(To be published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part-I, Section-1

Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

PUBLIC NOTICE No. 18/2015-2020

New Delhi. Dated:03 July. 2018

In exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy. 2015-20. the Directorate General of Foreign Trade hereby includes the following additional agencies in Appendix 2G of  Appendices  and Aayat Niryat Forms of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-20 in terms of Para 2.55(d) of HBP 2015-20 with immediate effect:-

S.No Company Name Area of Operation Valid Upto
1. M/s Best Mulyankan Consultants Ltd.

Head Office

1st Floor. Aditya Building.
Corner of N.S. Phadke Mare and Tell Galli. Opposite Flyover Apartment. Andheri (East). Murnbai-400 069

Telefax: (022) 2684 1836. 2684 1839

Email: mulyankan@Vsnl.com best@mtnl.net.in

United Arab Emirates Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore 27th March 2021

2. Detailsof approved spectrometers and survey meters for issuance of PSI(‘ by Mis Best Mulyankan Consultants Ltd. are annexed to this Public Notice.

3. One Existing Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency appearingat SI. 17 of Appendix 2G namely M/s Marine Inspection Logistics International Rotterdam BV is allowed to add the instruments to their existing instruments as per the Annexure to this Public Notice.

4. The validityof PSiA may be curtailed at any time this Directorate. subject to further orders in this regard.

Effect of this PubilC notice

One Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency is notified as PSIA in terms of Para 2.55(d) of HBP 2015-20 in Appendix 2G and instruments in respect of one existing Pre-Shipment  Inspection Agency has been added.

(Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi)
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Email: dgft@nic.in

(Issued from File No. 01/53/162/M isc/A M18/1)S1A-TIC)

Annexure PSIA 12 minutes of meeting held on 09.02.2018

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