PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 23 (RE-00)/1997-2002

NEW DELHI, the 24th July, ,2000

In exercise of powers conferred under Paragraph 4.11 of the Export and Import Policy 1997-2002,  as notified in the Gazette of India extraordinary, Part-II-Section 3 – Sub- section (ii) vide S.O.No.283(E) dated 31.3.97, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendment in Handbook (Vol.1). (RE-00), 1997-2002.

1. The word and expression ‘paragraph 5.6’ as appearing in the first sentence (4th line) of paragraph 6.5 shall be corrected to read as ‘paragraph 5.11 of the EXIM Policy’.

2. The first sentence of paragraph 7.11 shall be amended to read as under:-

“The application for grant of advance licence for intermediate supply may be made on the basis of a tie-up agreement with exporter holding an Advance Licence for physical exports /deemed exports/annual requirement.”

3. The last sentence, beginning at the 12th line, of paragraph 7.11 shall be amended to read as under :-

“The licensee in such case has an option either to supply the intermediate product to the holder of Advance Licence for physical exports /deemed exports/annual requirement or to export directly.”

4. The following shall be added at the end of 5th sub-paragraph of paragraph 7.20:-

“ In such cases the exports effected 30 months after the issuance of the expired licence shall not be considered for clubbing.”

5. Last four sub-paragraphs of paragraph 7.54 shall be amended to read as under,–

The licence shall be valid for 12 months for imports and 18 months for exports from the date of its issuance. Each licence will have One port of registration for imports. Exports can take place from any port mentioned in paragraph 7.19.

Within the eligibility, an exporter may apply for one or more than one  licences in a licensing year, subject to the condition that against one port of registration only one licence can be issued with respect to one major export product group. On completion of export obligation against one or more licences, all issued in the same licensing year, the entitlement of an exporter shall be deemed to be revived by an amount equivalent to the export obligation completed against the licence(s). An exporter may accordingly apply for licence(s) in the same licensing year subject to the condition that at any point of time, in a licensing year, no two licences shall be allowed to be issued for one major export group, as defined at Sl. No: 10 of Appendix– 1, against one port of registration.

The eligible applicant can apply for licence in the second year as per his eligibility. However, in the third year, licence shall be issued only after settling of accounts as per the SIONs in respect of licence(s) issued in the first year.

After expiry of 18 months the licence holder shall furnish proof of having fulfilled export obligation by submitting the documents prescribing in paragraph 7.25. In case of bonafide default in fulfillment of export obligation, the licence holder can apply for regularization in terms of paragraph 7.28.

6. The following shall be added at S.No: 10 of Appendix–1:-

“10. For Major Export Product Group, use the following codes:-

A. Electronic Products.

B. Engineering Products.

C. Fish and Marine products.

D. Food Products.

E. Handicrafts.

F. Leather Products

G. Plastic Products

H. Sport Goods

I. Textiles

J.  Miscellaneous”

7. The name of the agency, as appearing at Sl. No: 13 of      Appendix– 32B containing the list of ISO 9000/WHO    GMP/HACCP/SEICMM Certification agencies, shall be     corrected to read as ‘NVT QUALITY CERTIFICATION PVT. LTD’.

8. The description of particulars at S.No: 11 of Appendix–-34 shall be corrected to read as ‘Application for Duty Entitlement      Pass Book (DEPB)’.

9. The word and expression ‘Appendix–-56’ as appearing at page No: App.413, shall be corrected to read as ‘Appendix–-   57’.

10 .The entry at S.No:9 of Appendix–-57 shall be amended to read as ‘Major Export Product Group’.

This issues in public interest.



Director General of Foreign Trade

Copy to all concerned:-

By orders etc.

(Kiran Sehgal)

Dy. Director General of Foreign Trade

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