get intimidated, when others are always filled with hesitation. So glad to come across articles like this which opens up more people to forex trading and it will help them get started.

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